hayley's boyfriend

Do you imagine a 16 years old Hope having boyfriend and Klaus meeting him.
The boyfriend is Dean forester from gilmore girls.

I was so nervous, we were walking to a baseball match, I was going to present my boyfriend, Dean, to my whole family, the Mikaelson.
Dean is my bf and I want he to know that he needn’t to be scared of my family, okey he maybe need to be a little scared, but I don’t want to lie to my dad, or at least I don’t want to lie at my mom or my aunts.
We’re here, now it’s hard to breath, come on Hope breath…
“Ockey Hope we all know why we’re here, we had listened you talking with that guy, so which one is your Dean” my uncle Elijah, was smiling and I was surprised, like I have never thought about they being vampires and they listening me in my room.
Why I hadn’t thought about it? I mean I know them and it’s obvious they did it.
“My Dean is the one playing with the purple shirt, and the other one is Luke”
“Luke, like the Luke from Luke’s” Now my mom was talking.
“Yes, that Luke” everyone was talking even Kol, I mean he was talking about the match but he was saying something, but my dad wasn’t saying anything.
“Dad? Are you ockey? Are you mad? Maybe mad at me for having boyfriend? Or at him for being my boyfriend?” Now I was scared, he looked at me and he smiled, he wasn’t angry…
“How much have they been playing?” I smiled and when i was going to answer Kirk, the crazy men of the town, answers before me.
“They have been playing for a half an hour and are tied 0 to 0 “and suddenly shouts to them” hey if you ever go on tour I got a name 0 and 0, you catch it, Luke 0 and Dean 0 “” there is nothing Witty, “Luke says, fed up with him.
My father laughed, he was having a good time, and I could not be happier.
"How long are these games?” My aunt Rebekah asks “until they get tired, then the first team that makes a homerownd wins” I say smiling “Wow are true professionals” says Kol laughing.
The game continued until Dean saw me and approached for us to talk “hey” I love his voice “hello, Dean this is my dad, Klaus, and my family, the mikaelsons”
“Dean” says my father “a pleasure sir” my mother, my aunts and I go away to go for food but as I am a vampire I listen in the distance what they say.
“You will not get her on your bike and if you force her to do something she does not want, I  swear to God I’ll torture you and then I’ll kill you boy, but I promise you’ll have a hard time if I see her suffer for something you’ve done, believe me I’m holding back so I will not kill you for the kiss you gave to her.” Dean looked very afraid. “Yes… We know about the kiss, boy you have chosen to look at a girl whose family is full of vampires, witches and hybrids, and not some vampires and some hybrids, we are THE ORIGINALS”

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15 klaroline

Thanks for this one, Meg! This one was tricky to do, I wasn’t sure how to approach it, but here we have it ;) Hope you like it!

KC +  “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

There was music playing loudly around her, people were doing shots, dancing, making out in hidden corners. Everyone around her was completely trashed and she giggled at the sight of it. She could see them all perfectly from her place on the dining table where she was currently dancing.

She stumbled and almost lost her balance but one of the girls dancing next to her caught her. “You okay?” the girl asked before she continued dancing, never even waiting for Caroline to answer.

Was she okay? Probably, but the alcohol clouding her system made it hard for her to be certain. She threw her arms in the air and continued dancing. She was supposed to be fun. Dancing was fun, right?

She stilled when she saw a familiar face enter the room. She should have known she knew about this party. The dorms had been filled with flyers for days. Before she had the chance to turn around and hope he didn’t notice her, he walked over and grabbed her arm. 

“Caroline, you’re being ridiculous,” he hissed at her while he tried to remove her from the table.

“Let me go, Tyler,” she shot back, “You wouldn’t want Hayley to discover her boyfriend had two girlfriends.” She turned around, ready to get back into dancing but he tugged at her arm and she lost her balance, falling into his arms.

“Let me go!” she yelled while she struggled out of his grip. She couldn’t believe he was manhandling her like this.

“Not before we’ve talked about this,” Tyler insisted.

“You cheated. With me or on me. Honestly, I don’t really care which it was because it doesn’t change that you’re a cheater. So no. We don’t have anything to talk about.”

“Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not. You’ll see how ridiculous you’re acting when you’re sober.”

“I think the girl is being pretty clear that she doesn’t want to go anywhere with you,” she heard someone say from behind her. She nodded in agreement with the stranger.

“Nobody asked you,” Tyler said, pushing the stranger away, but he wasn’t budging.

Caroline quickly jumped out of his grasp and swayed over to the new guy. “I’m staying here,” Caroline insisted. “We’re done, Tyler.”

Tyler took a step forward, seeming ready to drag her with him once again but the stranger moved between them. “I wouldn’t if I were you,” he threatened. 

Tyler looked at her angrily one last time before he pushed the people behind him aside, making a beeline to the exit. Caroline let out a relieved sigh when she saw him leave. She couldn’t believe he had made a scene like that.

She turned back to the guy that came between them, “Thank you-”

“Klaus. And you’re Caroline?” he asked. At her nod, he continued, “Don’t worry about it. He shouldn’t have treated you like that.”

She finally had the chance to properly look at him. She groaned. “Of course he was hot, and he had an accent. So not fair.”

He chuckled at her and she looked embarrassed. “Please tell me I didn’t say that out loud!”

“You definitely did, but you’re quite a beautiful sight yourself,” he assured her. She could die from mortification. 

“Ugh- I need a drink,” she looked around for the liquor but Klaus stopped her.

“Maybe you’ve had enough?” he tried. Clearly, she wasn’t having a great night, but he doubted more alcohol would help at this point. Especially if she was alone.

“Look I appreciate what you just did, but I literally just found out that my boyfriend of two years had been cheating on me for at least half of that time. And I’m pretty sure I just failed my Econ midterm, so more alcohol? Sounds like the best idea I’ve heard all week.”

“Okay,” he allowed before he grabbed her purse. He had no place to tell the girl what to do, and he was certain she wouldn’t listen anyway. When she yelped, he showed that he was looking for her phone. He added his number to her contacts and showed it to her. “Continue drinking your sorrows away, but when you want to leave? You call me,” he instructed.

“And if I do?” she asked curiously.

“I’ll make sure you’re not leaving alone,” he promised, “Someone should make sure you get home safely, and I didn’t see any friends with you. Is that okay?”

She nodded at him. “Thank you,” she told him and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

He shivered at the contact with the blonde beauty and watched her go. He didn’t touch another drink the rest of the night, watching over the girl from afar. There was a sadness about her that drew her in, but he was pretty sure she was strong enough to overcome it. And if one night of mindless drinking was what she needed? He could at least make sure she would do so safely.


“So then I caught him with another girl in his room,” Caroline slurred, walking over the street with Klaus arms around her, keeping her upright. “I was mortified! And when she asked me what I was doing in her boyfriend’s room? I lied. I couldn’t let him h-h-hurt her like he had me.”

“You should still tell her,” Klaus said, having listened to her stories for the whole walk over. “He doesn’t deserve either of you.”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “But- but I loved him. And I wasn’t good enough, my love wasn’t good enough. That hurts!” 

A tear rolled over her cheek and Klaus turned her towards her, wiping the tear away. “You deserve better, Caroline. The pain you feel now? It won’t stay forever,” Klaus told her, cupping her cheek.

When she noticed him staring down at her, she felt a shiver run down her spine. He was just so- Before she could think, she jumped forward and pressed her mouth against his. He didn’t move his lips against hers, and she stepped back. “So you don’t like me?” Caroline said with a shiver in her voice.

“You’re drunk, love. Drunk and hurt. You’re not thinking clearly, but-” he stopped before her building, “If you are still interested in a few days? Well, you have my number.”

She nodded and moved in for a hug, “Thank you,” she whispered in the hollow of his neck.

“Drink some water, before you go to bed,” he instructed while she nodded. He watched her leave and turned around, walking back to his own place. When he reached his door, he quickly shot the blonde a text.

Sweet dreams, Caroline.

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the wlw experience playlist

so I know most sapphic playlists focus on actually being in relationships with girls but tbh that can get pretty tiring for single sapphics so here’s a sapphic playlist that just focuses on the sapphic experience in general (eg internalised lesbophobia, straight girl crushes and just general wlw things as well as wlw relationships) disclaimer: i am aware that some of these songs are covers, but this is usually because the original features a male vocalist, pronouns implying a non-sapphic relationship or something like that and I wanted to keep it as Gay as possible!!

better than love - hayley kiyoko
boyfriend - tegan and sara
cliffs edge - hayley kiyoko
closer - tegan and sara
dear happy - kaitlyn alexander and sharon belle drive - halsey
ease my mind - hayley kiyoko
enemy - the province
explosion - zolita
faint of heart - tegan and sara
fair love - kaitlyn alexander girls - beatrice eli
girls like girls - hayley kiyoko
gravel to tempo - hayley kiyoko
i’m not your hero - tegan and sara
only a girl - gia
pretty girl - hayley kiyoko
rebel girl - bikini kill
set me alight - kaitlyn alexander she - dodie clark so-called str8 grrl - gina young
stop desire - tegan and sara
strange love - halsey
stronger than you know - soles ft. kaitlyn alexander
take me to church - neon jungle
who wears the pants?? - soko


The trouble with being the youngest Mikaelson meant that you weren’t allowed to keep secrets. Not that your older sibling’s insistence, to tell them everything actually worked, your current rebellion was in play as you climbed from your bedroom, and dropped down onto the floor.


In a few seconds you were on the outskirts of New Orleans, a familiar presence skulking around in the shadows. When strong arms wrapped around your waist you smiled and lent your head against your boyfriend’s shoulder. Had Klaus or Elijah known about you having a boyfriend they would surely kill him, Klaus more so than Elijah who would probably attempt to address the ‘issue’ in a way that would protect you.

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Ok but Nicole probably came from a really stable nuclear family with like a mom and dad and 2 kids and like they’re really close and loving and Nicole probably calls them all at least once a week. She probably told her sister all about this really cute girl in this new town she’s working in and her pretty hair and her stupid boyfriend and “Hayley she’s like five inches shorter than me it’s adorable”

And when she tells Waverly about her family she’s just confused by the concept of a happy healthy family?? Her parents and one of her sisters are dead? She’s lived with her aunt and uncle and her only other sister was AWOL for a while? It’s such a huge contrast to what Waverly is used to she asks Nicole all these questions about her family, what they did together, what birthdays or holidays were like, etc.

After a couple dates Waverly finds out that Nicole told her parents about her and they already want to meet her because Waverly sounds so perfect and they’re definitely those enthusiastically over the top proud of their gay daughter parents. Her sister insists that Nicole has to bring Waverly with her next time she comes home.