In Canada at least and I made a list of what I’m Thankful for…

1. Spidey

2. And Haz

3. Of course these two

4. Oh and Sebby

5. Can’t forget about Cap

6. Or RDJ

7. And certainly not the king of Asgard

8. Or his mischief brother

9. Finally I’m thankful for

All you guys! Love you peeps❤️

10 times Liam Payne deliberately tried to kill us

10) Drag Me Down 

9) When there was no need to show us this

8) When he wanted to play Christian Grey


6) When he finished his shirts

5) The time he was tired

4) Pretending to be Haz

3) This totally unnecessary smile

2) This

1) And this thing completely unfair

He not even regret ..

A really big Hello to evreyone ! (for Italian: CIAONE)!