hayley sings


• Gay. The gayest to ever be gay in this gay world
• women of color !!
• Hayley’s voice is a goddamn angel call
• stretch marks !!!!
• fuckin aesthetic
• makes you wana cry and dance all at once
• bath water looks like tasty strawberry milk
• relatable as fuck


So one of my best friends and I (I’m the one singing) performed Paramore’s “The Only Exception” at a school thing today and I wanted to share the video with you guys. This was my first time singing in front of people so I was really nervous but hopefully you can’t tell. I’m not gonna ramble too much but anyways I hope y’all enjoy! 

sometimes I just stop and think about the fact that there are 3 books of rules of engagement, 2 books of lovehacks and most wanted book 2 never returned from war

you aren’t a true paramore fan unless you’ve practised your misery business routine for the magical day when it’s you that Hayley picks to sing on stage with her i’m sorry i don’t make the rules