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A/N- this chapter is terrible, because my motivation today has been terrible. But I didn’t want to not update, because that would throw the whole thing off and I really want to keep going with this. I’ve managed eight chapters including this one, which is the most I’ve managed in over three years. I just think it’s important for me to clarify that writing a 25-chapter fic is difficult for me, so not every chapter is going to be fantastically written (well, no chapter of this fic is fantastically written but you get my point).
And I promise, I have some better chapters coming up. Consider this one a filler chapter while we build up to the good stuff.

Anyway, enjoy!

November 17th

“Before you ask, no, I ain’t slept with her yet,” Haymitch said before Chaff had even had a chance to greet him.

Chaff held up his hands in mock apology, gesturing to the beer already waiting on the table for him.

“You’re late,” the man observed. The pair had arranged to go out for a beer, but Haymitch had arrived five minutes after the scheduled time.

“Sorry,” Haymitch mumbled. “Effie called right as I was-“

“Shit, buddy, she’s takin’ over your damn life. Am I second best now?”

“Fuck off,” Haymitch grumbled, taking a sip of his beer. “We’re jus’…friends.”

“I’d say otherwise, Mitch. Whenever I’m with ya, she’s all ya wanna talk about.”

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A guide to non-canon shipping
  • step 1: Read way too much into anything your otp does.
  • Step 2: Be miserable.
  • Step 3: Suffer quietly.
  • step 4: Cry.
  • step 5: Cry some more.
  • step 6: Read a lot of fanfiction.
  • step 7: Denial.
  • step 8: Read some more fanfiction.
  • step 9: Denial.
  • step 10: That's it. That's all the steps.
  • my life before fanfiction: gets at least 8 hours of sleep every night, proactive, energetic with a promising future
  • my life after fanfiction: gets 8 hours of sleep per week, has caffeine running in my veins instead of blood, terrible eyesight and no future