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Reader x Father!Klaus

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You slowly trudged up the drive, boots unlaced, shoulder bag heavy with spell books and exotic spell ingredient. You didn’t want to be back here, but Kol and Davina were heading somewhere dangerous and until they knew it was safe they didn’t want you to go.

Just a week you told yourself, a week and Stefan would come to get you. You’d met the Salvatore’s in Italy, Damon had taught you the language fluently while Stefan taught you to dance and showed you around the old buildings when Davina and Kol were busy.

“Well look who’s here.” Klaus hummed as soon as you walked in.

“Where’s Rebekah?” You asked as he leant against the wall.

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“I didn’t want this fight coming back to you,” Neil said.
“Too late for that now. But whatever,” Allison said. She was going for lofty, but Neil could see the anger in every tense line of her when she surveyed her car again. “They want to break my toy? So what? I’ll buy another one. Maybe I’ll buy two. Fuck them if they think this will hurt me.”

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dine and dash (stefan salvatore ft klaus mikaelson, part ii)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for a while in high school, but like most high school relationships, college got in the way. You wanted to move away and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Boston and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s the first time you two are seeing each other since the break up. That’s not the case with some of your other friends, however.

Pairing: Stefan x Reader, Klaus x Reader, Matt x Rebekah, Kol x Bonnie, Damon x Elena, Caroline x Enzo, Elijah x Hayley (not mentioned in this chapter)

Warnings: SMUT, dom!Klaus, visual smut, fingering, cursing

A/N: HI!!!!  okay so just a heads-up that the italics are a flashback and purely smut. I thought I wanted the reader to end up with Stefan in this, but idk anymore. I will say, however, that you will see smut from both Nik and Stefan in this fic. Some flashbacks and some current. please let me know what you think!! (gifs aren’t mine!!)


As soon as Stefan walks away, you shake your head and pour yourself a glass of bourbon. You swirl the glass around, staring at it until you hear Elena and Caroline’s voices. You turn to face them, raising a glass as Caroline places her hands on her hips.

“Y/N! The clipboard,” she huffs, walking over to you with said clipboard in hand. “I’ve made hotel arrangements, I just need you to pick who you’ll be sharing a room with.”

“Let me guess, you’ve made me a list of all possible roommates, huh?” You grab the clipboard and Caroline nods, smiling.

“Ah, good,” you hear a deep British voice and look up to see Enzo walking over to you two. “Now that you’re here, Y/N, my girlfriend and I can spend sometime alone.”

“Hey to you too, ass,” you narrow your eyes at him as he smiles and wraps his arms tightly around you.

“You know I’m happy you’re here. And not just because Caroline can take a break now,” he pulls away and winks at you, intertwining his fingers with Care’s.

“Yeah, yeah. You two deserve some alone time. Caroline, go. I’ll figure things out here, I promise. Besides, I’m sure you’ve sent me at least a dozen emails containing proper instructions.” To prove your point and insure that Caroline doesn’t protest, you pull out your phone and show Caroline all 15 emails that you’d received in regards to the wedding.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Caroline sighs, shaking her head and smiling at you and Enzo. “I know you just got here, and I’m sorry. Thank you for doing this. I owe you!”

“Just remind me not to hire you as my wedding planner if the time ever rolls around,” you chuckle and push Caroline and Enzo away from the bar.

“I will be your wedding planner and you will get married and–oof okay fine we’re leaving!” She pulled Enzo into a bedroom and you smile, looking at the clipboard.

“Y/N!” Of course before you can get any work done, you’re already smothered in a hug by the one and only Damon Salvatore.

“Damon!” You try to move your arms so he could hug you, but he’s got a bone-crushing grip on you. “Please I am human do not break me.”

“Oh, crap! Sorry!” He quickly lets you go and you take a deep breath, pressing your hands against your ribs. “I’m just excited to see you! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay, don’t worry,” you groan and stretch, cracking your neck as Damon gives you a wierd look. “Stop that, my neck was in a wierd position for like three hours! Airplane seats aren’t as comfy as you think.”

“How’s Massachusetts treating you?” You two start walking back to the bar and Damon wraps an arm around your shoulder.

“Undergrad was fun, more than one would think. Law School wasn’t bad either, to be honest. I finished the program a few months ago. How’ve things been here?” You grab your bourbon as Damon reaches around the bar to pour himself a glass.

“It’s been wierd. I’ve been alive for over a century, but I finally feel at home here and now,” he looks towards the living room and you follow his gaze: all your friends laughing and teasing one another while planning on of your weddings.

“I’ve missed this,” you whisper, eyes resting on Stefan’s figure for a second longer than necessary all the while hoping that Damon wouldn’t notice.

“What was that?” Damon, of course noticed.

“That was nostalgia, Damon. Hopefully the last of it,” you down your bourbon and look at the clipboard in your hand. “I’ve got a wedding to plan, so please–”

“Y/N!!!” You hear a pair of voices call out your name, music to your ears.

“Matt, Beks!!!!” You hold your arms out for your favorite couple, missing them more than you’d care to admit.

“We’ve missed you so much,” Matt, of course, wraps his arms around you first, squeezing you and kissing your head.

“We really have, things haven’t been the same,” Rebekah places her head against your chest as you wrap your arms around her shoulders.

“Aw I’ve missed you too, babies,” you kiss Rebekah’s head and Matt smiles at the two of you.

“My two favorite ladies! I’m so–”

“Excuse me, Donovan?” A very threatening whispers comes from behind Matt and you recognize the voice as the bride’s.

“Not including you, of course, Bon! Come on!” Matt stuttered as he tried to clear himself out of the hole he’d just dug. Meanwhile, Rebekah lets you go and you meet Bonnie’s eyes.

“Come on, he hasn’t seen me in years. I think it’s okay if he likes me a little more,” you laugh as Bonnie glares at you. “COME HERE!”

You and Bonnie quickly wrap your arms around one another, squeezing each other and whispering thank and ‘i love you’s.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married!” You squeal as Bonnie laughs, holding her hand out to show you the ring.

“Yeah, well, Kol is very–”

“Sexy? Handsome? Good at making love?” Kol steps in next to Bonnie, a cocky smirk on his face.

“I was actually gonna go with persistent, but sure baby,” Bonnie boops his nose. “Whatever makes you happy.”

You laugh and Kol hugs you from the side, pouting at Bonnie as she shakes her head, smiling.

“Bonnie’s being mean to me,” he sticks his tongue out at her and you shake your head.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea for you to get married to him, Bonnie? Child marriages are a terrible idea,” you whisper loudly, hand covering the side of your face that Kol could see. Everyone erupts in laughter and Kol groans.

“I forgot you two were best friends! You’re supposed to be on my side,” Kol gently nudges your shoulder and you smile up at him.

“I’ll always be on your side, loser. I’m glad you two are getting married!” You squeal and give him a tight hug, pulling away to smile at him and Bonnie. “So happy for you two!”

“We’re so glad you’re here,” Kol smiles at you and walks over to Bonnie, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing her temple.

“I’m happy to be here. Now, you two have a cake testing in half an hour and I have to look over hotel arrangements and say hi to all the other losers,” you rub Bonnie’s shoulder as she smiles up at Kol. “Also, there’s no way you two lovebirds are going there alone. We’re on a tight schedule.”

“Y/N, we’ll be fine! We’re not teenagers, come on!”

“Sure you’re not, Kol. Tell your hormones that,” you brush him off and look around for a responsible adult. “Elijah! Stefan! Stefan’s girlfriend! Gather round.”

All three of them walk over to you with tired expressions, not that you care exactly.

“Alright, Bonnie and Kol have to go taste testing, but I don’t trust them alone simply because we’ve got a tight schedule that we have to follow if we want me to live. That being said, I need you three,” you point at Elijah, Stefan, and Stefan’s girlfriend individually. “I need you three to chaperone. Got it?”

“Um, sure. Who are you?” Stefan’s girlfriend speaks up and you turn to look at her.

“Your worst nightmare if anything goes wrong today. Your regular nightmare if you don’t fuck things up. Call me Y/N,” you give her a sweet smile as Damon, Matt, and Rebekah try not to laugh. “Now off you go, everyone!”

You shoo them away, Stefan’s face hardened after your interaction with his girlfriend.

“God, I’m so fucking glad you’re back,” Damon laughs as Matt and Rebekah agree .

“Matt, Beks, I need you to pick up Hayley and Hope, Marcel, Cami, Freya, and Davina from the airport.They should all arrive within 15/20 minutes of one another. The first one lands in half an hour, so get going!” You hand them a sheet with all arrival times, terminal and gate numbers, and hotel arrangements if needed.

“Perfect. See you guys!”  Bekah and Matt grab everything and head out.

“So, anything for me to do?” Damon asks and you look at the crowd, only to find Kai and Alaric arguing rather animatedly about party treats while Elena tried to stop them.

“Yeah, you keep an eye on them. Make sure the idea for the party treats is figured out by tonight. We need decorations ready tonight, too. The color theme is yellow and egghsell white with hints of light green so please get me something by tonight,” you give Damon a look and he nods, finishing up his bourbon.

“One daddy coming right up,” he smirks and walks over to the group as you groan.

You place the clipboard on the bar and eye it, taking a look at everything that needed to be done tonight. Then taking a look at everyone’s hotel arrangements, the times, the baggage. You pour yourself another drink, hoping the jetlag doesn’t catch up with you.

“Need some help, love?” Klaus asks, sitting on the stool next to yours.

“I just need to relax, but I know that I can’t with this wedding coming up,” you swirl your cup and look over to Klaus.

“I can definitely help with that,” he whispers, letting his eyes rest on your lips, and you shake your head, trying not to think of that night.

“Klaus, come on,” you chuckle and look back at the clipboard, hoping he leaves it alone.

“I’m just trying to help, love,” he whispers, his fingers tilting your head to face him.

“Help me some other time,” you bring your lips closer to his and press them against the side of his mouth. He still for a moment as you turn back to the clipboard, trying your hardest not to think of that one night in particular with Klaus.

You’d spent plenty nights with him before. He was one of the few people from back home that you’d actively try to see, the only one who could take your mind off things. This time was different though, this time, he reached out to you. He wanted to see you, wanted you to help him forget. He said he’d surprise you one of these days.

Normally with you two, everything happened fast. A rush of teeth against flesh, nails raking down one another’s sides and back, a primal need to have the other succumb to your will.

That time in particular, Klaus tied you up. You two had never done this before, but you always wanted to try it with him.

“Does my baby girl have some rope?” Klaus cupped your face, gently tilting your head up.

“Y-yes, she does, sir,” you whispered and turned away, grabbing some rope from your closet.

“Good girl,” he whispered, brushing his nose against yours. “Now Sir needs you to strip yourself of everything but your panties and spread out on the bed, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” you turned away, blushing wildly as you obliged. You spread yourself out on the bed and his eyes ravaged you before the rest of him could. You shifted under his gaze, more aroused and more insecure by the second.

“Nuh-uh, love,” he tsked, shaking his head at you as he walked closer and removed his tie. “Sir loves looking at you. He loves seeing a slight tremor pass through you every time I rake my eyes up and down your beautiful body. He loves seeing your nipples perk up the longer they’re left unattended. He loves that beautiful pussy of yours, god that is breathtaking.”

You whimpered as Klaus stopped at the edge of the bed, lowering himself so that his nose was barely brushing against your clothed slit. You begin to move and before you can do so, Klaus raised his eyebrows at you and you stop immediately.

“If baby girl wants my mouth on her, she has to play by Sir’s rules. Okay?” He whispered, gently placing a finger against your panty-covered opening.

“Oh, y-yes si-sir,” you groaned softly and bit your lip as Klaus teased you.

“There’s my good girl,” he whispered, his tone huskier now as his eyes flash golden. “Sir is going to tie up your wrists, okay? The safeword will be watermelon.”

“Yes, sir,” you nodded, eager to have Klaus’s hands all over you. You’d thought about this for a while now.

“Hold your wrists out for Sir,” Klaus climbed on top of the bed and straddled your waist while you lifted your arms to him. He smiled and wrapped the rope around your wrists, eyes growing hungrier by the second. His eyes trailed up and down your body, clearly loving how you looked tied up. The longer he went without touching you, the more impatient you became.

“Are you going to touch me or are you just going to keep staring at me, huh?” Before you could think, the words spilled out of your mouth and you could feel the air around you still. You could feel the change in Klaus’s demeanor. He was never going to touch you now.

“What is one thing that Sir asks of you, the only thing that I ask of you?” He growled out, removing himself from on top of you.

“S-sir asks me to be patient and not speak until spoken to,” you whimpered and looked down, ashamed that you’d broken his one rule.

“And yet you do the exact opposite,” he glared at you, sitting at the edge of your bed and pulling you up towards him. “How many times do you think Sir should spank you for disobeying him?”

“F-five?” You whispered, still unable to look at him. You’d never gotten spanked more than five times.

“Wrong answer. I was thinking more along the lines of 10,” he breathed against your lips as you gasped, finally meeting his gaze. “I want you to count each one, okay?”

“Y-yes,” you couldn’t look up at him, you could barely speak without your voice breaking.

Klaus pulled you over his lap, gently rubbing your panty-covered ass.

“Sir really likes these panties,” he pressed his lips against your back before speaking again. “He would’ve loved to rip these off with his mouth.”

You wanted to beg him to touch you, to bite you, but you knew that would only make this situation worse. So you stayed quiet as Klaus continued to press soft kisses along your backside, once on each cheek and then moving lower.

“Sir loves your filthy little pussy, you know that?” His lips brushed against your lower set and you couldn’t help but whimper at even the slightest touch.

“You’ve been a bad girl. Sir won’t eat you out yet,” he nuzzled his cheek against your ass as his fingers made their way up your thighs and to your panties. “His fingers, however, will give you a wild orgasm. You’ll feel each slap even more after I finger-fuck your wet pussy.”

You couldn’t help but to groan at his words and at his hands. His fingers stayed outside your panties but the fabric somehow added friction with each touch. He held your hip with one hand while the other teased you. He pressed one slender finger against where he knew was your eager opening. You moaned loudly and he did it again, this time pushing the finger and the cloth deeper in you.

“Who knew having your panties on made you even more vulnerable?” Klaus growled as he used his thumb to tease your swollen clit. He leaned down to lick a small strip over your panties, from your opening to your clit. That way, the cloth was more flexible. He bent both it and me to his will. His thumb worked tirelessly against my clit as he brought forth another finger and quickly rammed it against my panties, the thickness of his fingers wrapped inside the cloth made me shake.

“Oh, that’s it. You’re getting closer, aren’t you?” He bit your thigh, careful not to sink his teeth into you.

His fingers swiftly removed the cloth and found their places against your pussy. His thumb was pressed against your clit, not moving and not letting you move. Meanwhile, his fingers quickly rammed in and out of you, your walls clenching around them as he grew merciless. You screamed his name, barely yelling out a warning as you came all over his fingers and your panties. He chuckled lowly, wiping his fingers against your panties and pulling them back up against you.

Before you can come down from your high, you feel Klaus’s palm make contact with your ass. Over and over and over. 10 times over to be exact. You knew because you counted. You knew because Klaus apologized and made you cum 10 times after that to prove his guilt. You, of course, didn’t mind the spanking, but you wouldn’t tell him that for a while.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N?” A hand waving in front of your face pulls you out of your rather embarrassing thoughts.

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“Yes?” You clear your throat and turn to face Jeremy, completely ignoring Klaus’s rugged smirk to your side.

“First of all, I’m so fucking glad you’re back. These people are all crazy,” he pulls you into a hug and you laugh, realizing how much you’d miss this annoying kid.

“Second of all,” he pulls away and smiles widely at you. “Kai and I don’t know who we’re rooming with. I don’t think anyone else does either.”

“Oh, right. Well,” you clear your throat and grab the clipboard, flipping through the pages until you find one titled hotel arrangements. “It says here that are couples are rooming together; Bonnie and Kol will be staying in separate, larger suites; everyone else will get paired off and one lucky trio will get a larger room but will have to band together.”

Everyone nodded, seeing as it made sense thanks to Caroline.

“Now let’s see. It says here that the Saltzmans are all in one huge room. Elijah, Hayley, and Hope are in one room. Matt and Beks, Davina and Cami, Stefan and Ivy? So that’s her name, hm,” you shrug and continue reading the list to those present. “Damon and Elena. Caroline and Enzo. Tyler and Liv. Freya and Luke. Kai, Marcel, and Jeremy. And that leaves me with Klaus. Any questions?”

You look up to see the others have poured in as well: cake testing is over and Matt and Beks are back from the airport with all the folks.

“Yes,” Kai pipes up, looking rather concerned. “Does that trio room have three beds because I refuse to share one with dirty Jeremy over here.”

“No, Kai. You all have share one King bed. We’re making a porno,” you shake your head and Kai’s eyes grow wide. “I’m kidding Kai. Three separate Queen beds for three sassy queens. Any other questions?”

“Yes, why are you sharing a room with Klaus?” Stefan’s eyes meet yours and you do all you can not to walk over there and punch him.

“I didn’t want to be part of a lucky trio and Klaus is one of my best friends. Now, any questions that concern you?” You roll your eyes at him and Stefan shakes his head.

“Yes,” Ivy pipes up and by now you’re fuming. “Who are you, seriously?”

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you  (Part 1)

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Ok Guys @bonniebird might have told you , but i am continuing the ‘Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin ‘ imagines . The gif does not belong to me .written because original owner said they were sadly not going to continue and that was a hell no to me .So here is a different version of her imagines 

Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus (barely)

“There you are darling,” said Uncle Kol finding you alone in the living room. You turn your head away from your coloring book to face him. 

“Hi uncle Kol, “ you frown up at him , smirking he  comes down to your level .

“Why are you sad ?” He asks . You look down to the floor , and pointed toward the outside garden , where everyone was cooing and  fighting over Hope attention . Kol couldn’t but be angry at how easily you were forgotten you were by his brother and sister’s , Like he was when he was your age when he was young . 

“Hey why don’t we go to the Cauldron to visit Aunty Davina then later the batting cages ” He says , making  your pop your head up with a shining grin on your face . “Quickly go get dressed,” He watches as you run as fast as you can to your room .


It was late when Kol and You had returned from the Cauldron and the batting cages. Within the five minutes of the car drive home you were deep asleep snoring .The entire house didn’t move an inch as they saw Kol carry you in . But if it was Hope they would of yelled . 

“Aaahh their he is the daughter thief. Come to return to the crime , “ Kol huffs at Klaus’s words . “You know it’s not stealing since she wanted to come with me ,” Klaus was about to retort if Kol hadn’t vamp sped  you to bed. 

But not before changing you . “So you think my daughter prefers you over me ,” Klaus growls , as he slams Kol into a wall with his hand on the wall. 

“It’s not exactly a secret is it that she constantly feels left you. And you all  just push her away like she is nothing  because she is human. Yet you —” Everyone watched as Klaus snaps Kol’s neck leaving him dead on the floor. 

No one dared to touch Kol’s body as Klaus storms out of the house.


The entire house jumped out of their seat’s as Hope had woken up the next morning. While Klaus , Elijah , and Rebekah check on Hope. Hayley prepares her food downstairs. Not even thinking of you , leaving Kol to make sure your okay.

When he reached your room he found you on your floor reading. “Good Morning Darling ,” He smirks as you walk up to hug him. “Good Morning Uncle Kol. How are you ?” 

“Perfectly fine darling , but how long have you been awake ,” He says as you two walk to your bed. “Oh about an hour ,” He wanted to question more about it , when Elijah called him for some important matters. 

By the time he came back to your room you weren’t there. He wen’t down stairs to ask him family only to see their only attention is on Hope not even noticing how you aren’t in the house.

After two searches around the house he decides to look around the  French Quarter , when he couldn’t find you their he went to Cauldron , then soon after all off New Orleans. 

Once he returned home he still saw every one was cooing over Hope . “ENOUGH I AM DONE KEEPING QUIET,” screams kol while throwing a vase, making every one look at him as Hope whimpers and curls up to Hayley making everyone angry.

“OH NOW I AM THE BAD GUY, FOR MAKING POOR HOPE WHIMPER. THEN WHAT ABOUT YOU LOT WHO HAVE  HAVE YET TO SEEM TO NOTICE THAT (Y/N) IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN ,”He yells , as Klaus vamp speeds in front of him , making Hayley and Hope Leave the room.



“Do not dare you think i do not care for my daughter’s ,when you can’t even have one , And as for (Y/N) she is –”

“Not Here,” said Elijah .


Tears stained your face as the blood stained knife comes closer to your face. “No! No! Please stop,” you scream as the man walks closer to you . he was about to stab you when his heart and head is ripped off.

You never been so happy to him in your life, than at this moment . Thou you two have always seen each other you , Never would of thought he would be able to make . You limp into your Uncle’s open embrace . As Klaus enters the room with Haley right behind him. 

“It’s okay now Love  , it’s all over now “ he says “I am sorry  I couldn’t have gotten here sooner , “ he continues on trying to calm your tears and hiccups to the point where your just sniffling . He picks you up and tries to give you to Hayley , but you scream and cry  , making Kol back away with you in hand , but when he tries Klaus Scream to the point where Kol can here his ears ringing. 

He knew it was pointless on trying to convince you to go to your parent’s to he just carried you out , since during your captivity your left leg was messed up . No one said  anything on the way home . 


“She didn’t even want to come close to us ,”Hayley said , as tears threatened to come out of her eyes while plopping down onto the couch. “She didn’t want to come near her mother ,” tears ran down her cheeks. 

“And I didn’t even notice my child was gone until someone else told me . It  wasn’t even like she was gone for a few minutes she was gone for over six hours. “ by now she was sobbing into Elijah , as Klaus over hears the conversation from his room.

“Was I such a horrible father  to them, both “ Klaus watches as his one night stand and brother try to comfort each other, while he watches Hope sleep. ” She hates me .“ he whispers to no one in particular, but hears his words .

"She doesn’t hate you Nik she–”“

"Just doesn’t want me to near her in her time of need , but hope would of ran straight into my arms. "He says, while running his fingers through her hair as Kol walks into the room . "That’s the problem brother you keep complaining that (Y/N) isn’t like Hope , and you keep pushing her away . eventually she will not want to think about that ,” Kol says then left Klaus so he can be alone 


If you’re not crying it’s okay because I’m pretty sure I’m crying enough for all of us.

Did anyone catch the kind of parallel when Klaus was talking to Marcel and he said it was good to see him one last time? Because Stefan said that to Elena in 8x16. I’m pretty sure there was another kind of parallel that I forgot about.

All the siblings had to get away from each other and they all split up to different places. Elijah asked Marcel to compel him to forget the vow of Always & Forever and the pain that came with it. 

Haylijah was not saved.

Hope however, was saved.

Elijah went to France and is playing the piano. Klaus paid him a visit and it hurt so much because Elijah didn’t know who he was.

Rebekah went to New York and her and Marcel are back together heyyy.

Kol is in San Francisco and is getting a ring ready for Davina!!! Honestly, I kind of doubted that he would come and help his family because he betrayed them like two weeks ago but he came through!

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley Marshall went to Mystic Falls and that was the first step to breaking me. (What ultimately broke me was Klaus paying Elijah a visit). Ric was there and Hope is at the school that he and Caroline built. I was really hoping to see Care there but Alaric talking to Hayley was good:) It made me so happy to see what the both of them had made. The school is beautiful.

If I’m being honest, it really felt like the last episode ever and I’m glad it’s not. I have no idea what I’m going to do on Fridays now. (Probably re watch it on Netflix - let’s be real)

Love you all! Don’t forget to vote on the TCA!

Always and Forever <3

Uncomfortable Encounter

Pairing: Klaus x Reader x Kol

Warnings: None

Word Count: short and sweet, 737

The feeling you’ve felt these past few weeks is content. There hasn’t been any ridiculous, life threatening drama happening. Just peace within New Orleans and especially within your relationship with Kol.

As much as the Mikaelson compound made you feel like royalty, you and Kol made the decision to get your own place down the street, just because the privacy of being in your own space was absolute tranquility. Of course, you visited the compound on a regular basis as you love the family that you’re a part of.

Today, you were in the mood to spend the day with Hope by taking her around New Orleans. Hayley was more than happy to allow Hope to be spoiled today by her Uncle Kol and future Auntie-In-Law, Y/N.

Kol was out somewhere so he said he’d meet you at the compound as soon as he can. Walking through those gates alone, Klaus was the first one you saw hanging around by himself.

“Hey Klaus.” You greeted.

“Y/N. What a pleasure. You’re here to take my daughter I see.” Klaus grinned, then turned his view to face you.

“Yup.” You popped your lips, taking a seat on the chair before you.

“Care for a drink?” The original hybrid asked while pouring himself a glass of bourbon, only filling the glass ¼ of the way.

“No I’m good. I’m spending the day with a child remember. A child that is, I don’t know, yours?” You chuckled and Klaus mirrored, then he took a seat beside you.

“Good choice. Well speaking of my daughter, she’ll be down in just a minute. Haley is getting her dressed and perfecting her hair.” Klaus couldn’t stop himself from giving you an elevator look and you breathed deeply from the awkwardness you felt. You were slightly getting uncomfortable because you saw Klaus no other than your future brother-in-law regardless of all the women who swoon over him.

“Y-yeah. No problem.” You wanted to slap yourself from stuttering.

Klaus stifled a laugh. “Do I make you nervous?” He asked in a low tone.

“Ha.” You fake laughed. “Very funny, Klaus. I had too much coffee to drink this morning. That’s all.”

“Very well. But I’m surprised that you’ve come alone. Aren’t you and my little brother attached at the hip?”

Before you could get a word out, thankfully Kol strolls in to defuse the awkward conversation. “She didn’t come alone, brother.” Kol happily stated. You figured he heard the words that you and Klaus exchanged before he entered due to his vampire hearing.

Klaus’s first instinct was to frown at the sight of his brother, but he hid that expression with a grin. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

“And aren’t you sitting far too close to my girl.” Kol stated as he’s walking towards you, he noticed you slowly scooting away from Klaus.

“Funny. If Y/N did not enjoy being in my presence, she could’ve easily migrated elsewhere.” Klaus stood up, allowing his free hand to gesture at the rooms surrounding him.

“Okay enough.” You stood up and rolled your eyes, crossing your arms in front of your chest. The man above has answered your prayers because here comes Hope running down the stairs. “Auntie Y/N! Uncle Kol!” Hope shouts with a large smile swept across her face. Her excitement was as if she hasn’t seen you in years, even though it has been less than a week.

You immediately ran over to her and allowed her to jump into your arms so that you could spin her around with a hug. “Hey pretty girl. You ready to go?”

“She’s all yours.” Hayley said, keeping her place on the second floor as she’s leaning against the railing.

You set Hope down gently and Kol extends his arm out to her. “Come on, darling.” Kol smiles and Hope happily skips towards her Uncle, gripping onto his hand.

“I’ll give you a call when we’re on our way back home, Hayley.” You said to Hayley as you held onto Hope’s free hand.

“Okay sure. You guys have fun.” Hayley replied, then mouthed ‘I love you’ to Hope, then Hope responded with a blowing kiss to her mother.

“Or you could call me, Y/N. You know, I’m her parent as well.” Klaus added as his way of flirting with you.

You ignored his comment and Kol responded instead. “I’ll gladly take Y/N’s place in calling the parent instead.”


Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol

Requested By Anon

Part Two  Part Three Part Four  Part Five

“Well hello Darling.” Kol hummed when he found you sat alone.


“Hello Uncle Kol.” You pouted up at him and he smirked.

“What’s wrong?”  He let you shuffle up and sit closer to him.

You pointed across the garden, the rest of the family were fussing and cooing over Hope. Kol couldn’t help but feel irritated. They always left you out, of all people he thought Klaus would understand.


“How about I take you to the park?” Kol offered and you grinned at him.


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Klaus Mikaelson: CHRISTMAS PART 1

Words count: 1360

Warning: None lots of pictures. I own nothing of the pics or the gifs. I don’t celebrate Christmas so all I know is from movies and YouTube vlogers.

Summer: It’s your first Christmas with the Mikaelson’s.


“NIK!” You shouted as you busted into your shared bedroom, excited. Klaus sat up quickly and looked around the room for the source of danger.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Nik asked you and you jumped onto the bed.

“It’s Christmas you silly.” You laughed and hugged him.

“y/n it’s 7 in the morning.” Nik groaned and pulled you down as he laid back down on the bed. He had his arms around you with his face in the crook of your neck.

“It’s almost 8 and everyone is already up.” You told him but cuddled him. “We’re all waiting for you to get up.”

“Can’t you all wait?” Nik mumbled.

“NO! Now get up.” You told him and kissed his cheek before pulling away from him. “Nik come on it’s our first Christmas together, so get up, please, for me.”

You pouted and gave him a sad look, Nik looked at you for a moment before he sighed.

“Fine you win this time, love.” Nik said and you let out a shriek and a smile broke into your face and you ran out of the room. Nik took notice of your Christmas jumper and pajama pants, your hair was pulled back into a messy bun. Nik smiled at how cute you looked. He decided to get out of bed before you came back and pulled him out of bed yourself.

Nik slowly got out of bed and got out of the bedroom, he looked down at the yard in the abattoir. You had demanded for it to be changed into a Christmassy living room, there was comfy sofas and a big Christmas tree that had gifts under it. The coffee table was full of food and snakes all Christmas themed. It was your first Christmas with the Mikaelson and it was the first time Nik saw you excited about something that much.

“Nik come down.” Rebekah called for her big brother. The yard was filled with Rebekah, Marcel, Kol, Davina, Finn, Sage, Elijah, Hayley, Hope, Cami and you. Marcel, Rebekah, Finn, Elijah and Cami were all dressed for the day but the rest of you were still in pajamas or Christmas jumpers.

“Coming little sister.” Nik said and got down to you all. Everyone was talking and eating and sitting around the living-room. You were sitting on the floor with your back against Elijah’s leg as he sat on the sofa. You were holding Hope while talking to Cami and Davina, Kol sitting next to Davina on the carpeted floor.

“Finally brother, we thought you’d never show up.” Kol said and smiled at his older brother.

“Well I couldn’t really say no to y/n.” Nik said and sat down next to you.

“No one say no to me.” You told him and laughed as Nik pulled you to him so you were leaning onto his chest, with Hope in your arms.

“That’s true.” Cami said and smiled.

“I believe it’s time to open gifts.” Elijah said, you smiled excited to see how everyone will react to your gifts.  

“Why not start from the youngest?” Hayley said.

“That’s cruel.” Marcel said and we laughed.

“Yeah, some of us are really old.” Sage said.

“My point exactly.” Hayley said.

“Hayley is right, Hope is first, then Davina and after her Hayley and then we’ll go on.” Cami said and you nodded.

“I agree with Hayley and Cami.” You said and everyone agreed.

“So Hayley and Klaus open Hope’s gifts.” Rebekah said, Nik and Hayley both moved to the tree Nik also took Hope from you, you moved so you were sitting next to Cami. They both got the big pile Hope got and started to open the gifts. Everyone had shoes a wrapping paper so you could tell who got what. Hope was the most spoiled kid ever, she got so many things, but you decided to get her funny clothes and couldn’t wait for everyone to see. Cami did know what you got Hope, as she was with you when you went Christmas shopping.

“Okay, who go these?” Hayley asked holding your gifts, they were wrapped separately but held together with a string.

“I did.” “y/n did.” You and Cami said at the same time after sharing a look.

“Ookay.” Hayley said suspension of you two. Hayley opened the first one. She giggled and showed everyone what you got.

“I have a feeling this is how she’ll be when she get older.” Kol said and Sage nodded.

“Only if Niklaus raised her alone.” Finn said and you raised a hand and said “I agree.”

“I thought you loved me.” Nik said faking hurt.

“No, Elijah just compelled me to.”

“Burn.” Marcel said and high fived you.

“Okay next two, one for me to open and one for Klaus.” Hayley said and gave one to Klaus and they both opened them at the same time. They both laughed at the quotes on the baby romper.

“I want to see.” Rebekah said and she took the rompers and showed everyone and again laughter filled the room.

“I wish you were here every Christmas.” Kol said as he calmed down from his laughter.

“Well I think you could count me in from now on.” You told him and smiled.

“I told you getting them was a good idea.” Cami said and you nodded. Davina then opened her gifts, you and nick got her a gold and diamond earrings and necklace. Davina slowly opened the black velvet box.

“Oh my god.” She said her eyes going wide. “Guys this is too much.”

“Davina nothing is too much for you, plus with how much these guys hold balls and all these stuff it’s good to have something to wear.” You told her and gave her a hug. You could tell that Kol appreciated what you got her and what you said, as Davina was still feeling like an outcast between you all.

It was then Hayley’s turn, she got some creative things, you decided to get her a bubble bath gift box and a painting of a wolf that you knew she’d love.

“y/n thank you so much, these are amazing.” Hayley gave you a hug. “And I’ll be using the bubble bath kit as soon as I can, I’m in need of one.”

“No worries, I’m glad you liked them.” You told her. After Hayley finished it was your turn. You felt so spoiled with all the things you got.







You save Nik for the last you knew he was nervous. You locked eyes with Nik as you held the big box in your hand, you winked at him as you slowly pulled one end of the bow.

“Y/N! Just bloody open it.” Rebekah said and you smirked.

“I will.” You said and opened it faster. It was a beautiful ball gown, you saw in a shop once but wasn’t too sure if it will look good on you. You smiled and looked up at Nik. You silently pulled him closer and gave him a hug, you pulled back silently and kissed his lips slowly, and pulled back. “Thank you, I love it.”

“I’ll give you the rest later.” Nik said and you gave him a confused look but nodded. Everyone then opened his gift, you got Nik a handmade wooden watch with his initials in the back and cuffslinks with hopes initials and a picture of her inside of it.

After everyone was done opening their gifts, you all drifted into your own conversations. You were taking to sage and Finn when you felt a hand sneak around your waist and you were suddenly pulled back into a muscular chest. You smiled and leaned back into your boyfriend.

“Excuse me, but I’m going to steal y/n for a moment.” Nik told Finn and Sage who gave Nik a knowing look that caused you to frown.

“Sure, enjoy.” Sage said and sent you a wink, before you could question her you were suddenly in the big balcony in your bedroom, this is where you and Nik had your first kiss.

“What was that all about” You asked Nik.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

@mculadiesweek | Day 4 | Actor Appreciation | Hayley Atwell

I originally had trouble figuring out who to do for this day, since I tend to know more about the characters than the actresses themselves. However, I eventually decided on Hayley Atwell not only because she plays one of my favorite women in the MCU, Peggy Carter, but because she’s the only cast member I’ve actually met!

I saw her a few years ago when she came to the Calgary Comic Expo. I had only a few hours to spend there since I had a final exam that day, but I happily spent most of my time in line to meet her. I was starstruck to see her up close! She was so gracious and told us she was impressed by “how polite you all are in Canada.” We even got a signed photograph from her addressed to our whole family! I hope that I’ll be able to meet more Marvel actresses sometime.

Love Worth Waiting ~Klaus Mikaelson~

Originally posted by savingchesters

Prompts: “Don’t get up. Just cuddle.”
“You are so clingy. I love it.”

Summary: A late night talk after Klaus and his siblings are resurrected after five years of Hayley and reader looking for the cures.

Word Count: 1048

Five years of never-ending journey were finally over. Five years of trying to do something, what seemed at first impossible, were successful. Somehow, with a portion of luck and even bigger portion of effort, I and Hayley managed to find the cure for all the Mikaelson siblings. Hayley was fuelled with the need to cure her love, Elijah and I just wanted to find those cures so the love of my life, Klaus, could finally wake up from the hell he was in. Because the life had never been easy, not even then everything went smooth. Marcel decided to make it harder for us, he even nearly killed Klaus but at the end he backed off and let us leave the city.

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Rebekah x Reader

Requested by @jerseymikaelson

Among the many secrets the Mikaelsons have, there is one that not even Elijah and Klaus know. Kol of course found out by means of constant badgering. Rebekah had always known. Hayley was graciously allowed to know the secret when Rebekah left New Orleans, hoping that she would be able to keep an eye on her secret.

Unfortunately for Rebekah the day came when Esther returned and drew Klaus paranoid attention to her secret, luring him to explore the hidden nooks and crannies on the Mikaelson home until he found it. By the time, Hayley had gotten to Rebekah it was too late.

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Here’s some more awesome Swifties! Please make their dream come true and notice or follow them! Thanks babe💖
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I hope you see these lists and make other people’s dreams come true! Love you @taylorswift ☺️

Elijah Mikaelson imagine: Not Important (Part one)


Part 2

Summary: Reader and Elijah are in love, but reader pushes him away, because she is afraid she is not important to him and he would always choose his family over her

Word count: 1390

Originally posted by onlygodcanjudgeme-sh

I sighed as I walked trough the gate of Mikaelsons’ maison. As much as I had tried to keep away from that place, somehow I had always ended up there. 

“Look who is finally here,” I rolled my eyes at the sight of Klaus standing in front of me with his hands behind his back and a playful smile playing on his lips.

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Seven Minutes in Heaven

Originally posted by soaimagines

Originally posted by giveme-yourattention

Request: Seven Minutes In Heaven With Juice.

I set this before Juice is in Charming, and in High School. Hope you like it.


If there was one thing that you had learned through high school, it would be that you hated drinking games. Especially the kind that involved spinning bottles and kissing strangers. The first time you had gone to a party with your best friend you had gotten drunk and been roped into playing a game of ‘Spin the bottle’, and after having to kiss your sisters ex-boyfriend it had been pretty understandable that you decided to stay away from drinking games.
And you had been successful.. at least for a while.
You hadn’t even wanted to come to this partytonight, but your best friend Hayley had begged you to come.
It was some girl in your class’s party, Cass, you think her name was. You barely knew her but you knew the guys that were going. One in particular you wanted to know a little better so you had agreed to come.
The party was a train wreck of course.
More people had turned up than expected and every one was drunk- including you.
You were sat on one of the old sofas in Cass’s basement, a drink in your hand as you scanned the group around you.
Dean was gathering a crowd, trying too convince everyone to play Seven Minutes in Heaven and you grimaced.
“You not gonna play?” Hayley asked you and nudged you with her elbow.
You looked her and raised your eyebrows. “Hell no!”
she laughed and shook her head.
“Live  a little!” She urged and you shook your head once more.
You looked over at Dean and eyed the crowd around him.
“And risk getting locked in a cupboard with your ex, that kid with bad breath or Taylor? No thank you.”
Hayley laughed and shrugged.
“Your loss, (y/n). Look who’s joining in.”
You rolled your eyes but glanced in the direction she gestured in.
You bit your lip.
God, you would give anything to be alone with him. But not like this.
There was always a chance you’d get lucky. But there was also a bigger chance you’d get very, very unlucky.
Dean saw you looking and grinned before coming towards you and Hayley.
“Ladies, I see your interested?” He said eagerly.
You groaned and stood. “No way.”
“Come on, (y/n), it’ll be fun.” Hayley urged.
“Yeah, come on! Don’t be a pussy.” Dean teased.
You looked at both of them, their begging eyes and hopeful smiles.
“Fuck it.” You downed the rest of your drink. “Im in.”

Keep spinning.  
Come ooooon.
Keep spinning.
Oh god please no.
Keep spinning, don’t slow down.
Oh my god.


A small cheer erupted in the room and almost instantly you felt your cheeks blush deeply.
You looked up to meet his eye and he looked almost as nervous as you felt.
“Ooh, (y/n) and Juice!” Hayley cooed from across the circle.
You threw her a glare and she stuck her tongue out.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want the bottle to land on Juice. Of course you did.
But you had had a crush on him since you were eight years old and the thought of being in a tiny closet alone with him while all your friends waited outside wasn’t exactly your ideal romantic scenario. Plus, you weren’t the first girl whose bottle had landed on Juice tonight.
You wanted the ground to open up and swallow you whole. You downed the rest of your drink.
“(Y/n), you coming?”
Juice’s voice cut through your inner monologue and you looked up and gulped.
He stood in front of you, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, his head awkwardly tilted in a silent question.
“Y-yeah!” You stood and wiped your hands on your hips nervously before following him to the closet.
A few of your friends wolf whistled and you blushed again.
Juice opened the door and stood aside, allowing you to enter first.
It was a small place and you stepped in and backed against the wall.
Juice slid in behind you, and even with both of you backed against the walls you were still pressed against each other.
“We’re counting!” Hayley called and your friends laughed as the door swung shut.
And now you were in darkness.
You silently cursed Hayley in your head, swearing to one day get your revenge on  your best frined.
“So..” Juice started awkwardly, as he rubbed his arms. “We should probably..”
“Uh.. right. Yeah..” You licked your lips nervously and leaned in slightly closer.
Juice moved his head closer too and your heads collided.
“Fuck, Im sorry!” Juice cried and lifted his hand to your head to rub the spot where your heads had collided. “Im um.. not normally this clumsy.”
You laughed and felt the blush on your cheeks deepen and you were thankful that in the dark he couldn’t see your rosy cheeks.
“Its okay.” You said quietly.
His fingers rubbed softly at your forehead, moving in circles when they paused.
“We don’t have to, you know, if you don’t want to.”
“No I want to! I mean-“ You let out a nervous laugh. “Thats the rules, right?”
Juice didn’t answer and you were about to say something else when the warm and slightly wet pressure of lips pressed against your own briefly, and all your thoughts went blank, clearing your mind the moment his lips touched yours.
“That was, um, nice.” You said quietly.
Juice laughed lightly and the hot air of his breath fluttered over your skin.
He shifted his hand from your forehead and trailed it down your face to rest on your cheek.
“Thats good,” He whispered before pulling you back towards him.
The second kiss was even better than the first, and the third was enchanting.
You lost count of how many times your lips met before his hands were tangled in your hair, deepening the kiss and you lifted your hands to clutch at his jacket.
“Are you okay?” Juice asked and pulled away slightly. “I mean, we don’t have to. No one will know if we don’t.” He smiled reassuringly. “I mean, no one knew me and Cass didn’t do anything.”
You raised your eyebrows in shock. “Really? But you both-“
“We just messed up her hair and talked for 7 minutes. Did you know her dad has three chihuahuas?”
You laughed and shook your head.
“I had no idea.” You giggles again. “I do want to do this, I really do.”
Juice smiled and nodded.
“Its just.. I really like you. Like, a lot.” You stuttered, unable to stop the embarrassing confession from flowing from your lips. You looked down nervously. “And I just don’t want this to be a thing where we kiss for 7 minutes and then never talk about it again.”
Silence fell between you and you swear you could have heard a pin drop.
You wiped your sweaty palms on your jeans and waited for him to say something.
Finally, after a few more agonising seconds he spoke.
“You.. like me?” He said in a whisper, shifting his weight onto a different foot.
You took a deep breath.
“Your so nice, and sweet, and funny, and-“ Your voice fell off as the soft brush of his fingers cupped your cheek gently.
“(Y/n) I think your really cool.”
Your heart began to beat faster and you bit your lip. “But?”
“But..” You closed your eyes, waiting for the rejection to hit. “We don’t have much time left.”
You didn’t have any time to contemplate his words as Juice leaned in, connecting your lips once more.
Your arms wrapped around his shoulders and he held your waist, both of you pulling each other closer.
You moaned softly against his lips as they moved in harmony, perfectly syncing together.
After a moment he pulled away.
“Whats your number?”
“Huh?” You asked, confused.
He pulled his phone out of his jean pocket and the light lit up the small space.
“Your number? So we can meet up later.. if you want to.”
“Yeah, that sounds good.”
You fought the grin from spreading on your face and read out your number to him, double checking it once he’d entered it into his phone.
Outside you could hear your friends counting down and you reached up to adjust your hair.
“Three.. two.. one!”
The door swung open and you squinted at the sudden change of light.
“You two look like you’ve had fun!” Hayley smirked and you blushed for the millionth time tonight.
You stepped out of the closet and your friend linked her arm in yours.
She practically dragged you through the crowd and you glanced briefly behind you and saw Juice joining his friends. He shot you a smile and your heart almost skipped a beat.
“You wanna play again, Juicy boy?” You heard Dean ask.
“Nah, Im good.” Juice answered and you fought to keep a beaming grin from spreading on your face.
“Tell me everything!” Hayley said as she shoved you towards a sofa in the corner.
You laughed and sat down.
“Nothing happened.”
“Oh really?” She raised an eye brow. “Then whats that mark on your neck?”
You gasped and your hand flew to your neck before you realised your mistake.
Things hadn’t gotten that sarin the closet, and Hayley knew how to get answers from you.
You blushed and pulled the finger at her while she laughed.
An hour or so had passed and you were sitting with a few other girls from your class, another drink in your hand when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.
You stood and excused yourself before looking at the message, and when you saw who it was from you couldn’t help but smile.
You headed for the door, checking your phone to read the message once more.
‘Meet me outside.’

I feel kinda sorry for bitter kcers who hated Cami right off the bat and dismissed her as a replacement for Caroline.

You missed out on an amazing, strong female character. Adorable, smart, funny and brave. She never lost sight of who she was.

And you missed out on seeing what Klaus actually looks like when he’s in love. His love for Cami made me like him after years and years of hating him. She makes him gentle, soft, human. Well, Cami and Hope and Hayley have all done that. But Cami was a very important part.

So, yeah, your loss, stubborn shippers. Cami and Klamille were amazing.


somehow i’m losing my ryden faith.

when brendon was asked about sarah he said that they met again after “you leave or i kiss you” at the concert with Hayley husband. this concert with them both panic! and new found glory was the only in florida at that time. 1/31/09

at 2:00 brendon is looking at sarah also he seems to be very excited i’m not saying that he’s usually calm but he’s like trying to impress her and he must’ve managed it so they’ve been together ever since

and poor ryan seems to be so scared as if he could’ve known what was going to happen next as if it was the first time when brendon wanted not him. ryan was not the golden god anymore, because there was sarah the most gorgeous creature

(while that video leaves doubts in this one from the same show https://youtu.be/hfmW5dlSWiY you can see clearly sarah and hayley at 1:20-1:30)

i’m so sad for ryden but so much more happy for brendon because he IS when ryden only was(i hope)


make me choose:

@alwaysfob asked:  what if you shuffle your music & have to choose between the first song or the second song that plays

The Front Bottoms - Cough It Out vs Paramore - Hate to See Your Heart Break