hayley fisher


28 de septiembre

Ayer estuve hablando con mi abuela sobre Liam. Ella es la única capaz de aconsejarme en estos temas porque es la que mejor me conoce a mí y a lo que me conviene.

Como en los viejos tiempos, me contó un cuento que tenía como protagonistas a mis padres. Me hubiera encantado haber conocido a mi madre, aunque siento que la conozco gracias a todo lo que mi abuela y mi padre me han contado de ella.


James: “Dammit, tell him you love him, now it’s time, you idiot! You’re dying!”

Zara: “Relax, it’s just a movie.”

Sally: “But he’s dying and they’re in love! They obviously are in love and they’re too shy to tell each other.”

James: “Just tell him or else dear Sally and I will go insane.”

Sally: “No. Nooo. He really died! Come on! Can a miracle happen now?”

Erin: “If we pretend this is Supernatural he might come back.”

Sally: “Fucking writers.”


theemmaslater: Yay!! Look at us, all ready to go and open tomorrow! This was after our last dress rehearsal today, super pumped to start show 1 tomorrow at the Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte. Thank you @nopenother @ashleyedens @steftate & everyone in the cast and crew for making this tour such a special one. What a brilliant team we have, so grateful to be a part of this. Let’s go #DWTS tour!! 🤩

Today tastes bittersweet. It has been a year since Carrie Fisher left us and I am still not over it. I still cry because of this. I still cry because this world lost the brightest soul. On the other hand, it’s Hayley’s birthday. One of my favourite souls is one year older. As much as I would love to celebrate hayley’s life, a part of me is held back by my eternal mourning and by the eternal feeling of not being complete because Carrie isn’t here among us.

Through it all, happy birthday, my dear H. Everything is fine and joyful and you’re a light in the dark.

Carrie, you’re always in my heart and I’m gonna make art outta my broken and messy heart.