i keep forgetting what books i’ve found helpful so here we go

- inside/outside: one woman’s recovery from abuse and a religious cult | hayworth

specifically jehovah’s witness experience, but really deeply relatable and translatable imo.  a lot of sexual abuse/rape, and domestic abuse, and ofc religious abuse; also mental illness stuff (with some very relatable ways that attached to religion).  very heavy, but real, and the only autobio or self-help book/source on religious trauma that i’ve found helpful

- 8 keys to safe trauma recovery: take-charge strategies to empower your healing | rothschild

very skimmable, very affirming and agency-oriented (one of the keys is the Right To Not Remember), avoids the common pitfalls of levine/somatic-as-The-Way, makes room for lots of responses.

- overcoming obsessive thoughts: how to gain control of your ocd | clark & purdon

has an actual chapter on scrupulosity, and provides a little wiggle room for non-religious scruples even!  not as much as i’d like but.  still falls into the “oh no i’m a straight man terrified i have gay thoughts” ocd narrative, unfortunately mainstream, but better than any of the many others i read, and had some decent exercises.