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I feel kind of bad about it but I don't like hayley kiyoko's music. Of course I like the lyrics but I just don't like the music its self. I've listened to a lot of her songs and I just can't make myself like it. I just wanted to say that to someone.

omg that’s okay! a lot of wlw (myself included) have latched onto her music bc it’s some of the only consistent, positive sapphic music out there, but it’s absolutely not a “requirement” for being sapphic. we all have different tastes in music.

something that keeps bothering me is that when katy perry released i kissed a girl she became extremely popular, but hayley kiyoko releases songs about loving women as an actual wlw and she just kinda gains this very small (mainly wlw) following and idk i think it’s because people love to say they support wlw but at the end of the day, they would much rather hear a straight girl singing about kissing a girl than actual wlw


after all the hype for hayley kiyoko im left kinda dumbfounded at the fact that syd tha kyd doesnt have a wlw following yet. she’s lesbian and in pretty much all of her songs she sings about women. furthermore she’s just a masterful artist; her songs are smooth and sexy and full of feeling and can be likened to the sound of frank ocean’s channel orange. make syd that kyd a wlw icon 2k16

hayley kiyoko is such a fucking gift, ok? she tackled violence against trans women (it’s very triggering but holy shit she addresses it) in her new video, that she directed, while actually featuring a trans woman (erin armstrong) in it, who gets saved by a young black boy THE LITERAL HERO of the story and they end up becoming friends? it’s so stunning and i l o v e her she’s so inclusive and important and she’s truly a gift to our generation and i’m crying tears of happiness. ♡♡ our ultimate wlw icon.