hayley williams and chad gilbert

I’m not going to say that I’m happy about Hayley and Chad’s break up, but I’m extremely happy that she can tell what’s better for her. But I’m also heartbroken because I know she put her whole heart in this relationship.

Despite all the drama that’s been going on, today’s not the day to blame Chad or mess with him at all. I think they both made the best decision for their own good, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for any of them.

It’s a really sad day. Please, be gentle and kind and supportive.

please do not harass Hayley or Chad. no one knows what happened between them and I’m sure it’s very difficult for both of them at the moment. especially Hayley. she’s been through a lot and right now what we should do is just send her so much love and support. I know Hayley is strong and she will get through this. just please, don’t make it anymore difficult on the both of them. edit: I also don’t want to see rumors or TAYLEY or any of that. just shut up and support Hayley through this. thank you, goodbye.