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Hockey Halloween

This year players have truly unleashed a creative side and have come up with some of the funniest costumes. Here is a look at some the of the best ones this halloween.

New York Rangers forward, Derick Brassard poses with “fans” defensemen, Keith Yandle and center, Kevin Hayes.

Penguins players Chris Kunitz went as Marty McFly along with his wife, Doc Brown from Back To The Future. Pascal Dupuis and his wife dressed as minions. 

Dallas Stars Jamie Benn, Jason Demers and Tyler Seguin dressed as the three blind mice.

Brother of Jamie Benn, Jordie, went as the twins emoji character.

Wife of Washington Capitals right winger, Lauren Oshie, dressed as Cruella de Vil while her husband TJ went as a dalmatian. 

One of the most creative, Washington Captials best friends, Tom Wilson and Michael Latta took inspiration from the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away.

More Disney couples, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson dressed as Ursula with his girlfriend as the little mermaid. 

These were just some of the hysterical costumes that surfaced this year. There will be lots more to come! 


Day 1: New Hampshire to St. Andrews, New Brunswick.. pitstops in Maine at Orono Brewing and Marsh Island Brewing! we rented a studio apt airbnb right downtown, and we loved this little place. Would def come back. We walked over to the only local bar that was opened- they get all their tourists in the summer and the season hasn’t started yet, so we got to hang with all the locals. Wicked friendly, tasty food, and fun local beers! Also we got stopped at the border of Canada and Calais, Maine and they had to search our car,  bahaahahaha. Also, none of our airbnbs had keys, you just left the door unlocked, real weird for us paranoid americans!

on a scale of 1-10 of how not ready i am for the rangers/lighting game, ten being the most not ready, i’d say i’m an 


Christmas in SF by Shiny Things
Via Flickr:
Christmas lights, Hayes St., San Francisco. Merry Christmas.


Christmas in SF by Shiny Things
Via Flickr:
Christmas lights, Hayes St., San Francisco. Merry Christmas.

Still Falling ~ Hunter Hayes

Every question answered
Every single page turned
But you just keep me on the edge somehow
Baby everyday with you is a beautiful mystery
With the sweetest stories falling from your lips
I hold onto every word, like it’s the first one that I’ve heard
It’s the only time I’ve ever felt like this

After all this time you’d think I’d be,
Used to the pull of your gravity
But after flying so high for so long who would think I’m still learning, still burning, still falling.

I still reach for your hand because I need it
Your kiss is still the spark, it lights a fire
Yeah you’re still laughing with me,
Baby we’re still making memories
I’m still a fool for you, and there’s a million reasons why

After every late night, street light drive
Every ‘love you’, ‘miss you’, kiss goodnight
Girl your name is still my favourite, always will be and I’m still wanting, still all in, still falling.

Still falling


Hunter Hayes performs ‘I Want Crazy’ at the 25th St. Jude Country Cares Seminar