haymitch thumbs up


Imagine being an orphan that Haymitch takes in in secret.

“How you doing, kiddo?”

You blinked blearily at Haymitch from your place curled up on the couch, “What’s going on?”

Haymitch flashed a thumbs-up, “This’ll all be over soon. I promise.”

You sat up, rubbing your eyes, “What’d’you mean?”

Haymitch plopped down next to you, slinging an arm around your thin shoulders, “What do you think about me adopting you for real once all this is over?”

You stared at the man, trying to process his words with your sleep-addled brain. “You want to adopt me?”

“Why not? You’ve been eating my food for long enough, might as well make it official.”

“You really mean it?”

Haymitch chuckled, ruffling your hair, “Course I mean it. Why would I lie to you?”

You let out an incredulous laugh, throwing your arms around the man’s torso. “Thank you, Haymitch!”

“Aw, get off me,” Haymitch shoved you away from him playfully. “You’re not my kid yet.”

Gif Credit: Haymitch