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Masterpost of loveontheninthcloud’s fanfics

Harry Potter universe:

  1. Mirror of Erised” - Harry Potter/Jily AU. Pt 1
  2. Ginny’s loser“ - Hinny one shot.
  3. Muddy football girl” - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)
  4. Gentlemen“ - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)
  5. Picture traditions” - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)
  6. Hatred for mistletoe“ - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)


  1. And I love you“ - Haylor one shot.
  2. The necklace” - Haylor one shot.
  3. Ask the girl“ - Haylor one shot. Pt1
  4. Ask the girl” - Haylor one shot. Pt2
  5. Just shut up and kiss me“ - Haylor one shot.
  6. Awkwardness“ - Taylor Swift/Haylor one shot.
  7. Out of the Woods” - Haylor one shot.
  8. Snow is something to be very excited about” - Haylor one shot.
  9. That’s… That’s beautiful” - Haylor one shot.


  1. “Nightmares” - Jelena one shot
  2. “Promise?” - Jelena one shot
  3. “Forever and always Angel” - Jelena one shot
  4. Mommy“ - Jelena one shot. Requested
  5. The home I missed” - Jelena one shot
  6. He will know someday“ - Jelena one shot. Requested.
  7. We stand strong together” - Jelena one shot
  8. “Surprise” - Jelena one shot
  9. She will know someday“ - Jelena one shot. Requested.
  10. Moments on the beach” - Jelena one shot.
  11. Nothing like them” - Jelena one shot
  12. I thought I’d lost you” - Jelena one shot.
  13. Changing feelings“ - Jelena one shot. Pt1
  14. Changing feelings” - Jelena one shot. Pt2
  15. Savior“ - Jelena one shot.
  16. You’ve someone who likes you” - Jelena one shot.
  17. His angel“ - Jelena one shot.
  18. Gracie, the porcelain doll“ - Selena Gomez/Jelena one shot.
  19. I’ll love you into eternity” - Jelena one shot.
  20. One last time“ - Jelena one shot. Pt1
  21. “Jelena movie permiere” - Jelena one shot.
  22. One last time“ - Jelena one shot. Pt2
  23. Captured memories“ - Jelena one shot.


  1. Finally mine” - Sweeran one shot.
  2. The things she does to me” - Sweeran one shot.
  3. Good to go“ - Sweeran one shot.
  4. Regret and Sorrow” - Sweeran one shot.
  5. “Key to somewhere in forever” - Sweeran one shot.


  1. “Sometimes moments are so magical that you have to capture them on film” - Tayvin one shot.
  2. “Just scared, alright?” - Tayvin one shot.
  3. “The almost-ditched-performance” - Tayvin one shot.
  4. “Speak Now” - Tayvin one shot.
  5. “School mornings with teenagers” - Tayvin one shot.
  6. “A very important interview in London“ - Tayvin one shot.
  7. “Crazier” - Tayvin one shot.
  8. “Just looking out for you” - Tayvin one shot.
  9. “Taking care of you” - Tayvin one shot.
  10. “Hypothetically, yes” - Tayvin one shot.
  11. “Really, really a baby” - Tayvin one shot.
  12. “I promise” - Tayvin one shot.
You always kind of have that person, that one person who you feel might interrupt your wedding and be like “Don’t do it cause we’re not over yet”...

I am not the kind of boy who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion but you are not the kind of girl who should be marrying the wrong boy

I sneak in and see your friends and his snotty little family all dressed in pastel, and he is yelling at a bridesmaid somewhere back inside a room, wearing a suit shaped like a pastry

This is surely not what you thought it would be, I lose myself in a daydream where I stand and say 

 Don’t say “Yes”, run away now I’ll meet you when you’re out of the church at the back door, don’t wait or say a single vow, you need to hear me out and they said, “Speak now.”

Fond gestures are exchanged and the organ starts to play a song that sounds like a death march, and I am hiding in the curtains it seems that I was uninvited by your lovely groom-to-be

He floats down the aisle like a pageant king but I know you wish it was me,
You wish it was me, don’t you?

I hear the preacher say, “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”
There’s the silence, there’s my last chance, I stand up with shaky hands, all eyes on me, horrified looks from everyone in the room
But I’m only looking at you

I am not the kind of boy who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion but you are not the kind of girl who should be marrying the wrong boy 

So, don’t say “Yes”, run away now, I’ll meet you when you’re out of the church at the back door, don’t wait or say a single vow, you need to hear me out, and they said, “Speak now.”

And you say, “Let’s run away now, I’ll meet you when I’m out of my dress at the back door, baby, I didn’t say my vows, so glad you were around when they said, “Speak now.”

laynefaire replied to your post “Sometimes I wish my favorite fic authors have Patreon or something…”

I mean…. I always wanted something for BIGB but since it’s Zi*m I never asked anyone

Love, we’re mutuals, you can ask for it literally any time, I wouldn’t do stuff like haylor, or some shit like that, but I have no problem with ziam, I just rarely read it, because I read drarry and captive prince on top of larry and tomlinshaw, so many fics so little time… <3

I’ll read it in the next two days and I’ll put something together. Do you want a pic set for a tumblr post? Or something else? 

Winter Girlfriends/PR stunts+Fiestas de fin de año. (Traducción)

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Octubre 2012 : Taylor usa la cadenita de avión de “"Harry”“ en un show. Algunos “fans” dijeron que los vieron saliendo pero nunca tuvimos fotos.

Noviembre 2012 : Harry y Taylor salen como “amigos” con varias personas más.

Diciembre 2012 : 3 de Diciembre : H y T son fotografiados por paps, después de eso lo hacen “oficial”.

Enero 2013 : H y T van a esquiar. Van a unas vacaciones “romanticas” (fueron muuuy públicas), Harry deja sola a Taylor en un bote.

Febrero 2013 : Haylor termina.


Octubre 2013 : stalkers dicen que vieron a Harry y Kendall Jenner saliendo pero que no tienen fotos.

Noviembre 2013 : Harry y Kendall salen, son fotografiados, por paps contratados por supuesto.

Diciembre :
3 de Diciembre : H y K van a un concierto con Kris, Scott. Después de eso, Hendall lo hicieron “Oficial”.

Enero : Hendall van a esquiar, en las mismas fechas que Haylor lo hizo.

Febrero 2013 : Hendall termina.


Octubre 2014 : Harry y Nadine Leopold salen con varios amigos.

Noviembre 2014 : Harry y Nadine van a “citas”.

3 de Diciembre : Harry y Nadine lo hacen “oficial”. Son fotografiados intercambiando chaquetas.

Enero 2015 : H y N van a más “citas”.

4 de Febrero : Harry, Jeff y Nadine son fotografiados dejando ‘Go Greek’ y ese fue el final de Hadine, no se volvió a escuchar sobre ellos.


Durante Haylor y Hendall, 1DHQ contrataron paps para fotografiar a Harry con Taylor/Kendall, cada vez que salían. Pero después de que señalamos cuán estúpidos eran, sólo lo hicieron 3 veces con Hadine.


Noviembre 2015 : LOUIS tiene su primera novia de invierno, Danielle.

Febrero 2016 : Lounielle termina.


Fiestas de fin de año:

2011 : Larry lanzan una fiesta de fin de año en su departamento, Eleanor asistió porque Elounor “empezaron a salir”. La última vez que Harry estuvo allí.

2012 : Elounor organizan una fiesta de fin de año en la casa pública de Louis en Londres.
Taylor se aseguró de que había paps, después besó a Harry (en NYC).

2013 : Elounor lanzan una fiesta de fin de año en su casa pública en Londres. Harry no asistió. 2015 : Louis dijo que iba a hacer una fiesta de fin de año. Danielle va a ir. No se sorprendan si ellos se “besan” porque es Haylor 2.0, todo.


Same old shit but a different year

Estef. x

Friendly reminder that 2013 was a really difficult year for Taylor. She had broken up with her boyfriend after a very scrutinized relationship, people were mocking her, men and unfortunately women calling her “whore” “serial dater” “psychotic girlfriend” and more. Taylor wasn’t in a good place emotionally and she had to deal not only with a break up and people calling her names and sending her hate but also with media writing bullshit about her, creating drama between her and harry just for the sake of notes,visits and of course, to please the nasty fans. Friendly reminder that Harry was there for her when everyone hated her, even his own bandmates, he was partying with her and they even took a picture together the same night media and fans claimed she dissed him and told him to “shut the fuck up”, he didn´t care about that and hung out with her anyway, he was a gentleman and never said anything bad about her, not even after the vmas incident when people kept asking him about her dissing him, saying as a fact (because of course they knew) that the song was actually about him. Instead of leaving her and their relationship behind after that, he did the opposite, they became friends and harry confirmed it himself in late 2013. They were friends and he was there supporting her, chatting with her at events and even talking to her about their relationship and why it didn’t work out, she shared 1989 with him, he was her friend, her close friend, she said it herself, she spoke so fond of that relationship so don’t tell me harry was dick, was a shitty boyfriend, don’t tell me he never cared about her and how he is a scum and Calvin is the best boyfriend ever. Maybe harry made a mistake, we all do, we’re all human, specially when you’re 18 years old and people are following every step you take, sending you death threats and hate all the time, but he was there with her through this process don’t giving a fuck about what people thought of him. Compared to that it’s so easy for Calvin to be with a succesful woman, in a relationship fully supported by her fans and media, it’s so easy to be a “mature” 31 year old and have people loving and supporting your girlfriend. Ship whatever you want but stop putting my boy down for something is none of your business.