hayley being a little shit

ok but like soulmates AU with vaas and jason that if one get’s injured the other one gets hurt the same way too

jason gets minor scratches and bruises and the occasional cut that’s almost concernedly large but around hitting 15 they start getting more serious, like bullet wounds and big gashes and sometimes broken bones and he wonders who the fuck am i gonna end up with christ

now like 10 years later when him and grant are captured by vaas, and one of the first things vaas does after talking to them is he goes over, grabs grant’s arm and is about to stab him and see if it does anything to himself, but he looks at jason and sees that they both have the exact same scar right above their left eyes

vaas immediately lets go of grant and moves over to grab jason by the chin with one hand though the bars, using the other hand to scratch a small cut on his own face with his fingernail, and the small cut appears on jason’s face as well, to vaas’ delight and jason’s horror

vaas lets go of jason’s chin and grins, laughing and saying ’holy fuck, it’s you! what the fuck took you so long?!’

gifs I need made right now from the apmas:

Jack slapping Alex’s ass.// Dallon slapping Brendon’s ass. //Brendon’s tongue thing before the last lines of Bohemian Rhapsody. //JALEX KISS!!! //cute little Hayley Williams being all happy n shit. //Mark Hoppus being insane in a little girl’s room. //Rob Zombie bc he’s just that rad. //the look on my face when STOMACHACHES DIDN’T WIN ALBUM OF THE YEAR I’M STILL CRYING. //Chris Motionless’s eye makeup appreciation good god. //Christofer Drew being so obviously drunk but adorable. //The Amity Affliction being hilarious little darlings while presenting. //Zack all nervous and sweet accepting best bassist. //Ben Barlow when he said it was his birthday. //Dan from Real Friends laughing while presenting because that was fucking cute a'f. //Weezer rocking it. //really this list can go on and on.

sO yeah talented tumblr ppl plz make my dreams come true because I don’t know how the hell to do that witchcraft, thank you.

i dont get when straight dudes dont think gay sex is ‘manly’? like. gay sex. two dudes. double men. like twice the men its double manly. like maximum men they have reached the man limit out of two people lke really fucking manly