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wait is Hayley nominated for the people's choice awards?? where can i vote?

no she isn’t! but now they’re picking the nominees and if your fave isnt on the list you can add them. Im not sure how it works but i think if enough people write the same person they get either added to the list orr get nominated.

Here are the categories where i added hayley

If anyone else plans to add hayley pls hmu so we can agree to add the same song?

something that keeps bothering me is that when katy perry released i kissed a girl she became extremely popular, but hayley kiyoko releases songs about loving women as an actual wlw and she just kinda gains this very small (mainly wlw) following and idk i think it’s because people love to say they support wlw but at the end of the day, they would much rather hear a straight girl singing about kissing a girl than actual wlw


after all the hype for hayley kiyoko im left kinda dumbfounded at the fact that syd tha kyd doesnt have a wlw following yet. she’s lesbian and in pretty much all of her songs she sings about women. furthermore she’s just a masterful artist; her songs are smooth and sexy and full of feeling and can be likened to the sound of frank ocean’s channel orange. make syd that kyd a wlw icon 2k16

hayley kiyoko is such a fucking gift, ok? she tackled violence against trans women (it’s very triggering but holy shit she addresses it) in her new video, that she directed, while actually featuring a trans woman (erin armstrong) in it, who gets saved by a young black boy THE LITERAL HERO of the story and they end up becoming friends? it’s so stunning and i l o v e her she’s so inclusive and important and she’s truly a gift to our generation and i’m crying tears of happiness. ♡♡ our ultimate wlw icon.

citrine is so amazing because like…just hearing a woman sing about being attracted to other women and loving women so naturally is so important i’m emotional??? the songs are so catchy and GOOD and the lyrics are perfect and they’re making me feel so valid as a wlw i just love hayley kiyoko with my entire gay self