haylee nichele

Four words to sum up a Tuesday night.


Two more: FOLLOW HER.

Okay, four more: INTO HELL IF NECESSARY.

She’s flawless and you are missing a thing in your life if you haven’t studied everything she does in that hotel. Wait that was 22 more words. Oh screw it, because also: HAYLEE NICHELE. After literally months of bad timing, I finally saw her as Shaw in the window and it was glorious. The bruise on my shin from gracelessly hauling my big ass over and through rather than running around will attest. Crazy limbs and creepy writing and gross blankets!

Shout out to Manderpeeps, both official and guest-types. Love you sonsabitches *hic*. Hey, how much gin is in this glass anyway?


Great show last night. Here are some notes. Light spoilers

Haylee Nichele as one of the nurses was delightful. Thanks for letting me hold your shirt baby and coughing up a nail on me. You were a pleasure.

William Popp plays a reeeaallly interesting Macbeth Malcolm (that makes a lot more sense now). I very well may have bruises on my back from being man-handled in my 1:1. I know William personally (however, not well at all), and I believe he recognized me early on in the night. I had intended to follow him for a loop but lost him after the card game.

Lady Macbeth wanted my girlfriend to “Sex herUnsex her”. That would have been something.

No sound effects/music played during the Taxidermist’s 1:1 but it was still very creepy. I don’t know who the actor was who played him, but he had a scottish accent. I had never seen him play the taxidermist before. Black or white? Message me.

Another fellow as attempting to follow the Taxidermist closely while I was and got very competitive and on multiple occasions, got a shoulder in front of me and pushed me back. The hotel seemed to know as while the taxidermist ran to a different floor for a little bit and we lost him, this man was running too fast while not looking dead in front of him and took a header into the wall after running into a chaise longue. I did not see much of him after that.

Annabella has a wonderful memory. We will be doing something very special for my birthday on the 28th. I’m very excited.

Hope to see some of you guys on the 28th! 


Haylee Nichelle behind the scenes of a photo shoot. Those lines though. And so beautiful.

See the various sets of images here, by Tristan Pope Photography.


marc-anthony-macon  asked:

I've always seen the same performer as Lady Macduff, and have been to the show numerous times. Have I just happened to always go on her nights, or is she the only actor who plays that role? If so, do you know why?

Glamis here, and there are currently five gorgeous and amazing women playing the role of Lady Macduff: Isadora Wolfe, Haylee Nichelle, Lily Ockwell, Mariel Lugosch-Ecker and Ingrid Kapteyn. I have followed all and all manage to put their own special touches on such a tragic role. Can I ask who is the performer you’ve been seeing?