haylor evidence


[A year in Haylor Review] 

Separated some things that happened to haylor this year (not found February and April sorry)

January: Harry and Taylor present in the pre oscar party

March: Harry and Taylor found wearing clothes they used when they were together (crying a lot)

May: rumors Taylor and Harry returned dating take the twitter

June: Harry opens a direct image of a fan who sent him a photo of Taylor

July: taylor uses the same dress she wore on the last trip he took with harry

August: fan mostar his love for haylor in a show of one direction (harry you have, Hella good Hair)

September: another fan takes a photo of haylor to the show and see harry (imagine what he felt at the time)

October: the new album of Taylor Swift named 1989 is full of evidence of haylor (see it)

November: Harry shows his love for taylor AMA

December: harry tweet wonderland stretch with some modifications in your twitter

other things that happened: fans who were in the secret sesion say taylor said she and Harry are friends / Harry Taylor cites the livestrem One Direction / harry and taylor in concert 1975 / romores that harry would have sent roses to 1989 taylor / taylor and Harry on the feast of VSFashionShow / seer preveu the haylor return in 2015

prepared for 2015?