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It feels like I only go backwards, baby

Every part of me says go ahead

I got my hopes up again, no no, not if it

Feels like we only go backwards darling

I know that you think you sound silly when you call my name

But I hear it inside my head all day

Then I realize I’m just holding on to the hope that maybe your feelings don’t show

Sea of all this indecision isn’t me, oh no

Cause I decided long ago if that’s the way it seems to go

We draw us apart to get to something real, it feels

Inspired by Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen and Jon Brion, Hayley Coupon is a self-taught New York-based vocalist and pianist. Last year, she recorded and released a demo which got such an overwhelmingly positive response across the blogosphere and across industry circles. Six months after the recording of the demo, Coupon began to release her debut full-length effort, Remembrance followed by a string of successful New York area shows. 

The material on the album has been described as sparsely orchestra, nostalgic and grounded in Coupon’s piano and expressive vocals while incorporating the fiddle, Mellotron and other instrumentation. 

Coupon’s latest single is a stripped down, almost old time, slow-burning blues cover of Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards." 

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Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Cover) | Hayley Coupon