Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break the Internet: Ex-Lovers shock the world by releasing a statement that they are currently working on an album together.

When we think about Taylor Swift we think about the occasional break up song, just like her hit single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, we think about the constant cat selfies she posts on Instagram (yes she really does have 91.7 million followers I checked), besides that one can’t help but picture Harry Styles when we think about the songstress.  Just this morning these ex-lovers took to twitter to address some rumors about them, 1) no they’re not dating, although no one would be shocked if they did since they never go out of style, and 2) yes, they are currently working on a project together.

What does this project entail?  Basically Mrs. Swift and Mr. Styles are releasing an album together.  Swift’s team told us exclusively:

“Taylor and Harry have both been the greatest of friends for a couple of years now.  When the opportunity arose for them to get into the studio together they couldn’t stop at just one song.  They both decided that the next step would be to release an album together.  Expect the first single and album to be available in a couple of months.”

Whatever the pair have been up to in the studio recording, we can assure that it will be filled with lots of chemistry due to their past.  I don’t know about you but we’re excited to hear what the pair have lined up.

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I think Perez definitely heard that she's seeing someone, but he doesn't know who it is yet. The rest is just him clicking stuff he'll know will get him attention. Interesting that this is all coming out right before her concert though...

He lurks twitter and tumblr, he knows how to rile up fans.

But anyways, Haylor’s rising, regardless of Perez and Amanda’s tweets.

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Perez Hilton has started bullshitting again. Rumors about TS dating an ex. apparently he "doesn't know" who but he's denying EVERYONE except Harry I hope it's just for attention but I swear to God if haylor comes back!!! What d'you think tho??

i think h*ylor is never ever ever getting back together (lol) so perez can spew all the attention-seeking bullshit he wants

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Today has been bizarre, first was Harry’s love song about Taylor being released on Michael Buble’s album, and now Perez is trying to create Haylor rumors drama, idk man….


I recently realized that almost all 1989 merchandise on taylorswift.com was on sale and alot of it was not being restocked.  I was suspicious so 

I emailed taylorswift.com customer service this:

“Almost all 1989 merch is on sale and some are not being restocked.            …Yes or no. Is this because taylorswift.com making room for TS6 merch? Thank you!“

Taylor Nation responded:

"Hi Abbey,

Unfortunately, the 1989 items will not be restocked.  We are however, hoping to get new items before Christmas.

We appreciate your support!”

 GUYS! 1989 merchandise is not being restocked and “we are hoping to get new items before Christmas”!?

Okay lets talk about the symbolism of “two paper airplanes flying” though. You throw a paper airplane knowing that it’s going to come crashing down pretty soon. But you do it anyway, because you want to see how far it can go. You never know if it’s going to go two feet or twenty feet, you only know that it will, inevitably, come to an end, but you throw it anyway because it’s fun while it lasts – just like their relationship. And if you don’t think that’s some poetic stuff right there you can gladly go get lost in the woods.

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Perez also liked a tweet about someone guessing bill Cosby 😐 I think he just likes attention and drama. No seeding for anyone

Okay Calvin we get it you hate Haylor