Hey there ,  . Sorry to bother you . I just started a 1D/Taylor blog and i was wondering if you could check it out . It would mean a lot . Pretty pleaseee . xx 

     Here is the link —>>>  http://imisshaylor.tumblr.com/ . It would mean the world if you would follow and maybe just maybe promo it . 

    I don’t normaly ask this and i would be more then happy to promo you back from my main blog if you want  , it’s just i have like no followers on my sideblog . 

    Thank you , and sorry to bother you again . Hope you’re having a nice day xx 

it’s good to have new haylor blog here on tumblr :) and of course i will give my support to new haylorblog. So yes im going to follow this blog and i think you guys should too:) !!♥