I wish that more movies had cool concepts and stories, but it sucks because you only really see a couple of really cool concepts each year, and I’m struggling to understand why. Who spends two years of their life writing a screenplay that just follows a three act structure and a recycled story?

It perplexes me because this can’t be just a movie studio demand because films like Inception have had enormous success at the box office, so I feel like there are just a tonne of bland scripts flooding the market. It so depressing, I can’t even remember the last time I went to the theatres and had the “HOLY F**K” moment.

Kim Khaos unveils her new Salome act tomorrow (Fri 28th of October) at The Glitter & Grind Revue. Held at the Polo Lounge in Glasgow, it promises to be a glittering evening of cabaret, burlesque, drag and more! You have until midnight tonight to grab advance tickets for just £10 either online here or in person at Luke & Jack on Virginia St (right across the road from the venue). Otherwise, you can get tickets on the door on the night for £12. Doors open at 7:30, full details on the event page.

I’ll be there (in full costume), and hope to see you, too! 🎃

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