A US farmer risks his life to stop a wildfire that broke out in a hayfield in Weld County, Colorado. Eric Howard uses his tractor and a set of discs to plough up a firebreak just a few feet from the scorching blaze. After a thunderstorm brought lightning to a rural area near Brighton, Colorado the fire broke out and quickly consumed 30 acres of an 80 acre field. Mr Howard’s actions were designed to prevent the fire’s spread as it continued its path across the land.

Source Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdiLwjRVarM

Just Midwestern Things™
  • the little gravel turn-around cross way thingies in between the sides of long rural highway
  • old white farmhouse paint with the flecks chipped off (you know the look)
  • that one random mint-aqua house by the creek
  • solar panels in the sideyard
  • large cornfields
  • s o y b e a n s
  • wheat swaying in the breeze while the sun’s overhead
  • an old bike leaning up against the bottom trellis part of an old farmhouse porch, next to the steps
  • grain silos out back of the house
  • rusty brown farm windmills
  • fences made of those wooden sticks jammed in the ground, with the chicken-wire metal netting nailed up between alongside the road
  • well water pumps, and the farm’s one (1) propane tank that’s usually uncomfortably near the house (why would you do that)
  • i n f i n i t e cargo trains on the train tracks, going 15 mph
  • gnarly, twisted trees along the side of the river
  • sun shining off the long, flat stretches of open highway with maybe. three cars on them as far as you can see
  • the stubs of cut hayfields glowing when the sun breaks through a little hole in the clouds on a dark cloudy day
  • the look and smell of rich loam dirt
  • all the leaves accumulating in one spot and making a carpet two feet deep
  • gravel mountains at the closed-down stone place
  • ~ suddenly, a quarry!!! ~ (where the hell did THAT come from??)
  • C O W S
  • not only is the river totally frozen over, but there are huge-ass chunks of ice all over the surface of the ice-frozen river. double ice. (where did they come from??)
  • abandoned old trailer home just sitting at the junction of the river and the highway, rusting and falling apart
  • the way you can always recognize river bluffs
  • that one mini-pony with its mini barn at the farm with all the cows
  • the tractor just rolling along the highway, slow as you like, even at the places where there’s twenty feet wide of grass on the side of the road that it could drive on
  • that one white birch in like, a twenty mile radius
  • hay rolls plunked down everywhere
  • fog laying across the tops of the cornfields at 5 a.m. before the sun rises and lights it on fire till it burns away

Harvest moon crochet blanket finished! :)

Has taken about 4-5 months and has been so fun to make and see the picture building with each line. I love it! I made the picture and turned it into the pattern myself.
It is done using a uk 4.5mm hook, dc stitch.
All the yarn I used was from Hobbycraft, the wi yarn and hayfield bonus dk.
There are 51,060 stitches in total!

Harvest moon on the snes was one of the first games I remember playing, I used to play it for hours, and is still one of my favourite games today :)

I will post a video on YouTube of this from start to finish. If anyone want to get in contact with me please email lucys-crafts@outlook.com

Creepypasta #976: The Driver Forgot I Was Still On The Bus

Length: Super long

I used to live in a small Northern English town called Hayfield, not much more than a village, a quaint and picturesque place surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of countryside. However, there was an excellent transport link to the rest of civilization in the form of a bus every half an hour, direct to and from the large town of Stockport, near Manchester; for people like me who didn’t drive, this bus was a godsend, and enabled me to work at that time in a multiplex cinema in Stockport town center.

My shifts varied each week, but usually I would finish no later than about nine-thirty, and catch a bus home at around ten. The bus route was serviced by an obscure company who I believe went out of business; their fleet of buses had a distinctive green and white color-scheme. 

But the night on which this bizarre incident happened, I finished late and caught the very last bus of the night, which left the bus station at 11:30. The journey took about 40 minutes. It is quite a strange part of Britain, as Manchester is one of our biggest cities, a huge urban area, but travel just a few miles and you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

The bus to Hayfield was always pretty quiet but at that time of night it was almost deserted; it seemed that myself and a couple of older people would have the big double-decker bus all to ourselves, until just before we rolled out of the bus station, an obnoxious boy and girl aged about 10 or 11 jumped on, insulted the driver as they bought their tickets, sat down and immediately began to irritate their fellow commuters.

They were shouting, calling the passengers names, calling the female driver fat and frigid and frumpy, and I remember they both started belting out a hip-hop song at the top of their lungs: Purple Hills by D12, which I guess probably dates these eerie events to around 2002. I don’t normally mind Eminem too much but I always thought that song was pretty stupid. The two unpleasant brats must have memorized every word, and were trying to emphasis all the blatant drug references it contained.

I turned on my MP3 player and tried to ignore them, but their vexatious voices were drowning out the sweet sound of Morrissey; in fact, I think they tried to sing even louder when they noticed I was wearing headphones. 

So about five minutes into my journey, I decided I had endured enough of their off-key caterwauling, and rose from my seat, shot them an irritated look, which is about as confrontational as I ever get, and trudged wearily upstairs. They were making ridiculous threats to my back, threatening to shoot me, making gun noises, that sort of dumb thing.

So I sat alone on the upper deck, right at the back of the bus, stared out of the window into darkness and tried to unwind. I heard the bus stop and saw the older couple walk away down the street before we resumed our journey, and then I must have dozed off pretty quickly and awoke again, as suddenly we were no longer passing pubs and shops and tower-blocks but endless tall trees, the branches of which were sometimes scraping and scratching against the bus windows; perhaps it was these tapping sounds that woke me up. 

I didn’t quite recognize where we were, but looking at my watch, we were still at least five minutes from our destination. I began to become dimly aware of shouts coming from the kids downstairs which were incoherent over my music, but I thought nothing of it at first, figuring they were still just goofing around and getting on the driver’s nerves. But then two things dawned on me at roughly the same time.

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“She looked wild and unkempt, for all afternoon, shamefully neglecting Prudie and the turnips, she had been out lying in the grass of another hayfield on the high ground to the west of the house, staring down at Ross and the men working on the hill opposite. She had lain there sniffing at the earth and peering through the grass like a young dog, and finally had turned over and gone to sleep in the sweet warmth of the declining sun. Her hair was ruffled and there was grass and burrs on her frock” (-Winston Graham, Ross Poldark, Chapter 8)

The hour should be the evening and the season winter, for in winter the champagne brightness of the air and the sociability of the streets are grateful. We are not then taunted as in the summer by the longing for shade and solitude and sweet airs from the hayfields. The evening hour, too, gives us the irresponsibility which darkness and lamplight bestow. We are no longer quite ourselves.
—  Virginia Woolf, “Street Haunting” (1930)



1.Gunter Saxenhammer — Gunter Meets Doric On The Night Bus [DISKONO RECORDS]

2. Godley + Crème — Sale of the Century [POLYDOR]

3. Powell — Skype [N/A]

4. Shit and Shine — Flirtations at a Cocktail Party [ROCK IS HELL RECORDS]

5. Smegma — Can’t Look Straight [MUTE RECORDS]

6. Alan Vega — Saturn Drive [ELEKTRA]

7. Berserk in a Hayfield — Pulse [COLOR TAPES]

8. Hell — This Is For You [Terence Fixmer Mix] [DISKO B]

9. Tuning Circuits — I Am a Non-Believer [TOTALLY FREAKED OUT POWER


10. Blind Vision — Get Out [Of Me] [NEW ZONE]

11. SA42 — Please and Crime [Remix 88] [LD RECORDS]

12. Duce — Krieg Oder Frieden [BOY RECORDS]

13. Koto — Jabdah [Long Version[ [MEMORY RECORDS]

14. Time Modem — Alien Elements [BOY RECORDS]

15. EVOL — Proper Headshrinker [EDITIONS MEGO]

16. Moebius + Plank — Tollkühn [SKY RECORDS]

17. The Overlords — Sundown [ANTLER SUBWAY]

18. Lou Reed — Interview [YOUTUBE]

19. Klangwerk — Die Kybernauten [ZYX RECORDS]

20. Not Waving — 24 [DIAGONAL]

21. Hecker Leckey — Sound Voice Chimera [PAN]

22. Unknown Artist — Relax [N/A]

23. Not Waving — I Know I Know I Know [DIAGONAL]

24. Wiseblood — Motorslug [WAX TRAX! RECORDS]

25. Soft Cell — Mr. Self Destruct [VERTIGO]

26. Powell — Unknown


28. Russell Haswell — Heavy Handed Sunset [Autechre ‘Conformity Version’]