Dear whoever is reading this. Go stretch. Or work out. Or simply drink a glass a water. You CAN reach your goal. It doesn't matter if it's losing a few pounds or completely changing how you look. You CAN do it. You just have to try. I believe in you. If you ever are struggling you can talk to me and I will help the best I can.

OO5’s World’s Mix <3

“Of course we train for gold cause we’re still top gun. With Omar in our hearts we will shine like the sun.” New fave voiceover ever

I always see “Power to the flyers” or “Power to the bases” or “Power to the backspots” pictures. But hey, where are flyers without bases and backspots? On the ground. But I’m pretty sure bases and backspots don’t look very impressive without flers. Everyone on the team is important. So forget power to the flyers, bases, or backspots. Power to the team.

we’re not going to be more than friends.
that’s my husband 
and he knows he’s my husband
like but whenever I tell him
like you’re my husband
he’s like
rob we’re buds
and I’m just like
noooo we’re. husbands
like we are husband
just stop
if Michealeddie dated boys
it’d be me
like it would be me 


At about 1:35 look in the back left corner.

You’ll see Peyton fake her tuck.

You would think she’d have better jumps because her flexibility but I guess not.


I was wondering if anyone could do me a huge favor.

This is me and my step sister, who I love more than anything.

Her biological mother passed away recently, and her father is in the hospital and will more than likely be there until after Christmas.

She also cannot visit him because she’s under the age of 13.

She really needs something to smile about right now.

If anyone wouldn’t mind sending her a letter or a bow or something, it would mean the world to her.

My cheer obsession has grown on her so now she loves bows and wears them to school.

But, if anyone wouldn’t mind sending her something, it can be as simple as a letter, message me and I’ll give you the address.

This little girl has been through hell and back and deserves to have something to smile about. 

Thank you so much.