hayley williams argentina


Hi babe :) Let me introduce myself first, i’m Agostina from Argentina and i’ve been a fan for a reallyyyyyyyy long time as you can see. Hereare some photos of all of these years and some bad blood makeup I did on myself <3 I’m finally going to see you for the VERY FIRST TIME this july 10th in New Jersey. I can’ tell you how sad it it was for all these years to see everyone getting a concert but us after hittinh 1 million likes in facebook and doing everything universal told us to, But what always made me happy, was seeying other fans meeting you. Almost felt like I was there everytime, almost everytime is people I don’t know, then some of my friends, and i can’t believe i’m so lucky I may have the chance now. There’s so many people i wish i could take with me cause they deserve to see you SO MUCH, but i know the time will come for everyone that deserves this. If it’s just the concert for me this time, my life will be almost made anyways, but I really hope you see this and i can give you the hug i been waiting to give to you everyday for the last 7 years of my life, And I also would love to give you the gifts all the swifties from argentina are working so hard on, and make them feel there. Why is this so important to me? let’s go back to the star. First time i heard one of your songs i though you were becoming ust another artist i’d admire but i never knew you’ll be on my mind everyday since that day. Never knew i would have so many amazing friends, memories, heart attacks lmao, fights to defend you, tears, smiles, Never knew i’d have so much HAPPINESS because of you. I never thought i’d feel like i have someone by my side who’s proud of me no matter what, never thought i’d learn how to love myself, never thought i’d feel part of something so special like being by your side is. Thank you from the botton of my heart for being there eveytime i was heartbroken, sad, happy, fangirling, laughing, being myself without regrets. Thank you for teaching me that what people say only makes you stronger and you don’t have to go down to their levels to prove them wrong. Thank you for made us feel like a part of your family, i never knew you and i feel your family more mine than my own. I hope you know that there is literally no one like you, that Andrea is the best mother in the whole wide world an angel sent from above, i cry just thinking of her because you are what you are thanks to your amazing parents. I got the permanent fearless mark on my skin and i that will be my biggest lesson til the day I die. There’s literally no way i’m not remembering you and everything you taugh me FOREVER, So, there’s nothing that warms my heart more than so many people tellng me how I deserve this and they want to see me next to you as much as they wish it happened to them. My 3 best friends actually said that’s it, she needs to see her, and even through they’re not fans they’re taking me all the way to NJ just to see my biggest dream come true. All of my friends want to help me as much as they can, and it breaks my heart bc i know they all deserve this, I can’t believe i’ts my turn after being in that place for so long, never felt more blessed. So i may not made it alive but i’m asking you to let me give you a hug, all of our gifts and all my love this july 10th. I know i’m heart i’m meeting you. And if it’s not my time, I promise you i will keep a smile on my face because you taugh me to never let anything make me bitter. And this doesn’t seem real, I feel like dreaming impossible things, Thank you for making me feel less alone than ever. Words can’t express my love for you and what i’d give to see you forever happy, But i know that we’ll be alright because you have us and we have you, We’ll make it alive everytime like it has always been. I can’t believe I can say this,but…: SEE YOU SOON. taylorswift