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Ok, this will be another master post so could you do that copy and paste thing and if I run out of room and submissions just wait to post until I say POST because this will be long but good. Harry says a girl who he had a recent relationship with who had also affected him in the past couple of years has influenced a large part of his album. Now, we know the most recent relationship Harry was in was with Kendall as in the BBC interview, Harry says he hasn't dated since the beginning of February

“2)of 2016 (around the time Hendall broke up). Kendall would also fit the description as they were involved in 2013/14 and they have been friends throughout the years. But the problem is, I don’t think Harry and Kendall were that much in love. And I’m not saying this because I ship Haylor but because if they were then basically every piece of Haylor proof from 2014 onwards wouldn’t make sense. So I’ll start in 2013 after Haylor had broken up. We have Harry and Taylor breakup but then have a small
3)reunion (possibly only for hookups) in January 2013 in Cannes where they are together. They specifically aren’t seen together because they don’t want the public to know and articles are written about them. Then they cool off at the Brits (they are seen flirting and possibly hooking up with other people). But, by April, we have Harry missing Taylor as the boys tease him in Little Things. Throughout the rest of 2013, we have little hints of Harry missing Taylor such as assuming an interviewer
4)was talking about Taylor’s perfume, the VMAs, Harry’s friend tweeting him WANEGBT lyrics and he says please??, and then comes November. Harry and Kendall are seen together for the first time and it can be assumed their relationship started around then. However, Harry also says in an interview (regarding exes and Taylor) that sometimes if you have feelings for an ex, it’s ok to get back together with them. We also have MM come out which has Happily which Harry said he wrote about a relationship
5)in which your ex is with someone else and you want them back (could be about Tay bc she said in style that she tried to get over harry with other guys but couldn’t). Also about not caring what others say (the main cause of their breakup). By Taylor’s birthday, Harry tweets the Winding Wheel lyrics (while dating Kendall) on Taylor’s birthday as well as posts the Cannes sunset picture. While this is going on, not only is Harry dating Kendall, but he is also hanging out with Ed, Taylor, Courtney
6)Cox, and Johnny McCaid in Cox’s Malibu house (Courtney followed them all on the same day and she said it was really fun passing beer around and playing the guitar and this continues throughout Hendall 1.0). Gemma also hints that Harry may not like Kendall as much as everyone thinks as she tweets "trust me, Harry is putting his arm around Kendall [at the Eagles concert] to strangle her”. Then in February, Taylor writes 1989 with Style being the last song she writes. Although people think
7)were little more than a crush then and certainly not hooking up. Also Taylor implies that they were on and off more than once, so now would fit the timeline. This is just a theory, but I think maybe in January (detail about the man in styles is taking off his coat implying winter) Harry gave Taylor a ride home from hanging out with Ed and them and they hooked up (while he was dating Kendall yikes). We also have Taylor writing IWYW about Harry telling her that whole thing and he probably told
8)her at this time because they were friends. It would also make sense that Harry gave Taylor a ride home then because they had houses really close to each other. Then Kendall and Harry breakup seemingly amicably at the end of February except Kendall likes a post saying boys are mean and to eat vegetables do squats and wear red lipstick. Also in Feb/Jan of 2014, we have Harry pinning a post on his old Pinterest (it doesn’t exist anymore) about how beautiful and “vocally aweing” Taylor’s
10)performance of ATW at the Grammys was and how Red deserved a Grammy (thx Harry finally someone said it). Also, a fan sends him a direct with a picture of Taylor and he opens it. Anyway, Hendall breaks up and Harry, in the following month (March 2014 and throughout the rest of 2014) writes a string of songs that are almost positively about Taylor (I Love You, WDBHG, Just a Little Bit of Your Heart, Someday Maybe, Not Our Fault). Also, Harry gives I Love You to Alex and Sierra under his pen name
11)which is important because at this same time, Alex and Sierra are hanging out with Taylor because Sierra posts a picture of Taylor’s cat. Also, in that interview Alex and Sierra not only say that whoever wrote I Love You not only had a fling with Taylor but was also really good friends. We know for certain that throughout 2014, Harry and Taylor were friends as not only did this all happen, but Taylor also said she was “really close friends” with the person who 1989 was about in interviews as
12)well as the secret sessions. It is also important to note that Harry wrote it secretly and then, when a fan met Ariana Grande recently (this may be a troll) Ariana said JALBOYH was about a secret lover of Harry’s and then when another fan asked if it was Taylor she winked (COULD TAYLOR AND HARRY HAVE BEEN SECRETLY DATING IN 2014/HOOKING UP IN SECRET AS THE MEDIA WAS TOO MUCH FOR PUBLIC?). We all know what happens in 2015 but my point is this: if Hendall was that influential in 2014 none of
13)this would have happened and if it was, then all of this haylor proof couldn’t be true. The Hendall relationship resulted in single Kendall and Harry and Harry and Taylor writing tons of love songs about one another. If Harry really loves Kendall (and this was his longest relationship with her) then he wouldn’t have hung out with ed and Taylor, wouldn’t have hooked up with Taylor as style says, wouldn’t have posted winding wheel lyrics, wouldn’t have said he wanted to get back together with
14)an ex, wouldn’t have pinned a tweet about her brilliance, wouldn’t have opened that direct, and overall, wouldn’t have been involved with another girl (particularly his ex) while he had a girlfriend. From that relationship all we can conclude is that Harry and Taylor hooked up/were friends in 2014 and wrote songs about one another-they still had feelings for one another but one of them (Taylor) didn’t want to go on). Ok, so that was the most serious Hendall round and it had little impact on
15)Harry. Now for the yacht. We already knew they were friends in 2015. Can I mention though that even when they were friends then, they didn’t have some secret love as who did Harry write MITAM about? Yeah not Kendall, even though he could have if she meant that much to him. So Taylor was with Calvin and we have Harry inviting Cara and Kendall to a 1D concert and then they went on the yacht and I will say they were definitely more than friends but we also have to remember that Harry signed his
16)deal on the yacht and it just so happens Kendall is friends with all of those people. Ok, then by the end of January, they aren’t together anymore and what does Harry do? He thinks about Taylor just as he did in 2014. He tweets 22 lyrics on his bday as well as likes an insta pic from Paige reifler. He also tweets a lyrics by Norah Jones from “Come Away With Me” about wanting a lover you can’t have or want to come away to a secret place). Also, if you believe all of the hscox94/Spotify account
17)account stuff, there are subtl haylor vibes. The point being: he is single. And did he have to be single, no because he didn’t go away to film Dunkirk for another month or so. Then after the pictures are leaked, Harry and Kendall are seen shopping together in LA in April. Not a reunion, but simply proves they are friends-always have been probably always will be. Then, come September after Harry contributes some Haylor-like vibes to Another Man Magazine (possibly a reach but that poem and the
18)Stevie Nicks thing), Kendall and Harry are seen getting lunch in LA, but Harry’s team immediately confirms that they are only friends. Then it’s nothing until November, when Harry, as a friend, is invited to her bday party and they take a picture together, but more importantly, a picture is taken of Kendall making out with someone with Harry right next to them on his phone. Then on New Years Kendall is seen kissing ASAP Rocky or some other guy and then they avoid each other at the KOL concert
19)Since then, nothing. My point about this is: they are friends. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since they have many mutual friends, and split amicably both times around, and go to each other’s bday parties. Kendall is not at his 23rd though. Ok, now this is really recent, but Kendall basically confirmed she is having a friends-with-benefits type of thing with ASAP Rocky in her Harpers Bazaar article (everyone kind of suspected this already, they were seen at Coachella all touchy, and out an
20)about in London–note she wasn’t with Harry who was in London at the time but with ASAP). So once again, my point is they are friends. Harry may not love Taylor anymore, but it certainly wouldn’t make very much sense if the girl who influenced a huge part of his album was Kendall. In 2014, he was fine cheating on her and breaking up, in 2016, he was fine ending their relationship from the yacht and being friends, and in 2016/17 he is fine seeing her kiss other guys at her party and although
21)are friends, things might still be icy as they didn’t talk during KOL concert. I do think, since they split amicably and are still friends, that they might/are up to getting back together in that sort of friend-like way (Harry even says he has a couple of flames left in the BBC radio–and I think Kendall is one of them). I just think that the way Harry spoke about this girl in Rolling Stones, it just doesn’t fit to him and Kendall. He even said he wanted to give whomever not only a tip of the
21)but the whole cap and do you really think that girl is the same girl he had no problem watching kiss some other guy or didn’t talk to at a concert? If he did, I support him 100% and although I love Haylor, if it is about Hendall, that’s fine as long as he is happy. Besides the point of his music-of all music- is not to speculate but to listen and enjoy. So I did this for some fun I know I’m a loser but ultimately whoever it’s about it doesn’t matter because I will be buying and listening POST"


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Hi, can you explain to me a couple of things, that make me doubt Larry is real, 1st being Jay's wedding. If Eleanor was a beard, surely they would put their foot down at having her at a family wedding, and whilst I might understand she may have become a family friend, having her as a bridesmaid seems a bit skeptical that she's not Louis' gf. Also, Haylor -have you listened to 1989 at all? I can't believe someone who doesn't love &didn't have a relationship at all, could write songs like that

You sound like a troll, you believe in Larry BUT you don’t believe in Larry.

I am going to reply because this post gives a good opportunity to collect some stuff to newcomers or people who want to SEE.

Elton John married his beard. MARRIED.

Country star Ty Herndon has come out a month ago as a “proud and happy gay man,” People is reporting. Herndon, who has been married and divorced to women twice, also said that he is currently in “an awesome relationship” with his partner, Matt, and hopes to tie the knot again. MARRIED TO WOMEN. TWICE!!

This post debunks the shadiness with the maid of honor thing.

This is a PR Expert’s opinion on Elounor. She is well aware of bearding in the industry. Just look at what she says:

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If the family really knows the truth about Louis and Eleanor being a fake relationship, why would the Louis’ mom go the extra mile and make her the MOH in her wedding? I still can’t wrap my head around that. It just looks bad either way you look at it, if the sisters still think it’s real than Jay took the extra step in lying to her kids, if the sisters know it’s fake then they took part in role playing for a ceremony that should of been as genuine as possible. Still can’t believe that day tbh.

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I’ve given my opinion on the MOH thing a bit already, and I’m definitely not trying to say this is definitely the case, but it’s absolutely not impossible for me to imagine a scenario like this:

Louis has more or less stopped playing along with the relationship. His family doesn’t really care one way or another, but they know Louis doesn’t want her around, and Harry probably wants her there even less. Louis still has to fill a contractual obligation, though, so instead of going on some big staged date with her, they put Eleanor in a bridesmaid’s dress, take a few pictures, put one up on Instagram claiming she was MOH, and then once the pictures have gotten around and/or people have noticed she was there, she goes home. Easy, done, and people assume they’re telling the truth, even the ones who believe she isn’t his real girlfriend. Just because Instagram or Twitter says she was maid of honour, that doesn’t mean she actually was.

And, as I’ve said before, although it’s none of my business, even if she were his real girlfriend, that’s a really odd choice for maid of honour. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly five years now, and I would honestly feel a bit uncomfortable if his mum asked me to be maid of honour at her wedding instead of one of her sisters or friends.

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I agree with what you’re saying about Louis’ bearding being mostly hand holding, but the interaction she seems to have with his younger sisters feels much more harmful. How will they explain this to them when it all comes out? There are several pictures of her at family dinners with all of the kids. That is more than just hand holding. I’m not trying to argue, I’m just trying to work it out. Do you think maybe Lottie knows now, and is taking over main bearding duties (NYC)?

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I would think his family has probably already known for a while, honestly. Even the younger sisters. They may not have known all along (I’ve seen a few people on here trying to work out when he told them), but I think they’ve got to know by this point. If a load of total strangers on the internet can see that he’s with Harry, I would think his family would be able to see it much easier.

I would venture to guess that she’s not nearly as entwined in their family as you’re meant to believe. Even if there are ten to fifteen different photos of her with his family, that’s still only 10-15 days out of three years, and even then, she may have only been there for a few minutes each time. Even after all this time, and despite what it may look like to an outside observer, she could easily still be basically a stranger to his family, no matter what they tell you over twitter or whatever else.

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Do you think that maybe the Eleanor situation has become much bigger and complicated than they have thought it would be? Normally if someone who isn’t famous is bearding they don’t have fans of their own. The footballer taking a friend for a pair of shoes to an event or maybe some yacht pictures, but no one expects them to go to a graduation, wedding, holiday or it’s not being watched like in the Truman Show. She seems to be more an accessory that’s working much more than she wants to.

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Oh, definitely. I think they probably went into it assuming it was going to just be a standard bearding (a few photo-ops here and there, a couple dates to events then wash their hands of it more or less), and then they were totally overwhelmed when it got the attention that it did. I honestly think that’s why it’s so flimsy and shot through with holes. They didn’t put enough effort into it, because they didn’t expect it to gain this level of attention and scrutiny.

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If she really was that close to Jay and/or Louis family then why didn’t we see them at her graduation or Jay’s hen party?

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Wait, they tried to say she was maid of honour but she wasn’t even at the hen night? Well, there’s your answer.

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Lmao, exactly. It was an inside joke between the two. Harry purposely tweeted the wrong lyrics of Riptide:

It’s supposed to be ‘scared of dentists and the dark’

Hence why Taylor smiled when she sang “I love you when you’re singing that song and I got a lump in my throat ‘cause, you’re gonna sing the words wrong” – because he DID get the words wrong ;)

Also this:

“Swift’s next single “Style” should easily be the next number one hit for her. It begins with a guitar rift and then leads into a pop song that could have easily came out in the late 1980s. Swift’s voice is layered like many 1980s and 1990s dance tracks. It has an instant hook that even outdoes the number one “Blank Space.””

— The Inquisitr

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in secret meet at Victoria's Secret show

Harry Styles met up with Taylor Swift on Wednesday night when the exes partied together – just hours after she performed an ode to their failed ­relationship on stage.

A lingerie-clad Taylor, 24, sang Style – which refers to the One Direction star’s “long hair” and “white T-shirt” – at the Victoria’s Secret show, before heading to the afterparty with her pal and support act for next year, Ellie Goulding.

The pair drank cocktails together at the Earl’s Court bash, before Taylor and pals Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge moved on to the London Edition hotel, where all the VS models were staying. There, the Angels were continuing the party in the basement bar. Meanwhile, Harry, 20, had met up with the couple’s mutual pal Ed Sheeran , who had also performed at the show, and The Cab frontman Alexander DeLeon, whose girlfriend, Angel Josephine Skriver, walked the catwalk.

A source tells us: “All eyes were on Harry and Taylor when they turned up. People were desperate to see how they reacted to one another.

“It’s really awkward, because they have so many friends who get on with both of them. And it was especially awkward as only a few hours earlier, Taylor had been performing a track that is so blatantly about him.

“But they were actually fine. It seemed like they’d buried the hatchet. The drinks were flowing until 3am, when they snuck out of a rear exit five minutes apart to avoid being pictured together.” read more