omg so this mornign i met hayloo + zachie + mrs. morton at the panera on the campus and then we drove around for half an hour trying to find Market Square and then we DID and we went in a buncha shops and saw so many cute clothes and i got this really cute purse and we saw cUTE DOGES and took pictures and went back to panera to eaT and then we went to the aRT MuSEum which was sO GOOD SOOO!!! GOOD !! ARt and they had free food there too and zachie took fifteen strawberries and then i had to go so they dropped me off at my car and i sped all the way home to pick up a shirt for work and then i sped to work and was still late and it was worth every minute

i am so happy


Watch this.
All my homies say is the shit.

oh frICK i forgot to ask off next weekend for &TNf frrCK

i got scheduled to work friday and saturday night (five to midnight) and all sunday

haylee zachie mars pls figure out what days/times i need to get off so i can try to switch shifts w/ somebody and text me or w/e