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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fire Emblem Series, Fire Emblem Echoes: Mou Hitori no Eiyuu Ou | Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Gray (Fire Emblem), Robin | Tobin, Efi | Faye, Kliff (Fire Emblem), Alm (Fire Emblem)
Additional Tags: Growing Up, injuries, Illness, Unrequited Love, Poverty

They were nothing more than village children. They stumbled and they laughed and they joked just like other children. Yet, one day, their actions would change the destiny of Valentia.

(Or: Random snapshots of the villagers before they became heroes).

I hate that you can make me feel worthless over and over again.

I hate the fact that you were the one who broke my heart and you didn’t care. I hate that I did fall in love with someone like you. I hate that even if I don’t love you the way I did yesterday, you affect me in some ways that others couldn’t.

I hate that even if you do nothing to hurt me, it feels like my heart is being prickled with thorns and needles and sticks.

I hate that I thought you’ve been the best thing I ever had.

I hate that I welcomed you back into my life, thinking I was over you already.

Oh hell. I was wrong.

It’s not your fault now but you’re still the reason why I’m going through this endless maze of moving on.

And I hate that! That I can’t put the blame on you this time.

There will be times that you hate yourself, you hate yourself because of your physical aspects, the things that you’ve done, you regret things that you shouldn’t do it in the first place, there are parts of you that you’re jealous of other people and then your self esteem will get low, you barely look at the mirror because you don’t like what you are seeing or something that is bothering you when you stare at your own reflection. Some people will say that you have to accept yourself, love yourself, love your flaws and imperfections before you love somebody else, but you still can’t. It’s hard, it’s so hard to love and accept yourself, to put back your self esteem up, but you can’t do anything about it. All of us are different, we have different physical aspects, different personality, our likes and dislikes, our styles, and more and in the end, we just have to accept ourself and just be different to others, we have to love our self for us not to be down, be happy and just enjoy life, do anything you want, you are unique, get yourself back up and fucking live your life to the fullest.

On the phone..
  • Mama: Kailan 'yung report mo sa Filipino?
  • Me: Next week pa.
  • Mama: Ba't nakalagay dito, January 13?
  • Me: Na'move.
  • Mama: Oh, si Cir pa lang partner mo dito.
  • Me: Ehh. Ewan ko. Natakot ako kausapin siya, eh. Baka awayin lang ako..
  • Mama: Ah. Ganon ba. Bakit naman? Dahil ba don? Ahh.
  • Me: Oo. Gusto ko nga ako na lang mareport mag'isa eh..
Parang Dati lang:
  • Nagagalit ka pag di ako kumakain
  • Nagtatampo pag hindi ka pinapansin
  • Nagagalit kapag ginagabi sa pag-cocomputer
  • Lagi pa tayong mag-kausap
  • Lagi tayong nag-aasaran
  • Lagi tayong nag-kukulitan

Pero Ngayon:

  • Kakamustahin na lang hindi pa magawa T_T