More people should point out the wonderful things this woman does.
Not only is she extremely talented in-game but she is superlatively talented in real life and offers a great deal to the tag [in terms of artwork, high quality GIFs, hilariously witty posts and much much more.

Her talent can only really increase more as time passes, I have pleasantly seen a great influx of love towards her the more and more she does grow as an artist and person.

Hayyley has a substantially and unsurprisingly high amount of friends, but that, of course, is because she is an absolute pleasure to converse with.

Most important; It is so pleasing to see her enjoy real life on top of RuneScape.

Tag Birthdays

Here’s the tag Birthday list. The post has been stuck at 141 notes for the past day or so, I’ll check it periodically and add them as they come. I may or may not add URLs to this list. It depends on how lazy I feel. If I missed your birthday or put it down wrong feel free to PM me.

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