I love how Haylor met in 2012 and ever since then we haven’t gone a year without a Haylor song being released. 

2012: Come Back…Be Here

2013: Something Great, Happily

2014:  Most songs from 1989, Where Do Broken Hearts Go,I Love You,Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

2015: Perfect,Olivia,If I Could Fly

2016: This is What You Came For, Someday

2017: Ever Since New York, Sweet Creature,Two Ghosts. And probably more songs to be heard on Friday

That is definition of a power couple, iconic af  

anonymous asked:

What is/are your favorite Haylor moment/s ?

I have loads, so get ready

I love everything about 2014 AMA’s. From his freaking whistle

to him literally staring intensively in her direction

to her pointing at him during Blank space and singing along to their performance

2014 AMA’s was the best time for us, nothing will ever top that. Okay moving on to their iconic date in Central park. I love that little moment when Taylor accidentally hurts Harry while putting down Lux and he’s making a fuss cause he’s a needy little baby

I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Harry’s face when she’s mentioned. Like this interview

or this one where James is literally messing with him

or when the first thing that came to his mind when a fan’s name was Taylor was Taylor freaking Swift

Harry getting asked what he thinks of 1989 and trying to be cool about it like he didn’t listen to it a million times during release week

Okay next category could easily be named Haylor watching each other. Like the good old moment at the Brits 2013 when he literally licked his lips watching her slay his life with that hot black dress

Or the classic moment at the 2012 Jingle ball where they were present for each other’s performances and Harry certainly enjoyed little show Taylor put for him during Trouble

and Taylor watching her boyfriend performing One thing and having fun like a little fangirl

From the recent ones I really liked a little moment during 2015 BBMA’s when they boys were being introduced to the stage and you can literally see her smile so big and starts clapping for them

When we’re at it the highlight of 2015 for me was definitely their January hangout, when they randomly met at friend’s birthday party {which led Harry to tweet Serendipity} and went to dinner afterwards.

Harry’s iconic 22 tweet

Don’t know if this counts as a haylor moment but Taylor liking this post about Harry’s mom

and gif of him talking about her songs

Also one of my favorite moments is her talking about him as that certain someone who floats in and out of your life and you feel like he might interrupt your wedding lol

Harry being a little shit and dming group of haylor shippers freaking out about Perfect

Also Harry being a little shit and enjoying the bootay whenever he could

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I guess that’s all, I might have missed something but these are the moments that came first to my mind. Hope you enjoyed the ride. xx