hayley atwell is in this as well

With all the remakes going on right now, I was amusing myself with the thought of a remake of Three Men and a Baby.

Picture it: the Rock as the over-the-top actor who is superproud of his every achievement even those dodgy commercials from his 20s, John Cho as the architect who can’t believe he still hasn’t managed to gently prompt his supposedly ‘successful’ roommate to get his own place and Chris Evans as the artist/cartoonist who is subletting the adjoining apartment but spends more time in with the architect than he really needs to (plus drinking the milk straight from the carton when there’s a glass right there. Surprise twist, he’s been hitting on Cho’s character the whole time and Cho’s character didn’t even realise because the Evans character is Not Good at flirting).

And when it comes down to the big dramatic climax, it would crack me up if the Rock and Chris Evans’ characters look like superheroes but were totally useless and it came down to Cho’s character to save the day.

And no, this is not because I just want to see Chris Evans and the Rock being super gentle with a tiny, tiny baby in their massive, massive arms. Well, not entirely. Partly. Mostly. Sort of.

eta: I’m still undecided between Gina Rodriguez, Morena Baccarin and Hayley Atwell for the mother. Hayley as a classical Shakespearean actor who had a thing with the Rock is an image that pleases me, though ;)


Request by annon:
“If you wouldn’t mind doing a kind of crossover imagine where the reader finds herself having to choose between Harry wells and Negan? And who she chooses. “ 

A/N:  1.I really REALLY enjoy write and make this gifs, you can keep request me this kind of Imagines! <3 <3 .

2. Let’s think that the reader are part of team flash and start a love affair with Harry while she still on a complicated and abusive relationship with Negan and well.. shit goes wrong, because It’s fucking Negan.

Harry x Reader x Negan

I was looking for Harry all over the cortex but he wasn’t there – Where’s Harry? – I asked Cisco

-He… am… I think he’s in my workroom, Why? - I left quickly and go to Cisco’s workroom; I stood at the door for a few seconds watching him working on a prototype of something – Harry –

-aahm? -Said looking at me and putting the pieces of his prototype back together -

- We need to talk – I said;  a few months ago things between us had become a little bit sentimental, and this was SO wrong because I have a boyfriend, a bit manipulative and rude boyfriend, the type of guy that you can’t easily leave.  

Harry left his screwdriver and began to look at me intently – What’s wrong? – he asked putting his hands on my waist like he always did when we were alone

-It’s Negan – I said – He knows about us, I don’t know how, but he knows -

- What we gonna do? – asks – We should talk to him -

-No – I said – We can’t talk to him, if he sees you he’s gonna kill you -

he laughs – He’s gonna kill me? -

-You don’t know him Harry -

-Oh c’mon Y/N – he says relaxed, while he holds my hand – we can fix this -

-No, we can’t -


- If we’re together, he’s gonna kill you- I started to feel the tears in my eyes -

-Y/N – said Cisco by the speaker – your… big and terrifying boyfriend… am.. Negan? It’s looking for you, and he has a baseball bat… -

-I’m sorry Harry…-

requests still open! (x)

English isn’t my first language, sorry for the horrible grammar!

let me know if you like it! :D


And also, having Stanley Tucci make me his famous martini in his trailer. Tommy Lee Jones, as well –  he recited some poetry to me on set. And we talked a lot about literature and opera, and he gave me his favorite book, Bel Canto. I read that on set. So there’s the work itself, but then the other side of it is you get to meet some extraordinary people.

wellhayley: Well this is a HOOT. Thank you, Emma Thompson, for sending me this. ‘In the Olden Days there were no women which is why you don’t come across them in history lessons at school. There were men and quite a few of them were Geniuses. Then there were a few women but their heads were very small so they were rubbish at everything apart from needlework and croquet’ #jackyfleming #satire #thetroublewithwomen

Okay, 2016 has been a crappy year. In fact, it’s been the worst year ever for some of us and it can’t end soon enough.

But can we talk about the one good thing that’s come out of this year though? LGBTQ+ Representation in TV shows.

We’ve had Philip x Lukas in Eyewitness; Malec in Shadowhunters; Dizzie and Thor in The Get Down; Frankie, Rey and Jackson are gay and Hayes is bi in Conviction; Susan and Van in Van Helsing; Charlie and Matteusz in BBC Class; Jo and Chase in Easy and several others I’m missing out on.

Plus we have Isak x Even in Skam and Victor and Yuuri as the first healthy same-sex relationship in a sports anime.

Add to that the already present characters from HTGAWM, Teen Wolf, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, OINTB, Sense8, Mr Robot, Quantico, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and so many others and you get a pretty good picture.

Are all of these characters well-written? No. Are all of these arcs interesting and cliché-free? Again, No.

It is encouraging, though, and definitely a good start, to watch a TV show and see actual canonically lgbt+ characters instead of the usual overdose of ~homoerotic~ moments that are later described very vehemently by the cast and crew by being just bromance (Okay, Supernatural. I am talking about Supernatural. And Sherlock, but mostly Supernatural).

I am SO for TV shows to finally end the damn queer-baiting and finally give us some actual LGBTQ+ characters. I am so for kids, teenagers, and even adults struggling with their gender or sexuality to turn on a damn TV show and see a character like them and feel a little less alone, a little less like something is wrong with them.

It also doesn’t hurt that many (most?) of these shows have a pretty good balance of POC in the main cast as well as some very well-written female characters, but that’s a post for another time.


I live quite an anonymous life. I’m an actor first not a celebrity. I love people like Helen Mirren who can walk in the streets, take the tube and live their life. It’s an important thing for me. I think many celebrities live in a bubble where they don’t engage with everyday life and for me it’s a very dangerous bubble that I don’t want to be in. I make a point not selling myself as a celebrity. I’m also well-grounded thanks to my friends and family. I have friends who aren’t in this industry and they’re not interested by what I do. So I can just be myself.

  • Me: *calls up marvel* Hey, favor.
  • Marvel: what--?
  • Me: So I'm going to need you to get on a few things ASAP: One, Steve Rogers. Bi af. Make it happen.
  • Me: Two, give Black Widow her own movie. C'mon, do I need to list all the 192947392+ reasons why that needs to happen?
  • Me: More Sebastian Stan speaking Russian. Or, better yet, more Sebastian Stan.
  • Me: oh! Almost forgot... fix that whole 'Pietro is dead' misunderstanding. Kinda getting on my nerves.
  • Me: Nat and Bruce is nice and all but let's just get back to smashing things and showing everyone that Black Widow can be an independent woman who doesn't need a love interest.
  • Marvel: ...
  • Me: Glad we're on the same page. *hears Hayley Atwell screaming in the distance*
HVFF London: here’s my (way too long, if I were you, I’d keep on scrolling) report! :D

Oh, boy… What. A. Weekend!!! Seriously there are no strong enough words to describe how utterly awesome this whole experience was. But enough gushing, there will be plenty more as I go on. Let’s start this report! :D (I have highlighted the different parts so you can just skip to what you wanna read about)

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Doctor Who - the 13th Doctor is...

The wait is nearly over!  Tomorrow is the Wimbledon Men’s Final… and after THAT… we finally get to find out who’s playing the next DOCTOR WHO!

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, has already finished filming his last episode, which will air at Christmas (his last series finished airing a couple of weeks ago) and now we’re just waiting to see who he regenerates into.

But who will it be?  Will it be someone famous, or will it be an unknown?  There are so many possibilities… especially now it’s just as likely the new Doctor could be female (following a trend set by the Doctor’s nemesis, The Master aka The Mistress aka Missy (played by Michelle Gomez)

Here’s a few options -


If it IS Marshall, I will be very smug indeed, having cited him as my personal option way back before the actor quit DEATH IN PARADISE and became the bookies favourite.   Not everyone is a fan, but I think he’d be great for the role.


Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t think he’s even in the running, but I think the MASTERS OF SEX actor would be a brilliant choice.  Maybe a bit too big for the role now, but maybe not.  Next to Marshall he’s my next best choice.


Out of nowhere Whittaker has become a joint-lead in the betting odds (alongside Marshall).  This is more than likely down to the fact she’s been one of the stars in the popular series BROADCHURCH.  The significance there is, of course, BROADCHURCH creator is the next showrunner for DOCTOR WHO, taking over as soon as the Doctor has regenerated.


For a while, Phoebe was the favourite, favourite female at least. THE FLEABAG star has repeatedly tweeted that she’s not the Doc, so to stopping spending money on her betting odds.  It’s probably that which influenced the rise in Whittaker’s odds.


An odd choice here, and not one I can really see, but he’s currently equal odds with Waller-Bridge, so I’ll include him here.  Rosenthal is known to British audiences for FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER and PLEBS.


Swinton was linked a while back… and I can see it!  Maybe only for a series, possibly a test run to see if audiences take to a female Doctor - so it wouldn’t eat too much into her successful movie career.  


Okay, now this might just be me being hopeful - but Hayley’s lovely (I know, I’ve met her!) and she’s garnered a load of fans thanks to her role as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Atwell was once asked if she’d e a companion, and she retorted that if she were to be in DOCTOR WHO, then she’s want to be the Doctor. She could well get her wish!


No.  Just no.  This would be a terrible, terrible choice - for anything other than a spoof.


Last option, that I’m going to bother writing here, anyway.  Scott played Moriarty in SHERLOCK, opposite the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  A show that happens to be written by current DOCTOR WHO showrunner Steven Moffat.   His name recently soared in the betting odds, so I’m not ruling him out.  I’d certainly take him over Ayoade.


Another one that’s been popping up over the last few weeks.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen him in much - expect for a recent LADY CHATTERLY’S LOVER… I can’t say I’m sold on him, but he could grow on me… if cast.

Those are 10 options that could be the new Doctor.  Of course, it could be a load of other actors… and tomorrow we’ll find out.  It’s all very exciting.

Fingers crossed for Kris Marshall!

Hey everyone! Its finally time for PeggyNet to take off again! I attempted this in the past, but due to my hiatus nothing ever came of it. Now that I’m firmly back in the tumblr world I wanted to establish a network for Peggy fans so that we will have people to talk to about Peggy!

How to join:

  • Consider following me*
  • Reblog this posts (likes won’t count)
  • Please send me a message or an ask letting me know why you want to join the network!
  • Love Peggy! ❤
  • That’s it!

What I’m looking for:

  • Very friendly bloggers
  • Hate free and positive blogs! :)
  • People who love Peggy Carter
  • Fandom blogs (marvel/multifandom everything is welcome ❤)
  • You must tag all your posts in some form so that other members can follow you even if they’re just there for Peggy!

I’ll be adding members continuously, and adding them to a page on my blog, as well as creating a chat page where we can share everything with each other!

*You don’t have to, but one of the things I hope for this network is that we can make some friends who love Peggy as much as we do!

If you have questions feel free to ask!

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any lists of POC actors/actresses in period films, please? Thank you.

A masterlist of 240+ POC who have starred in period and fantasy roles categorized by ethnicity and gender. Their roles as well as their ethnicity are clearly denoted; if there are any mistakes or wish to make additions please politely message us! LIKE/REBLOG if this was helpful! -C&The Other M

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So here is Hayley Atwell because… maybe because I am really tired?  I basically just woke up.  Because I didn’t really sleep last night and as a result around noon I finally crashed and got a few hours sleep and then my mind wandered to Hayley Atwell and then Peggy Carter I think because I remembered it was her birthday last week, which I probably remembered because I may have queued something last week and it finally popped up today but I can’t swear by it.  Anyway, as I tried to shower and wake up I was thinking about how important heroes are in general and how it’s just crucial that sometimes we have people to look up to.  Fictional or not, it’s important that there is some justice in the world but also a working example of how you can be a real human being but also be a deeply good person.  I like Captain America for similar reasons, as kids some of us didn’t have examples of this in any real way, so our heroes had to do the same.  And Peggy Carter was one of those.  Not a model for me as a child or anything because she barely existed in the comics until Hayley Atwell knocked it out of the park with the character.  But she fills that role so well.  And I miss that.  And I probably have more to say but I am so, so tired.  So I won’t.  Today I want to fuck Hayley Atwell.