hayley heartbreak

“The Battle” - 2012 - hand drawn/inked, digitally coloured

Commissioned portrait honouring Noodle, the best rat an owner could wish for. 

Noodle was an adventurous and brave rat. Very clever and a beloved pet I am told, and his owners were devastated when they came home to find he had been coiled by a snake. His owners rushed him from the grip of the snake but it was too late. Noodle however had fought to the end and dealt the snake a few tough blows, before losing the fight. Noodles owners inform me this will hang over his descendants reminding them of their heritage.

“Gimme Some Sugar, Baby” (2010) - Commission for @aeanominae & @dyedredlaura for their wedding anniversary. They are GIANT ‘Army of Darkness’/Bruce Campbell fans. And luckily for me, a very good looking couple o’ people to draw :D

A very short clip of the scene this was drawn from: 

So I’m officially breaking my “no blather, just illustrations” embargo on my Tumblr (thats what Twitter is for after all) just to have a bit of a squee/HEAD ASPLODE moment. You remember the last illustration I posted? Goodo. Yeah, I won :D 

!@^@%^**!%@&(#$^#@& <—– Promised my mother I wouldn’t swear.

So in 2 weeks time, I will be heading to New York City (with the very talented Elspeth Hoskin and Johnson Witehira) to exhibit my work in Times Square.

As you do!

All thanks to Chorus Fibre (chur fullas!) of course, and I must say, I am up somewhere on cloud fifteen - I’m sure you other artists/illustrators will appreciate, theres no feeling like having your work recognised. It makes all of the sore eyes, late nights, maddening briefs, creative blocks and malfunctioning scanners all so worth it <3

I am very happy.

Now I have to figure out how to make soft toys, because everyone wants plushies of Mr Tuatara… he’s a lively little chap