Name: Haysha
Gender: human
Hours of sleep: one or 15
Last thing I googled: guitar chords
Nickname: Haysh, daddy af, mom,
Sexual orientation: People
Height: 5'6 i believe
Favourite colour: black, white, red( I just noticed those are my school colors) and blue
Places that make me happy: Nut Island (fishing place I’ve been going to since is was five)
Number of blankets: one sometimes two
Favourite film: Idrk
Last book I read: I read maze runner for the 7th time
First word that comes to mind: fireworks (THEYRE EVERYWHERE)
Favourite beverage: I like Arizonas a lot
Last thing you said to a family member: DO YOU WANNA FIGHT ME JOEY *tackles each other*
Favourite food: I like fruits a lot and Mac and cheese
Last movie you saw at the theatre: Ouija
Dream vacation: Something like Alaska or Canada, idk something more woodsy
Dream wedding: BRUH IDK IM 16
Dream pet: A PUG DAMMIT
Dream job: Idk but currently I really want to be a paramedic
Last holiday: That flag day fun
What are you wearing: track shirt, black skinny jeans and some vans

I tag my human amy-drew-bieber