hayley shepard

Headcanon Nº 1.

In which Kaidan is obsessed with Shepard’s hair.

The first thing Kaidan notices is Shepard’s chocolate brown hair. 

When they’re out on a mission together, he likes the way the wind plays with it, fiddling with the woman’s humour. He enjoys watching her tuck it behind her ear, annoyed, and the way her nose wrinkles makes him feel little butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

Sometimes, he ponders how it must feel like to touch those short wild locks, to caress her cheeks carefully as his lips brush her’s tentatively. But as soon as his mind comes up with that crazy thought, he brushes it away hastily, trying to focus himself on another thing at hand.

[Missing scene] -This is where things turn upside down and I do what I want can-

It is more than he ever thought it would be. Her hair is soft, but it also keeps that wild thing going on. (MAN, WRITING IS HARD I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN IT IN SPANISH) But he can’t stop wondering while she sleeps next to him, how she manages to keep it that way. 

The sweet scent of vanilla fill his nostrils, and slowly, he falls asleep with the woman he loves in his arms.

And so, everytime he can, he catches Shep’s wild locks between his fingers and does the thing she loves.

(idk man i just  slapped my face against the keyboard and this thing came out)

Headcanon Nº 2.

In which Shepard likes singing lullabies to Kaidan.

The first time Shepard tried to sing Kaidan to sleep, she cried. It had been more than ten years since she last sung somebody to sleep, and that part of her grief was still intact. It felt like it was just yesterday when she tucked her siblings to sleep, and kissed them goodnight.

Her mother used to sing it to her since she was a baby, and now humming the melody helped her sleep when her dreams were full of ghosts of the past, of those who weren’t with her anymore.

The more nights she spent with Kaidan, the more she wanted to sing to him.

Finally, the night after saving the Citadel, she managed to finish the song without a single tear. Kaidan succesfully falling asleep as it’s last words faded away.

And so, she kept on singing to him in the nights to come, until that fateful day when an enormous unidentified ship, wrecked the Normandy and the lives of all of the marines inside.

Kaidan was a ruin. He couldn’t sleep at night, for he missed the most important thing in his life, his soulmate.

I want to expand more the idea of Kaidan without Shepard. Those two years, but I think this is not the place for it. Maybe another time. Another post.

Anyway, this is my big headcanon.

And this is the song [x].