Can you imagine been on a relationship with Cam and you got mad at him ‘cause you see a couple of pictures of him with some girl kissing other girl and he tweet you stuff like this and then he goes to your house with that teddy just to talk you.

Bae please talk to me I know that you are mad at me and I know that this is gonna sound like that crappy bulshit everybody says but it’s not like it looks, I wasn’t making out with her- cam said almost crying                                            

I belive you cam but It’s just soo hurt and I don’t know who make this but it seems like someone always trying to making us break up- you said sadly

No Yn there’s no way someone is making us break ok?, it´s just like you and I      “Not even the gods above
  Could separate the two of us
  No nothing can come between
” belive me no one will taking you apart of me ok? no one- he said.with his puffy eyes.

Aww Cam honey please promise me you will never let me think any of this stuff is real ok?- i said hugging him.

Yeah bae  that’s my job over here- he said before kissing you.

You’re the best boyfriend one will ever have- you said in a whisper and kissing him againg.


Nate Maloley Text Au
You have his favorite hoodie😜
Request: Can you make a text AU were you steal one of Nates fav hoodies and he confronts you but in a really cute way and he ends up being all cheesy about and asks you in the end?


I think I just died 😱😱😱😱

His Fav Thing About You

Magcon Preferences:



Jack G;


Jack J:

your vioce




when your awkward and and shy


when you dance




when your semi mean to him


your face while putting makeup


your quirky side


your fashion taste





girly and cuteness

Stand by You- Cameron Dallas

“Morning cam” i smile, turning to face the half naked body of my best friend. I can tell he’s awake because his eyes are open, but he doesn’t answer and instead just stares up at the ceiling.
“Cam?” I call again, moving to rest on my elbows, thinking he didn’t hear me. No answer, well then. I roll out of bed and make my way to the door.
“Im gonna make breakfast, you want anything?”
He remains silent.
“I don’t wanna talk im in a bad mood"he says plainly, not even looking at me.
"Alright” i jog down the steps and make myself some breakfast, leaving some toast and fruit salad for cam in the fridge. I hear the shower turn on upstairs as i take a seat to eat my breakfast. 30 minutes go by and Cam is still in the shower, so i keep myself distracted with my phone and some tv.
An hour, its been an hour since Cam has been in the shower and im starting to get worried. I run up the stairs and open the door into my bedroom.
“Cam?!” I yell out, knocking on the door.
“Cam!” I yell again. No answer.
“Cameron if u don’t open the door im coming in” and with that i swing the door open, entering the fogged up bathroom.
“Cam common u ok in there?” for the billionth time he doesn’t answer me.
“Ok im coming in” i state before stripping down to my underwear and sliding the shower curtains open.
Cam has his back facing me, his arms resting on the bathroom wall and his face in between. I step in and tap his shoulder making him jump
and turn around.
“Anita get out” he croaks, his voice cracking.
I can see that his eyes are blood shot and he’s been crying.
“No” i answer.
“Anita in naked!”
“Like i give a fuck” i snap back, reaching behind Cam to turn off the shower. I look straight into Cam’s eyes and he starts balling all over again.
Never have i ever seen Cameron cry this much, and it broke my heart.
“Cam whats going on?” I ask, taking his hands in mine.
“I-i-i can-cant l-” i struggled to get out through his sobs.
“Shhh calm down” i say, placing a hand on his chest. He takes a deep breath and speaks.
“I cant keep doing this. I cant keep putting everyone in front of me, im letting people down, im letting myself down. Anita, im letting God down” he cried. I pull him into my arms, and he buries his head into the crook of my neck, sobbing. There was nothing more heartbreaking. His grip tightened around me as he tried to catch his breath.
“Cameron look at me” i pull away but he keeps my hands in his.
“Stop being to hard on yourself! Its not fair. Change instead, stop bringing yourself down like this. No matter what happens, things will turn out fine, trust me. And Cam, never forget, God has a plan” he smiles at me, pulling me into his arms again, this time he’s not crying.
“I love you. I love you so much” He says, cheerily.
“I love you too. Now lets get out of here, im wet and your naked and wet” i giggle, opening the shower curtains.
“Thats how i like it babe” he winks, slapping my ass.
“Cameron!” He laughs hysterically.
“You are so dirty minded, its ridiculous” i laugh, stripping down from my underwear then handing him his towel.
“You love it” he smiles. He takes the towel from me and wraps it around my shoulder instead. I smile.
“Cam, u dont have i towel”
“Ill air dry” he wraps his arms around my now towel covered body and we swoon from side to side in silence.
“Thank you, for everything” he kisses my forehead and i smile.

Every single person who reblogs this will get the name of the Magcon boy (present or past) whom I ship them with, a brief oneshot about them and their boy, and a preference of something about him (what he calls you, how he kisses you, etc.) in their inbox.  

I’m dead serious.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  PERSON.

Dating Hayes would involve
  • Cute little kisses
  • Holding hands
  • Dirty jokes
  • Watching him play
  • Sitting on his lap a lot
  • Making out in school
  • Having fun in the school toilets
  • First time together
  • Jealousy
  • Walks on the beach
  • Long phone convos
  • Him calling you princess
  • Him showing you that he is not a little boy