I was very saddened about the attack in Manchester, but when I saw Hayley Atwell post this….it really hit hard and I suddenly had the urge to cry.

Not only does this poor girl appear to be just a teenager, but here she is in a picture with the Marvel actress Hayley. And the reason this got to me was because I have went to photo ops with my favorite marvel actors, I have gone to my favorite singers concerts….this could have easily been me or someone I know.

This girl had her life stolen from her far too soon. And seeing this photo made that real, it added a face and a story to one of the victims and it is such a tragedy.

It’s one thing to see a number, but once you think about these people and the lives they had and the lives they would have….it’s almost too much.

I feel so much anger at whoever set off this bomb. It makes me sick.

This saddens and angers me, it is so unfair and I’m praying for her family, families of the other victims and anyone else who happened to be there or is injured.