don’t you dream impossible things (part 2)

Hey taylor, a few months ago you made my dreams come true and followed me, make these swifties dreams come true too please

incredible-things-1989                           nicholelianne

preachitswift                                          redhairandrosycheeks

i-know-placesss                                   1989-red-lip-classic

cant-take-whats-ours                          allsotiredofeverything

yourvoiceontheradio                            baxblood

crazyauntbecky                                   hannahgibson11

itszainay                                             ttaylor-is-queen

smilingfandoms101                          couldnttaketheheatsetyoufree

megluvstswift                                   @perfecttstorms

piecesintoplaceswift                         haylorheaven

vanishedswift                                  fightingdragonswithstyle

800milesfortaylor                           when-you-leave-mee

tennisballer09                                isaidivebeentheretooafew-times

juliettevachon                                romtorum5ever

enchantedxswift                            thislove-isglowinginthedark

daniielats1989                               revolvedaroundyous

1989swift101                                 sarcasmandswift

styleswift1989                             swiftponies

1989adventures                         irina-will-be-clean

anonymous asked:

(sorry, my english is not very well) Did Taylor liked something about haylor or harry on tumblr? In 2014 or something like that?

Loads of things. I’m gonna list it here

  • She liked the gif of him saying she’s really good songwriter
  • Post about Harry’s mom tweeting about Buzzfeed article full of Taylor’s pictures with Harry’s head on them with the comment that she’s the best mom ever
  • Picture of her from her date with Harry {he was cropped out} in Central park where she’s wearing sweater with fox on it
  • Photoset with Style lyrics, one of the pictures was their candid when Harry was driving
  • Post about her wearing clothes she used to wear during Haylor era
  • Post about them hanging out which was making fun of the headline. It was something like “Harry and Taylor hang out. Nothing happened but if we write it in caps lock it’ll seem like something did.”
  • Gifs of her when she was trying not to laugh because the interviewer said ‘balls’ with the caption “this gif to me is like Harry is to Taylor, it never goes out of style .
  • Also pics of fans with Harry’s cut outs behind them

rip haylor

this is a sad playlist because my ship is dead. thewallswilltumble and i are really sad. so sad.

(listen here)

  1. The Winner Takes It All (Cover) | McFly
  2. I Love You | Alex & Sierra
  3. Long Night | The Corrs
  4. Memories | Panic! At The Disco
  5. Hummingbird | NeverShoutNever
  6. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved | The Script
  7. Summer Is Over | Jon McLaughlin ft. Sara Bareilles
  8. I Love You | Avril Lavigne

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Those lyrics fuck me up I know for me it's always you And I know for you it's always me Like thanks Taylor great way to melt my Haylor heart

honestly tho like death by song lyrics

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popcrush(.)com/taylor-swift-vs-ariana-grande-popcrush-prom-queen-of-2015-finals/ go vote for Taylor and Harry, so we can get a little haylor reunion <3


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I normally don't go into the Kaylor tag because I see enough Larries in the Haylor tag that I don't venture into the Kaylor tag and I follow some Kaylor shippers who don't actually tinhat it. Anyway, I decided to take a look in the Kaylor tag and I have strong feelings about what I saw. Between them shouting PR about Tayvin (They think it's going to end soon because Calvin looked uncomfortable in some of the NYC candids. which did you see the amount of fans). They are now calling him "Cowvin"

That’s disgusting. Fortunately, they’re still a small portion of the Taylor Swift fandom, but some of them can be nasty. Ew.

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So this Taylor - 1D connection could actually be just business, and not a Haylor cleanup as we thought?

It can be both. I don’t know what’s going on with the Sony thing but there is definitely a clean up happening: we’ve been getting denials for any new “relationship” that has been coming up and there has been dismissing comments about other previous “hook ups/stunts/whatever” too (Nadine, Caroline, Natalie Imbruglia, Nick…). The Daily Mail wouldn’t just say “rumoured to have dated” and “alleged break-up” just because.