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As you can see above, he keeps referencing the 1989 album, as if he’s trying to get her back.

Now guys, remember that Taylor chose that polaroid and those exact lines from the lyrics, he could be saying that this time ‘round he’s ready to stay. 

IMPORTANT: NOW, the rumor was that he sent her 1989 roses, but if he did hear about the rumor yet he didn’t hear about the ‘roses part’ then what, he heard that he sent her 1989 what? 1989 soaps? 1989 combs? Besides, he DOES look way too cheeky and smug while he answers Ellen’s question.

On February 25th, Taylor meets Calvin at the Brits. One day later Harry posts another black and white photo, once again referencing Winding Wheel.

A lil reminder won’t hurt anyone;

Well, Taylor and Calvin finally came out at this year’s BBMAs and four days later -

- after eight goddamn months (since the premiere of ‘Out of The Woods’), Harry posted his first photo in color, thus giving up for the sake of her own happiness and crushing all Haylor shippers.

I won't say I'm in love // Haylor one shot

With me being in Greece I thought I’d do a Greece themed one shot for tonight! Hope you like it.


Taylor and Harry decided to holiday together. They were both in Europe with days off and someone, Harry, thought it would be a wild idea, Harry, to go one holiday together.

Taylor wanted to object, alone with Harry for two weeks would be hard for her. She can’t even go a day when seeing him without almost jumping on him. She wouldn’t admit it to herself but deep down she knew she was still deeply in love with him.

When Harry brought up the idea of them two alone and he saw Taylor hesitated to answer he gave her a look. A look that makes Taylor feel some type of way. Big green eyes all glossed over with what looks like tears. His lower lips out in a pout, Taylor couldn’t help but say yes.

The decided to go Greece. It was close and they thought since they were in bankruptcy they needed the money. Got to separate rooms, obviously, but the way Harry is looking over at Taylor in the plane ride she knew one of them would go unused.

So now they are sat on a plane, private of course, they can’t risk anyone seeing them together. Taylor is sat with her earphones in, looking out onto the window. Harry is on the other side of the plane, writing in his brown, used, moleskin journal.

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anonymous asked:

Can u explain why the new photo is so important ? i know the whole haylor stunt and larry but idk i just dont really get what happened with this i guess. sorry if this is annoying

Never annoying, love! Haylor was Harry’s highest profile relationship. It was papped heavily, touched on in nearly interview, all over every magazine and news outlet. It was a big story back then, and it was instrumental in creating Harry’s profile in the USA. But, when they come out, that’s going to be kind of hard to explain away. If he was with Louis all along, then what about Haylor? Now, it’d be a really, really smart business move to say she was a friend that was lending a hand at the time. That way, she gets a lot of public support, the One Direction fandom (which is largely her target market) supports/buys her music, and she upholds her title as America’s Sweetheart. She’s viewed as a really great friend and she’ll get tons of positive press about this. I am in awe of her, honestly. She’s a brilliant businesswoman and she can work this industry.

Louis was never pro-Haylor. He was miserable during that time period, and he undermined the relationship whenever he possibly could. By showing that the two of them are on good terms, you will easily sell that she was a friend of Harry and Louis as a couple, that she did this to help them. This way, she comes out with her image untouched (if not bolstered), and Harry and Louis have one less obstacle to coming out. This was such a brilliant business move. I’m in awe of the team that put this together.