• How fans see Hunter Hayes:Hunter Hayes, country music cutie.
  • How Media sees Hunter Hayes:Hunter Hayes, multitalented, upcoming country singer.
  • How the Hayniacs see Hunter Hayes:Hunter Hayes, the guy who can play over 30 instruments, who co-wrote every song on his album and co-produced his own album, who has toured with Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift, who has sang with Hank Williams JR, our little geeky baby. But also, Sam, Devo, Matt, Andy, Steve, Ainsley, Lynette, Leo, Tux the Penguin, Road Guy, and Dann Huff.

Still fallin’ - behind the song.

Fantastic concept, I just - I just loved it, from the moment she said it. ‘Still fallin’.” And, and, you know - I was just like 'yes, please!’ Uh, you know, that - that overwhelming feeling that so many people talk about. When you’ve spent, you know, for some people their entire lives together. Um, and you still look at them in a way that’s, you know, they fascinate you - they inspire you. They, you know, energize you. And, you’re still just kind of in awe of them. To me, that’s when, that’s when you know. It’s hard to know that unless you’ve spent so much time with them. But, regardless.. I feel like you kind of just have this instinct about somebody when you meet them that way…

"Albums are chapters. They're part of a story. I don't believe in making a record and rushing it. I'm not ready for the next record yet, I'm just not. And there are some things I didn't get to do on the first record,I’m not here to rush a record out, and I wanted to make sure that my first record that I could finish it and make sure that everything that could have been on it I put on it. I do believe that there is a time when you have to close the door and be like, ‘No you can’t touch it, you cannot go back'" - Hunter Hayes

I want to spend a day with Hunter Hayes. Like just hang out with him and see what he’s like personally. Little habits and quirks he has. I want to ask him about the stories behind his songs. I want to have conversations with him about random, little things. I want to jam out to music with him. I just want to see what he’s like outside of a concert, meet and greet, interview or For the Love of Music. I just want to hang out with him.


It’s just a new song…no big deal :D

Invisible - Hunter Hayes.

This song has impacted so many lives, mine included. It also inspired me to start writing again, and to stop judging myself so harshly. You’ve been a huge part of my life sense 2011 Hunter, and I couldn’t be any more thankful for having you around. God bless you for following your dreams, darling. We’re all here for you, and you’ve never been invisible to us.

Hunter Hayes Inspires Asks (Encore)
  • Storm warning:worst storm you've been through?
  • Wanted:what do you want the most?
  • If you told me to:Do you often give in to peer pressure?
  • Love makes me:have you ever been truly in love?
  • Faith to fall back on:are you religious?
  • Somebody's heartbreak:reason for your last breakup
  • Rainy season:what is the current weather?
  • Cry with you:when was the last time you cried?
  • Everybody's got somebody but me:current relationship status?
  • What you gonna do:What are you doing this Saturday Night?
  • More than I should:do you believe in equality for all?
  • All you ever:do you think you will have all you ever wanted?
  • In a song:what song are you currently listening to?
  • I want crazy:what was the craziest thing you someone has ever done for you?
  • A thing about you:tell me a random fact about yourself
  • Better than this:Do you ever put yourself down?
  • Light me up:do you prefer watching movies with the lights on or off?