’Cause we’re not stopping ‘til we break through,
so take your best shot, make your move
Oh, step right up, who’s next?
You’re messing with the best

a FAHC Ryan doodle that got out of hand like usual

FAH Ray Headcanon

When they first hire Brownman even the ever loving Gavin is sceptical. The sniper strolls through the doors with his sniper over his shoulder - his bright pink sniper with 4.20 drawn on the side in what looks like purple sharpie - messy hair covered with a purple beanie and DS in hand. But Geoff is adamant - he’s heard good things from several reliable sources - and the first heist is a complete success. Even Ryan seems impressed by the kid’s markmanship. Before Geoff can congratulate the kid, he’s gone.

Several days later, Gavin strolls into the kitchen and trips straight over Ray, who is sprawled out on the ground playing Pokemon. (Motherfucking Torchick bitches). This is how the crew discovers how fucking impossible it is to keep tabs of Ray Narvaez Jr.  The next time he disapears, Geoff spends countless amounts of money trying to track the sniper down, but is never able to locate him. Two weeks later Jack opens the door to his Jeep - it’s a piece of shit, but its his baby - and he finds Ray curled up in the passenger sheet, cuddling his Rifle like a teddy bear. Jack wastes way too much time examining the car - cause how the fuck did the motherfucker get in? - his keys had definitely been in his pocket.

Michael is just fucking pissed at how easily the sniper avoids chores such as grocery store runs or stake outs, but is always there for fucking pizza night.