My Reflection of Boston Arts Academy

When I was first enrolled into Boston Arts Academy, I felt like I was a horrible artist because everyone else seemed to be more talented than me. I had a hard time stepping out of my comfort-zone but the real challenge was practicing good craft in my artwork. I only knew how to draw little anime drawings but throughout my time here I learned to step out of my comfort zone and explore new things. This was hard to do at first but after finding a way to connect my art to myself it was a lot of fun to try new things. I have definitely improved my craft. I have learned to take my time and use a ruler. I have received many complements on my art recently because it’s efficiently "balanced". Personally I hate having little to no background in my art. I love to display intricate designs to keep the art busy. At the same time I leave some negative space so it isn’t overwhelming for my audience but intriguing. This year I stepped outside my comfort zone a lot more, experimenting with new art styles, medias and techniques.  During the process of the senior show I learned a lot more about exhibitions as well and was able to test my exhibition skills.

Struggle for an artist is when you forget your reason for wanting to draw. It’s when you have no incentive for wanting to draw. This is a struggle for me as an artist because when I lose track of my goal for wanting to draw, I begin to harshly criticize my art, and feel like I’m terrible at drawing and I won’t make it to my dream goal in the future. When I draw just because I feel like it, I never finish it because I feel like it’s not worth it. After reminding yourself why you became an artist in the first place, your motivation and passion pushes you to draw work you’ll be proud of.

Dear George,

           You always just sat there on the corner. You never raised your hand and you avoided your classmates. I would always try to talk to you but you just brushed me off. I thought you were a big meanie for doing this but maybe you were just having a bad day. I’m sorry I thought you were a bad person even though I didn’t know you. It was mean of me for judging you. Good luck in your future George!