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I just thought of a Camp Camp Time Travel AU where, somehow, Max ends up at Camp Camp back when David was a camper. 

At first, Max is obviously annoyed because it’s David but smaller and everyone else actually seems to be enjoying the shitty camp, but then he sees Jasper, who doesn’t look any different than he did when Max met him in the future and….things begin to click. Things he doesn’t like to think about.

Of course, David and Jasper think he’s just another camper and want to be his friend and Max is just kinda like ‘Fuck, no, I didn’t sign up for this Final Destination bullshit.’ But he’s there, so he might as well stay with people he knows until he’s back in his own time.

//highly requested: Part two to the Kol breakup. //tagged list: @thegingerthatwaited //

//warnings: swearing. near smut, not all the way. HELLA long. if you want happy, don’t go after the big warning sign //

Part One

Las Vegas was always fun, carefree fun that helped when things back home got intense. I had decided to spend a few weeks there every once in a while to escape the constant epicness of Mystic Falls. As fun as fighting the bad guys was, a girl needed a break. Plus, Vegas was constantly an all you could eat buffet. There were a lot of men out there that came out looking like a full course meal. Some actually became the meal.

Often times, I brought someone with me either for damage control or a partner in crime. Sometimes Caroline or Elena, sometimes Bonnie or Enzo, and even Damon a few times. Once I brought Stefan and it was… Well it was definitely memorable but not something I would repeat in this century, considering he’s banned from many casinos and an Applebee’s…

But this time, I decided to travel alone. Everyone was thriving in their own lives, I didn’t want to interrupt. Caroline and Stefan were living happily ever after as a married couple. Damon was reunited with Elena. Bonnie and Enzo were travelling Europe. Hayley was watching over Hope. The Mikaelsons were living their lives on their own for the first time in centuries.

They were well from the letters and phone calls I often received. Rebekah was happy in New York with Marcel. Elijah was living it up in France. Long lost Freya had come into their lives and was with a beautiful werewolf girl named Keelin. Klaus was here and there, not settling down anywhere yet. And as for Kol, well last I heard he was in San Francisco with Davina and on his way to being married. Good for him.

I no longer despised Kol. I did not feel the way I used to about him, but I did miss him. He was a huge part of my life and suddenly he was gone but I knew that a part of me would always belong to him, always want to be with him. I did not forgive him for attempting to compel me simply for the fact that he broke his word. He swore to never compel me, and yet he stood before me with the audacity to try it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to forgive him let alone love him again, but I wished him well. I didn’t have it in me to wish harm on anyone except my enemies. And while Kol pissed me off and hurt me, he was not my enemy.

Luckily, my daylight necklace also served as a vervain container. I wore vervain not to protect myself from his compulsion, but from Klaus when I started wearing it. Yet Klaus never tried to compel me.

Everything reminded me of Kol. The white rose bushes reminded of the times he brought me those same flowers, just because he felt like it. The local baseball teams reminded of when Kol took me to the game on a date, how excited he was and the way he invested himself in every second. The people walking their dogs reminded me of the months I would beg Kol to buy me a dog and the day he came back with a dog instead of a carton of milk. Some of the men walking by smelled of his cologne, some wore his favorite color. The posters for the Spiderman: Homecoming film reminded me of the nights we spent watching every Marvel movie we could get.

I walked down the Strip, pushing my sunglasses up my nose and admiring the scenery as I spoke to Rebekah on the phone. Las Vegas was beautiful in its modern glory and I loved being there. It was brilliant in the day and even brighter at night. The walks in the day were my favorite. There was less people, less to be distracted by. I could walk without a care in the world.

“How is my dearest Y/N?” She asked cheerfully.

“I am fantastic.” I smiled. “Taking some time in Vegas.”

“Enjoying the dancers, I assume.” She teased.

“Well of course, Honey.” I laughed. “That’s one of the best parts of Vegas.”

“Who’s your companion this time around?”

“Flying solo, actually.”

“What about that boy you met, Parker? No wait, Pedro. No, Porter.”

“Peter.” I corrected. “But no, he would’ve been more a hindrance honestly.”

I had nearly walked past him, nearly made it by without speaking to him as I hoped it would’ve gone. He nearly didn’t recognize me, but once it clicked behind his eyes, he spoke on it. I had only registered him as an extremely handsome face and a lean body that I wouldn’t mind bring under or on top of. Never had I thought I’d see him here, on the streets of my favorite vacation spot. Just my luck.

“My apologies.” I said politely after I accidentally bumped into the handsome man. “Sorry, Bekah. Ran into someone, anyways-”

“Y/N?” He asked, causing every cell I’m my body to freeze. I slowly turned and saw him staring at me in disbelief… Oh no. “Y/N Y/L/N, is that you, Darling?” 

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Artemis Playlist

This is a playlist compiled of songs with titles that relate to Artemis, lyrics that relate to Artemis, or just give off Artemis vibes. It’s all based on my personal opinion so feel free to add/leave out songs as you see fit

Singles Ladies | Beyoncé
You’re Such A | Hailee Steinfeld
Salute | Little MIx
Duele | Bomba Estéreo
Congratulations | Dessa
NO | Meghan Trainor
The Schuyler Sisters | Renée Elise Goldsberry
Most Girls | Hailee Steinfeld
Girls Like Girls | Hayley Kiyoko
Crossfire | Stephen
Road Less Traveled | Lauren Alaina
Yellow Flicker Beat | Lorde
Girlfriend | Icona Pop
Run The World (Girls) | Beyoncé
Fancy | Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX
Ain’t It Fun | Paramore
Fight Song | Rachel Platten
Counting Stars | OneRepublic
Cosmic Love | Florence + The Machine
Did You Miss Me (I’m A Veronica) | The Veronicas
Team | Krewella
Me, Myself & I | G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha
Don’t Play | Halsey
Pretty Girl | Maggie Lindeman
Born This Way | Lady Gaga
That’s My Girl | Fifth Harmony
COPYCAT | Billie Eilish
Love Myself | Hailee Steinfeld
Confident | Demi Lovato
Wings | Little MIx
BO$$ | Fifth Harmony
Me Too | Meghan Trainor
Fuck You | Lily Allen

One time, Howard was experimenting with a so called “time machine” he was working on.  He called Peggy over to help him run diagnostics on it, and sent them both back a few centuries.  

Howard: “Well, that didn’t go as planned.  Although I must say, I do like the lower necklines here; better than the high collars you gals wear in the 1940′s.”

Peggy: “Howard, you better find a way to bring us back.  And keep your eyes on my face.  If i catch you looking down my dress again I will find the nearest blunt object and use it to knock that wig of your head.”


AU → With Elijah’s help, Rebekah and Marcel successfully evade Klaus’ wrath with Davina in tow. From then on out, they set off to live the lives of their dreams, but not without Klaus following closely on their heels. Along the way, Rebekah uses an elaborate system of couriers to deliver letters and pictures from her travels to Hayley.

I got the bars for obvious reasons, but also because being at Paramore concerts is the only place where I truly feel like I belong. I also feel so welcomed by the band and the parafam. I had Hayley write out Traveling Endlessly for me because Misguided Ghosts is the one song that has helped me through so many of my hardest moments. I’m so happy to finally have it permanently on my skin. Feels like it was meant to be on there :)