From now on, i will keep every little thing bottled inside. I already did this for most things, but from now on, i wont even tell people if i’m sick or irritated. I will keep quiet about every tiny small and big things. I screwed up way too much this week with telling people what’s wrong or what i feel, and i see my friends fade slowly. I’ve made so many mistakes with just telling other what is bothering me or what’s on my mind. And everytime my friends get mad at me or i dont even know what. I won’t even tell my bullshit on people on twitter or not even tumblr, eventhough my followers were the people that truly understood me when my friends or “friends” didnt. I will keep every thing to myself. It’s all my fault, trusting people and thinking they will deal your negative thoughts.. From now on, i will be faking happiness to the fullest.

anonymous asked:

can you do a tutorial where you explain how we put a page with our links (like you have yours) ?? pls

oh its not that hard,

First just search for “links page theme” or anything like that. It’s basically like a theme code, but now for a page.

1. Go to customize (on your blog) and scroll down to ‘Pages’.
2. Create a new page.
3. Theres a popup for a new page now. In the top of the page there is a border thingy with the type of page, if you click on it you will have three choices. Pick the second one, in the middle.
4. Now you will have a different kind of page. Paste the code for a linkspage in it. Also change the link, right under the border thing for the page type. (like: yoururl.tumblr.com/nameyourpage)
5. Save the page
6. Now, you will probably need to edit the links and the colors in the html, and that is the hardest part.
7. Look on your blog and page what the link title is. Search that in the html code and there will be a code with an url and a title, and that’s what you need to change to the url for the link and the title.

I’m sorry if this is bad, it’s almost one in the night and I dont have time to do it this week bc testsweek. There will probably a tutorial by the code, if not, just message me and i’ll help you