All is well, “Agent Carter” fans. Our darling Englishwoman, Hayley Atwell, is back as the star of another television show.

Atwell returns in “Conviction,” a legal drama that follows a team of lawyers, investigators and forensics experts as they set out to prove the innocence of people who may have been wrongly convicted of crimes.

Atwell’s character, Hayes Morrison, is the former daughter of a U.S. president and leads the Conviction Integrity Unit in Los Angeles. Joining Atwell are co-stars Shawn Ashmore (the “X-Men” movies), Eddie Cahill, Merrin Dungey, Emily Kinney and Manny Montana.

Though “Marvel’s Agent Carter” had a loyal cult following, it didn’t draw in the kind of audience needed to consider Hayley Atwell a star. So while Marvel fans will immediately recognize Atwell, the premise of “Conviction” is what needs to be strong to carry it through the fall chopping block. The fact that it’s taking over the Monday at 9 p.m. time slot left behind by “Castle” should help cushion it in the early episodes. But it will still need help.

If you love Hayley Atwell and want to see her star in her own TV show for years to come, you need to watch this show live.

“Conviction” premieres Monday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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