Model Specialty Co. N.Y.C. etching press (No. 82 cast on the foot). Bed size is 18" x 32".

I picked up the press in Paramus, NJ over Thanksgiving break. I’ve been slowly cleaning, stripping layers of paint, and refurbishing the press since then. I’ve added the press bed, a ¼" piece of cast aluminum laminated to a ¾" phenolic resin sheet, compression springs, bed stops, and screw shaft collars to keep the bed/bearings in place. The cast iron frame, wheel, and other bare metal parts are waxed for protection. I also built a small table on casters for the press to be easily moved around a studio. 

I’ll hopefully be printing with the press this summer once the rest of our shop is complete. 

Thanks to Sage (Haypeep) for the photos.