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alive in spite of rising water by brokendrums

Niall clutches for Taylor, the hot skin of her wrist slipping out of his sweaty grip. He calls for her, his throat clogged and rotting. Taylor. His vision swims, something hits his face. It’s dirt. Soil. Damp and musty. Taylor.


Niall wakes with a start. It’s dark and it takes a few moments for his vision to adjust to the dim. He blinks, his eyes filling with tears.

He can smell the smoke and the ash, his throat aching.

Fingers grip his own, rough and dirty and twisting to squeeze some heat into them. Something falls on Niall’s face and he jerks, his aching muscles spasming before he catches himself.

“It’s okay,” comes a voice in the dark and it’s Harry, his voice choked and brittle. He’s sick again, the last lashing of rain doing a number on his throat. “You’re okay.”

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“You did a number on me, but honestly baby who’s counting? I did a number on you, but honestly baby who’s counting?” “I’m yours to keep, and I’m yours to lose. You know I’m not a bad girl but I do bad things with you. So it goes... come here, dressed in black now... scratches, down your back now...” I’m sorry but this is the most Harry Styles thing I’ve ever heard in my life.


Two Ghosts, Style, Ready For It & Taylor & Harry’s relationship through music.

I haven’t even been following this Taylor and Harry Styles post relationship stuff for long and can tell you that roads lead to roam.

Harry about Taylor on Two Ghosts:

Taylor about Harry on Style:

Harry once again to Taylor on Two Ghost

Taylor’s response to Harry on …Ready For It about being a phantom to his ghost. Which are both the same thing technically lol.

I would also like to point out the same producers and writers who worked on Style ( Ali Payami, Shellback & Max Martin), assisted with “Ready For It”.

Mick Greenberg and Nils Sjöberg Get Coffee Together

[Mick is drinking green juice. Nils has a skinny caramel latte. Both are wearing large dark glasses.]

Mick: So like…thanks so much for agreeing to meet with me, Mr. Sjöberg. You’re probably really busy.

Nils: [nods, sips latte]

Mick: I just found your song super inspiring—I’m a writer too, you might have heard of me? No? Okay, anyway. The lyrics “everybody’s watching her but she’s looking at you-oo ooh ooh,” you know what I’m talking about?

Nils [heavy Swedish accent]: Yes.

Mick: Totally don’t answer if it makes you uncomfortable, but do you mind saying who exactly is the “you” she’s looking at? Like did you or maybe Rihanna have anyone particular in mind?

Nils: My words are universal. They never refer to anybody in particular.

Mick: Okayyyyy. Yeah. I respect that. I was just wondering if that “you” could possibly be a pop star…or an actor, an aspiring actor, but never mind. So what do you actually consider your artistic inspirations?

Nils: …glaciers.

Mick: Wow. Because that makes me think about coldness, like ice, like an icy heart. Hey, you know the video for Bad Blood where Catastrophe—

Nils: Nope.

Mick: Like it’s very snowy outside and she has this adorable probably Scandinavian furry hood on­––

Nils: I don’t know her.

Mick: Oh, me neither. Definitely not! Who could ever really know Taylor Swift, am I right? I mean, I guess we know she likes English actors, hahaha… It’s funny, some people that she might’ve underestimated in the past are actually actors now too, very prestigious projects, like maybe not Shakespeare yet or whatever… Everyone has hidden talents.

Nils [looks at him kindly, pityingly]: I’m sure you’re a very good writer, Mr. Greenberg. Maybe someday you will win Eurovision, like me. Now if you’ll excuse me…

Mick: Call me Mick. Oh, you’re–you’re leaving? Could I send you a demo?

Nils [reaching out to touch Mick’s cheek]: Take care of yourself, Mick.

[Nils Sjöberg strides out of the coffee shop in a way that is sexy and assertive, but also endearingly studied and kind of awkward tbh.]

Mick: [singing very very quietly] You-oo, ooh-ooh, you-oo, ooh-ooh…

[He breaks off and stares into space for a very long time.]

Masterpost of loveontheninthcloud’s fanfics

Harry Potter universe:

  1. Mirror of Erised” - Harry Potter/Jily AU. Pt 1
  2. Ginny’s loser“ - Hinny one shot.
  3. Muddy football girl” - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)
  4. Gentlemen“ - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)
  5. Picture traditions” - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)
  6. Hatred for mistletoe“ - Jily one shot. (jily week 2)


  1. And I love you“ - Haylor one shot.
  2. The necklace” - Haylor one shot.
  3. Ask the girl“ - Haylor one shot. Pt1
  4. Ask the girl” - Haylor one shot. Pt2
  5. Just shut up and kiss me“ - Haylor one shot.
  6. Awkwardness“ - Taylor Swift/Haylor one shot.
  7. Out of the Woods” - Haylor one shot.
  8. Snow is something to be very excited about” - Haylor one shot.
  9. That’s… That’s beautiful” - Haylor one shot.


  1. “Nightmares” - Jelena one shot
  2. “Promise?” - Jelena one shot
  3. “Forever and always Angel” - Jelena one shot
  4. Mommy“ - Jelena one shot. Requested
  5. The home I missed” - Jelena one shot
  6. He will know someday“ - Jelena one shot. Requested.
  7. We stand strong together” - Jelena one shot
  8. “Surprise” - Jelena one shot
  9. She will know someday“ - Jelena one shot. Requested.
  10. Moments on the beach” - Jelena one shot.
  11. Nothing like them” - Jelena one shot
  12. I thought I’d lost you” - Jelena one shot.
  13. Changing feelings“ - Jelena one shot. Pt1
  14. Changing feelings” - Jelena one shot. Pt2
  15. Savior“ - Jelena one shot.
  16. You’ve someone who likes you” - Jelena one shot.
  17. His angel“ - Jelena one shot.
  18. Gracie, the porcelain doll“ - Selena Gomez/Jelena one shot.
  19. I’ll love you into eternity” - Jelena one shot.
  20. One last time“ - Jelena one shot. Pt1
  21. “Jelena movie permiere” - Jelena one shot.
  22. One last time“ - Jelena one shot. Pt2
  23. Captured memories“ - Jelena one shot.


  1. Finally mine” - Sweeran one shot.
  2. The things she does to me” - Sweeran one shot.
  3. Good to go“ - Sweeran one shot.
  4. Regret and Sorrow” - Sweeran one shot.
  5. “Key to somewhere in forever” - Sweeran one shot.


  1. “Sometimes moments are so magical that you have to capture them on film” - Tayvin one shot.
  2. “Just scared, alright?” - Tayvin one shot.
  3. “The almost-ditched-performance” - Tayvin one shot.
  4. “Speak Now” - Tayvin one shot.
  5. “School mornings with teenagers” - Tayvin one shot.
  6. “A very important interview in London“ - Tayvin one shot.
  7. “Crazier” - Tayvin one shot.
  8. “Just looking out for you” - Tayvin one shot.
  9. “Taking care of you” - Tayvin one shot.
  10. “Hypothetically, yes” - Tayvin one shot.
  11. “Really, really a baby” - Tayvin one shot.
  12. “I promise” - Tayvin one shot.

yall rly still hung up on haylor?? hate 2 break it to ya but harry wld rather go the rest of his life never telling a single joke ever again before he’d associate himself with Twizzler 

OK. Let’s hold on a second and think about all the hints and signs Taylor has been dropping since the announcement of Reputation.

1. First we see LWYMMD video shows OOTW Taylor waking up from her grave hinting she never really made it out of the woods (i think its the most direct haylor sign till now).

2. She drops …RFI? going on in the song which typically point towards Harry (what with the references of ghosts, acting mature and island).

3. Her team liking posts about the song being about Joe and all, which we all know Tay never does.

4. Also Taylor and Joe dating who also lives in London and her flying back and forth b/w US & England.

5. Spotify suddenly releasing a playlist clearly giving Haylor vibes under the title Songs Taylor Loves. I mean why would she only do it now? She could’ve done it in the past 10 years anytime she wanted.

6. Taylor’s playlist having Niall’s song Too Much To Ask, which sounds something like what Harry otherwise wanted to say to Taylor (also ever linked this song with From The Dining Table? And for the record, that is Harry’s most vulnerable and his favorite song on his album).

7. Taylor and Harry performing on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 in Shanghai (though its not confirmed, I’m still living for it).

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I was going through your old tags and saw a gif of Niall and Louis at the vmas and you had written something about Niall saying "I told ya" and Louis going "yep" in response to Taylor having a dig at Harry. What was the dig? What did she do? Thanks!

This is the gif you mentioned, right?



Yessssssss. Everyone in this gif is fantastic. (Yes, even you, Richard Griffiths.) But yeah, Zayn and Paul deserve a shoutout for sure.

Also, what does Ben say? “What?”

“Throwing shade like the biggest California redwood in existence” is my new favorite simile.

Niall is telling Louis, “Oh My God, I fucking told ya.”… (Probably predicting Taylor would pull a damn stunt and dig at Harry.
Louis just goes, “Yep.”

What did she do?

She won the VMA award for IKYWT and said:

“I also wanna thank the person who inspired this song who knows exactly <dripping sarcasm> who he is because now I’ve got one of these <shows award> Shouts with forced enthusiasm: Thank you so much!”


Camera shows Harry. <what a manipulation of opinions, right?> She could’ve talked about Karlie or Diana A, her neighbor anyone.

But the camera shows Harry Styles.

Wanna know a thing? IKYWT was written even before they started their PR fauxmance. <insert sarcasm: So it’s MOST DEFINITELY inspired by H.S. >

Funny that.

And the ever gentleman Harry Styles claps and chews his gum, never ever dissing her. Never.