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MCU Ladies Week: Day 1 - Favorite Character

Agent Peggy Carter

“You think you know me, but I’ve never been more than what each of you has created.”

It’s a fact: Peggy Carter is my favorite MCU Lady, and my second favorite MCU character (first one being Matt Murdock, this asshole will end me) . And not only because of my huge crush on Hayley Atwell and my love for the whole 50s atmosphere of the show. No, Peggy is much more than a pretty face, perfect make up, and beautiful outfits. And that’s what the character is all about, isn’t it? She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face.

There are so many reasons why I love this character, I’m afraid this might be a bit long.

We saw, last episode, that when she was a kid, her mum told her that one day she would have to start behaving like a lady, and there she is, in her fancy clothes, perfect hair, beautiful make up and her flawless British manners, smashing some sexist dude’s head with a stapler and messily eating donuts. She is fearless, badass, strong and independent and most importantly, that does not stop her from being feminine.

Peggy lives in a society that tried to change her because she did not fit into their stereotypes, which is something I’ve been subjected to. People tried to change me, make me more feminine, weaker, more available and naive towards men. I identify to Peggy’s strength of character. People tried to changed her, and managed to do so for a bit, but she’s too stubborn and someday, she broke free, and decided “I know my value anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”, which is exactly what I did, what I am still trying to do. And showing people that they do not have to fit into society’s stereotypes to be awesome is so important.

Peggy is a role model, my role model. She does not let people bring her down and was not afraid to abandon a life society wanted for her to get the one she wanted, the one she was meant for. She is strong, but she feels. She feels so much. She acts detached but she loves her friends and is extremely loyal. She loved Steve with all her heart, and he died, well she thinks he did. And yet, that didn’t stop her from moving on. She was not the weeping widow at the man’s grave, no. She stood tall, cried when she had to, but decided to do what Steve would have wanted: fight for what was right.

I’ve probably forgotten so many things, the way Hydra waited for years to show their noses again because they were too scared of Agent Carter, the way she’s not afraid of telling her friends what she thinks of them, she is extremely smart, brilliant, funny, witty, fierce, she is Agent Carter.

(And if ANYONE tells me she was only interested in Steve because of his muscles I SWEAR TO GOD…)