Revealing Lunch- Kevin Hayes

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Ok so at least anon gave me the team too because I always get Jimmy and Kevin Hayes’ teams mixed up! So here we have some Rangers love! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: I’m so in love with all your imagines!!! Can I request one for Kevin Hayes from the NY Rangers!! And can it be about finding out the reader is pregnant but nervous to tell Kevin because it’s a newish relationship even though y'all have been friends for a while!! And can you include the team in there somehow!! Omg I’m sorry for this being so long!!


              You sat on the edge of the bathtub, your head in your hands.

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Svtfoe character playlists


  • don’t forget about me - cloves
  • lost it all - jill andrews
  • angel eyes - bo rocha
  • skinny love - birdy
  • white blood - oh wonder
  • without you - lana del rey
  • crazy for you - scars on 45
  • hate u love u - olivia obrien
  • little do you know - alex & sierra
  • breathe me - sia
  • sweet love of mine - joy williams
  • gotta get out - 5sos
  • tee shirt - birdy
  • how long will i love you - ellie goulding
  • drowning - banks
  • someone new - banks
  • can’t help falling in love - haley reinhart
  • love - lana del rey
  • still falling for you - ellie goulding
  • stars - alessia cara
  • unconditionally - katy perry
  • make you feel my love - adele
  • I’m yours - alessia cara
  • sometimes - ariana grande
  • better than that - marina and the diamonds
  • make me cry - noah cyrus
  • true love - pink
  • boys like you - who is fancy
  • issues - julia michaels
  • down - jason walker
  • not about angels - birdy
  • all you never say - birdy
  • afraid - the neighbourhood
  • all we do - oh wonder
  • heart hope - oh wonder 
  • here is home - ryn weaver
  • im a ruin - marina and the diamonds
  • mercy - shawn mendes
  • moonlight - ariana grande
  • the other woman - lana del rey
  • this is what it feels like - banks
  • too good  - troye sivan
  • trouble - halsey
  • waiting game -  banks
  • 3 am - matchbox twenty
  • loved you first - one direction
  • six feet under - billie ellish


  • mess is mine - vance joy
  • here without you - 3 doors down
  • million miles away - keegan allan
  • say you won’t let go - james arthur
  • somewhere only we know - keane
  • nothing without love - nate ruess
  • heal - tom odell
  • long way down - tom odell
  • where do broken hearts go - one direction
  • if i could fly - one direction
  • holding onto you - 21 pilots
  • goner - 21 pilots
  • crash into me - dave matthews band
  • chasing cars - snow patrol 
  • wanted - hunter hayes
  • i won’t give up - jason mraz
  • the one - kodaline
  • all i want - kodaline
  • little things - one direction
  • you and me - lifehouse
  • fix you - coldplay
  • id rather be with you - joshua radin
  • you found me - the fray
  • too good to say goodbye - bruno mars
  • crybaby - the neighbourhood
  • for the first time - the script
  • if you ever come back - the script
  • meet virginia - train
  • ill be good - jaymes young
  • all that you are - the goo goo dolls
  • can’t let you go - matchbox twenty
  • if you’re gone - matchbox twenty
  • car radio - 21 pilots
  • overjoyed - matchbox twenty
  • talk me down - troye sivan
  • stay with me - sam smith
  • come back for me - jaymes young

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hello can you please make a break-up playlist for leaving somebody you should have loved?

  1. when i was your man // bruno mars
  2. my everything // ariana grande
  3. let her go // passenger
  4. sorry // halsey
  5. saved // khalid
  6. ocean eyes // billie eilish
  7. all you ever // hunter hayes
  8. i never told you // colbie caillat
  9. all we’d ever need // lady antebellum
  10. sorry seems to be the hardest word // blue
  11. please don’t go // barcelona
  12. back to december // taylor swift

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The Summer Hayes

THIS IS A DRABBLE DON GET UPSET 😭😭 i will finish it

Waking up this morning I find comfort in the sun shining bright through my window. The smell of bacon fills my nostrils as I finally take in my surroundings The comforter sliding down my soft,sleepy skin.
I sit up and slip on my pink Fenty slides. I brush my braced teeth and pull my long, afro hair into two messy buns. I pull up the sleeves of his shirt as they gently fall off my arm. I smile to myself and thank god for another beautiful morning.
I walk out of the room and glide down the stairs humming Love Galore by Sza. When I reach the bottom i grab my speakers off of the coffee table. I play the song that sticks in my head day and night, the one I was humming of course.
The music begins to play and I begin to move my body. Slowly moving my wide hips to the smooth sound coming from my speakers. I close my eyes feeling every beat and the melody that flows through our living room. I get so lost in the moment i almost forgot who was here. I open my eyes and turn around to see him staring at me.
He looked at me with his grayish brownish eyes. He gave me a smirk that could destroy and cure the world at the same time.
I walk towards the kitchen and pretend to wash my hands.
“Good morning beautiful” he says to me with a cute child like smile. His raspy morning voice still present. When i don’t respond he pouts his lips. I walk closer and closer to him.
When we are finally face to face I splash him with the water in my hands.
“You’re lucky you’re cute” he laughs.
“Good morning love bug” I laugh out as well.He pulls me in and hugs me from behind.
“Whuss the moves for today kiddo”. He ask me before kissing my brown, freckle filled cheek.
“Well I have an orthodontist appointment today but after that its your day to decide what we’re doing”.
Ever since seventh grade we took turns deciding on what to do. Thats how long we we’ve been best friends. Every year in the year book so far we have been labeled cutest best friends. One year we were even voted number 1 couple goals. Senior year should be the same but we don’t think about senior year yet because junior year just ended a week ago.
I take out my camera as we step out the door.
“Good morning sweet peas, we our out here in the streets of Cali and we are lovely and lit everydayy. Hayesie is taking me to my orthodontist appointment and I’m letting him pick the color this time” I say to the camera with an eye roll and a smile.
“Y'all already know she gon get my favorite color” he says with a smile.
“My ootd is this cute, white, jean jacket that has rips in the back, this red crop top, these white jeans with rips, my red and white 11 retros. Of course i had to finess one of Hayes’ hats”
“Yeah exactly finessed my hat but is alright because she looks cute with it anyway” Hayes says and gives me a peck on my lips. He winks at the camera before walking to start the car. I laugh and finish my intro.
“And the the cherry on top are these cute sunglasses. Everything will be linked in the bio”.
We sit in the waiting room, fingers interlocked. Oprah is on the flat screen tv answering questions from the people in the crowd. We aren’t really paying attention to it though. We share earbuds and listen to Bryson Tiller. My head rest on his shoulder. His big fingers play with my tiny ones. Times like these I enjoy a lot.
“Y/N” my name was called aloud in the waiting room.
He gives me a small tap on my ass when i get up. I turn around and stick my tongue out at him. He can never be serious…

A/N$$$Am i back??? I might be 😁. This is a drabble and i will most definitely be finishing this I might even make this a series . Im thinking about finishing my other series with Swazz. My request box is open 🙂… IM BACK HOME LOVELYS

Metamorphosis🦋 - An Arima+Kaneki Playlist

I’ve had a few songs for them and wanted to do a playlist for a bit, so I did. I don’t know if I’d call this a shipping playlist, since I don’t want them to end up together, but there are romantic songs on here. I would say I touched on those possible feelings, but that isn’t the end game..and can’t be..since Arima’s…y’know…not alive. Anyways. Same format as my other playlist, links go through to lyric videos on youtube.
Other Playlist:
Bouquet💐 (Tsukikane)



Elastic Heart - Sia
Arms Tonite - Mother Mother
The Rat - Dead Confederate
Colorblind - Counting Crows


Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

ǝsıɐH (I’m h̶̝͘â̷̦p̸̪͙̊͘p̷̣̹̈́ÿ̴̩͓́̆̌, living like this):

Cath - Death Cab for Cutie
Ghosts of Beverly Drive - Death Cab for Cutie


Black Sun - Death Cab for Cutie
Let Me Go, Lover - Dean Martin
If I had a Heart - Fever Ray
Satellite heart - Anya Marina

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I’ve been meaning to post the doodles I did for @epileptic-squid and my Rocker/Stalker AU for a while now and @enby-prompto just gave me the perfect excuse by tagging me to put a playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 tracks that came up… and the playlist that I made for this AU is literally the only one I have that has more than like 11 tracks on it, so it’s the one I used.

In the AU, Noctis is a J-Rocker and Luna is an Idol, and they are fake-dating for publicity.  Prompto is part of Noctis’ crew (kind of a nobody who Noctis has never really noticed before), but he moonlights as Noctis’ stalker (and exploits his backstage access a lil bit).  He shares the photos that he gets on his blog under the screen name SugarSkull.

Noctis eventually catches on to the fact that he’s being stalked and starts going out of his way to encourage it, even writing songs about encounters he’s had with the stalker.  And you can kind of… let your imagination run from there.

Anyway, here’s ten random songs off the playlist that are a mix of ones that just remind me of the AU and ones that we decided that AU Noctis actually ‘wrote’ (yes we know it makes no sense for a J-Rocker to write English songs, shut up) titles / artists are all youtube links as always:

After Hours - Covenant
I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
Blow - Kesha
I Like The Way - Darren Hayes
I Get Off - Halestorm
Haunted - Evanescence
My Songs Aren’t Sentient Beings - Paramore & Fall Out Boy Mashup
Make Up Your Mind - Florence and the Machine
Lose Control Evanescence
Over and Over - Three Days Grace
Blackout - Breathe Carolina

bonus image, one of Noctis and SugarSkull’s meetings:

And a final big sorry for the shitty image quality because I STILL DON’T HAVE A WORKING SCANNER and also by now this is old art so it’s ughhh but whatever.


A collection of the greatest Chris Kreider tweets circa 2011-2012. 

My favorite is the last exchange between him and Kevin Hayes, because Hayesy clearly tweeted in the middle of the class, while Kreids waited to tweet after the class was over.

Links to source tweets:

My body is ready // I need a hobby // #kidinacandystore // Don’t hold up the bus // #conspiracytheory // big wheeling my texts // I’d be lost without you ;) // let’s go b’s & apologies for the go b’s // #legendsneverdie // sitting in #bonnies class & #nolove

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The 1975

5 Seconds of Summer

All Time Low

Avril Lavigne

The Band Perry

Black Veil Brides

Boys Like Girls

Bring Me The Horizon

The Cab

Carrie Underwood

Cassadee Pope

Cher Lloyd

A Day To Remember

Demi Lovato

Ed Sheeran


Fall Out Boy

Five Finger Death Punch



Hey Violet

Hunter Hayes

I Prevail

In This Moment


Lana Del Rey

Little Mix

Little Sea


Marianas Trench

Marina and the Diamonds

Mayday Parade

Melanie Martinez


Nothing More

Of Mice & Men

One Direction

Panic! At The Disco


Pierce The Veil

The Pretty Reckless


Selena Gomez

Sleeping With Sirens

State Champs

Taylor Swift

twenty one pilots


We The Kings

You Me At Six