Happy Two Year Anniversary of FTLOM!

Two years ago something called For The Love Of Music was introduced to us because Hunter wanted us to see what was going on in the previous week. Even before that he used to make and edit videos himself. He could’ve stop making them or not have hired a film crew to continue to make the videos but he did it for us and I’m so grateful because Monday’s aren’t something I hate so much any more but something I look forward to and I just wanna say thank you to Hunter and his team. Thank you for two year of making my Monday nights, Thank you for making me laugh, Thank you for making me cry happy tears, Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every week and just..

Thank you.

Reasons Why We All Need Our Personal Hunter Hayes’:

  • When we’re upset, mad, or even happy, we have someone to talk to
  • When we’re bored, we’ll have someone to hang out with
  • When we can’t sleep, we’ll have someone to sing us to sleep
  • When we need a Hunter Hug, we can have one any time we want

Basically what I’m saying is can we get someone to clone Hunter for us or can someone invent a Hunter Hayes body pillow that does all of these things?