Haylor disease support

so i have gotten many questions recently regarding the untamable epidemic that is haylor. questions like, “what do i do if i catch it”, “what are the symptoms”, and “how to prevent it. 

the first step is acceptance. If you have noticed yourself hanging around too many brits, having a newfound addiction to starbucks, or your expensive topshop collared dresses are making you break out in rash, then you probably have caught the haylor. 

but don’t fret, we i am here to help. if you have noticed any of these symptoms, just take these 3 simple steps to recovery

1. remove yourself from any turtlenecks they are a sign of weakness

2. nickleback solves all 

3. just pray the gay away

if you are still suffering from haylor after taking these precautions, feel free to drop by my ask for further instruction.