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See You Again ver. 1.5 | Kol Mikaelson

!!This has the same summary as the other but this is written on y/n pov instead of Kol’s!!

Pairings: Kol Mikaelson x Reader

Warning: none to extreme

>>> First version, Kol Mikaelson’s point of view


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2nd of August 1712

3 hours, 2 ales and 30 minutes since the peak of the moon yet my dearest Kol Mikaelson is still no where to be found. We were supposed to meet here and run away together to find a new life, turning me into a vampire once I’m 18. In my hands is the letter he sent me 2 moons ago.

31st of July 1712

My darling Lady y/n,

I am writing here to tell you that we are leaving as soon as I expected.

Meet me at the abandoned Parishton Well in the Northern Woods where we spent our first evening together. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives, for the rest of your soon-to-be eternal life.

I’ll be there my love,

I love you. You will always be my Always & Forever.

With our love,

Kol Mikaeson

I held my own hand and massaging the back of it in an attempt to calm my anxious nerves. After a few more minutes I fixed my Victorian hat and walked out of the North Woods. I told the horsemen to go and ride the carriage to the Mikaelson Castle

When I arrived there I asked, Maria, the castle servant whom I trust and questioned her on my beloved’s whereabouts. Sadly, Kol Mikaelson left the compound with another lady hand in hand. Oddly, she told me this in a monotonous tone as if she was…trained to tell me this. To caught up in my own sadness and pain I left the castle.

6th of August 1712

As I sealed the letter for my beloved with my signature wax seal I gave it to our royal messenger and told him to give this to Lord Kol Mikaelson. With that I waited patiently for the reply and told myself that maybe he was just late.

I went to the place where we were supposed to meet but like the nights before he was nowhere in sight. I took the rose on my hair and left it on the rock where I know he would pass and left. I decided to walk through the woods on my way home when I heard a man walking behind me but as I turn to look no one was there, I turned back to see Lord Lucien in front of me.

“My Lord.” I bowed graciously and when I saw him his eyes was red and veins where popping out of his eyes. A vampire.

Before I knew it I was knocked out and all I can feel is a euophoric venom and slight hunger passing through my body.


I woke up in a pool full of dead lifeless bodies, their bodies drained of blood. I looked at myself realizing that I was the one who did this. I hurriedly cleaned myself and tried wiping the stains in my dress and ran away. I left the village never looking back again

xxxxxxxxx CENTURIES LATER xxxxxxxxxx

I was looking at the sign ‘Welcome to the French Quarter’ my old hometown, the one I promised myself to never return but, I have a task in my hand. I vamp speed to the Mikaelson Compound and was happy when the threshold ring worked. Luckily, I met a witch named Emily Bennet and she managed to create a ring that allowed m to enter any home without being invited.

I went in and saw that Niklaus and Elijah was talking and I heard the name I’ve been avoiding to hear, Kol. They noticed my presence and them being shock was an understatement.

“How in the bloody hell din you get in here?” Niklaus boomed stalking towards me but I dodged him and twisted his arm.

“Well I have few tricks of my own Niklaus.” I said coldy and shoved him across the room landing and breaking his velvet sofa. I laughed but it sounded like a cold one.

“I finally found you, Mikaelsons. Thanks to you bastards for compelling Maria to lie to me, for hurting me and you being the cause of my child’s death.” I told them without a single emotion on my voice. Well, perks of having your emotions turned off with nothing but rage left, the only emotion I left myself to feel.

“Darling y/n, how did-” I cut him off,

“Find out? Well, at the age of 17 bloddy Lucien Castle turned me in to a vampire which resulted to my baby dying inside of me, well Kol and I’s baby. Consumed with grief I turned my emotions of 3 days later and found Maria a year later. I turned her in to vampire and she told me she was compelled by none other than Niklaus to tell me that Kol left with another lady,” I grabbed the leg of the broken chair, “And Elijah proceeded to dagger Kol.” I stalked towards them and saw them alarmed and laughed at them. I sat on the table and continued my story.

“After I got the information I took out Maria’s heart.” I told them nonchalantly

“Why?” Elijah asked, seeing as Niklaus was speechless

“I don’t know, I was bored and I didn’t care. So back to the story,” I drank the bourbon on the table. “I waited for years for Kol to wake up and when I saw him here in New Orleans I saw that he was back to his monstrous self and was again daggered as I was about to get him. Fast forward to now, he has a new lady by his arms. So iturned my emotions back off except for rage.” I took the opportunity to throw the stake at Niklaus’ stomach and snapped his necked and throwed the other stake to Elijah.

“For causing the life of my baby.” I looked him in the eyes and snapped his neck.

“What in the bloody hell is going on?” Ah. that voice I raised my head and smiled at my ex lover, Kol Mikaelson.

He looked dashing as ever if my emotions was one I’m pretty sure I’d fall all over again. After a thousand years later, he still looked like the man I first loved. Now, he is nothing but the enemy.

“y/n?” I vamp speed to him letting the spell of bourbon and aftershave consume me.

“Hello my darling.” I snapped his neck and smiled sweetly. My plan is now in motion.




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