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hickey prank - Hayes Grier imagine

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Hayes imagine where you do the hickey prank on him and he gets really mad? like pissed off and then a happy ending?

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You let out a slight smile looking into the mirror seeing the results of the fake hickey you had completed using cheap makeup. Taking a deep sigh before turning off the car to enter what you knew would be a war zone. 

“I’m ready’ you said aloud trying to motivate yourself . 

Entering Hayes apartment building you greeted the doorman and made your way to his floor soon reaching his doorstep you smiled realizing how much fun this is gonna be . 

“Babe I’m here “ you said placing the bags of dinner on the kitchen island, soon he appeared into the kitchen shirtless of course in his jeans that you loved with his blue tommy hillfigure briefs peeking through it was hard for you to take your eyes off of his beauty . 

“ finally I’m starving “ he said groaning as he made his way behind you wrapping his long arms around your waste . You purposefully moved your hair to the side to reveal the hickey . Hayes quickly removed his arms from your body and took a step back as he turned your body forcefully moving the angel of your neck to get a better look . 

“What the fuck is that” he said aggresivly . “ What are you talking about ?” You said wanting to let your laughter out . “That damn hickey on your neck that I know is not by me “ he began to raise his voice . 

“ Hayes there is no hickey on my neck alright chill just sit down and eat alright “ you said giving an attempt you embrace him but he shoved you off . “What “ he said laughing as he continued “don’t fucking touch me your cheating on me “ hayes said as he started to pace around his small kitchen . 

“No I’m not Hayes alright it’s just a burn from the curling iron “ You said hoping he wouldn’t believe it . 

“Stop lying y/n your hair isn’t even curled who the guck was it ? And why the fuck would you do me like that ?” He said his blue eyes began to tear up , your heart sunk at the image . “ Baby it’s just a prank it’s just makeup okay baby I’m so sorry “ You said letting out a loud laugh as you took a wet napkin wiping off the hickey . 

Hayes chuckled realizing you finally got him good . 

“Wow” he said shaking his head . You made way to embrace him he put his head down shamefully “you know I would never do you like that” you said laughing “wise words Y/n” he said wrapping his hands around your waste bending down for a kiss . “Your mad “ you said laughing at your victory “yes I am y/n just watch cause I’m gonna get you back 10 times worse just watch “ said letting go of you as he left to begin eating . 

“ your lucky I didn’t go with my instinct of throwing shit cause you would of been here to pick it up ‘ He said smirking “that would of just made my prank way more successful you replied smirking. 


I hope you enjoyed ! 


Summary: you and Hayes break up.

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Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long. I’ve been going through a lot and I’m going to start writing again. Because in a WEEK it’ll be a whole year of OmahaSquad-Queen. I’m so excited for r and I have some special stuff planned.

I was laying on my bed, scrolling through Instagram when I came across a picture of Hayes.

It was him with his arm thrown around some girls shoulder while half her body is pressed against him. I roll my eyes at the unnecessary sight in front of me. The caption was “this girl is my favorite😍❤”

Me and Hayes broke up about a few weeks ago. I broke up with him because he wasn’t acting right. He never texted me first and when I finally texted him he only answered half the time. He quit stopping by my apartment after he ran his errands. He didn’t invite me over anymore. If I didn’t ask him if he wanted to do something with me for a date, he wouldn’t have even contacted me.

I confronted him and he just said there was absolutely nothing wrong. So I let it go, but after about a week I couldn’t take anymore. I told him I couldn’t handle him and this new attitude and he just kinda shrugged it off.

So now he’s out, doing Hayes Grier things and posting pictures with girls 24/7. I can’t stand when he tries to make me jealous.

I decide to screen shot a few of the pictures from his Instagram.

I go to my messages and text him.

Y/n: really Hayes?
Read 11:45pm

Y:quit being childish, i just want to have a calm mature conversation.

H:fine what do you want?

Y: quit playing games with my feelings

H:I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you sound crazy. We’ve been broken up for almost a month… let me go.

Y: are you really getting an attitude with me?? And you’re just gonna deny everything?? How typical. I’m just saying this whole posting pics of you and hot girls so that you seem happy cause you’re single is killing me. I know you’re not actually happy Hayes. I know you. And in that interview you did about Top Grier… “sometimes people slip through your fingers and you realize you need them like you need air. So its crucial that you keep what you love close. Girlfriends weren’t meant to be neglected” what the fuck. How am I not supposed to feel some type of way???

H: what your point?

Y:my point, is that you can’t just act like you want to spend all your time with me and you want to do nothing but cherish me and hold me and love me. You can’t do that because just a month ago you couldn’t even send a text or even answer one. So my point is, in order to clear everything up, I need you to tell me what you want. From me, from us, from our relationship, what do you want?

H: I want you back. I want us back. I was an asshole and I’m sorry. I was stressed and didn’t know how to cope. It’s just, Nash and Taylor are so perfect and it was pissing me off, I felt like I couldn’t be as good a boyfriend as Nash was and I felt like shit. I’m really sorry princess… will you come over?

Y:yea, I’ll come over. I love you Benjamin.

H:I don’t know him…

Y:yeaaaaa okayyyyy

I laughed and grabbed the duffel bag I always use when I go over to Hayes’s house. I pack and head over to his house.

Once I get there I knock on the door nervous. What if he acts the same way he used to? What if he breaks my heart again?

My thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open and there stand Hayes. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and some slides, his hair was a mess and his eyes looked dull.

When he realized it was me, his eyes lit up to the blue I’ve always known. I immediately run into his arms and hug him as tight as possible. It’s feels great because his bare skin is warm and soft.

“I’ve missed you so much” I cry into his chest.

“I know baby. And I’m never very leaving again. Ever” he kisses my head as we sway back and forth before he picks up and carries me to his room.

We lay down and talk about how much we missed eachother and how much we love eachother.

“Hayes? Promise me you’ll never act like that again. Please don’t push me away.” I say falling into his ocean eyes.

“I promise y/n” He swears before kissing me.

“You have a nice butt “~Hayes grier Imagine (Requested)

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:hey! can you do an imagine that is along the lines of the jack gilinsky one “bite my bum” but with hayes? thank you! i hope you had a great vacation!!!!


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You were awaken to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, instantly you pulled the silk white sheet over your face hoping to block the bright sun rays. 

peeking through a little hole you manged to make you found your self amazed by the beach view of Hawaii. Finally you built up the courage to expose your sensitive face to the sun, You instantly began squinting your eyes but found rubbing the built up crust helped you adjust to the sun quicker. 

Hayes moved his long leg to over lap yours you let out a sweet chuckle giving him a gentle kiss on the back of his shoulder “he’s even perfect sleeping” you whispered to your self. 

You decided to lay in bed for just a few more minutes just playing around on social media and taking pictures of Hayes while he was asleep. Hayes began to move quit frequently until he was fully awaken . 

“good morning “ you said your voice still raspy. Hayes gave you a weird look before throwing his head back on the pillow “morning” he eventually replied his voice deep. Hayes removed the cover from his body exposing his underwear “you hot?’ you asked confused “no I just want to feel awake “ he replied “okay” you said in a confused tone.

“do you want coffee or something ?’ you offered as you laid down next to Hayes making contact with his ocean blue eyes. Hayes put his arms over you pulling you in to cuddle his chest . 

You let out a slight giggle “Hayes I want to make some coffee’ you said innocently looking up into his eyes. “and I want you to stay here and keep me warm” he said simply as he let out a slight chuckle. 

You started to attempt and escape from his grip but soon found there was no use. “baby” you begged as you held your hands on each side of his face giving him direct eye contact that almost became awkward “yes” Hayes replied with a smirk “pleas let me be free” you asked ‘nope” Hayes said as he turned you over so you were laying on your stomach you felt your butt exposed to the cool air. 

“Hayes’ you yelled once more.

Hayes started to leave sweet kisses along your spine you couldn’t help but let a slight smile appear. You felt Hayes lift you over sized t-shirt up to expose your black cotton underwear”Hayes” you yelled trying to turn your body but Hayes quickly held your wrist down with his strength.

You let out a slight chuckle and just allowed everything to just happen seeing there was no point in wasting your energy. 

Hayes continued to leave sweet kisses along your back and eventually your butt “your so beautiful” Hayes said sweetly “thank you” you said innocently.

Hayes let out a wide smirk before he bit your right butt cheek, “ah” you screamed as you began to squirm your legs hoping to escape “what was that for?’ you asked turning your neck to look at Hayes who still had your wrist in his grip ‘you have a nice bite’ Hayes said as he allowed his tongue to lick around his bottom lip. 


I hope you enjoyed this Imagine !

Nudes get leaked ~ Cameron Dallas imagine

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You switched  sleeping sides to grab a hold of your phone you were awaken to constant buzzing from notifications which was annoying. You gave your phone one glance seeing the time and realizing you needed more sleep you turned your phone on “do not disturb mode ‘ and begin to get comfortable all over again to get some more rest. 

finally you wake up and instantly turn to your phone, you quickly see loads of missed callas from Cameron and text messages . You look at the time and see that its late in the afternoon you assume he is busy so you decided not to call him and read his messages. 

You quickly became worried. 

You decided to call him . 

you stood off of the bed and put the phone on speaker it didn’t take long for Cameron to answer . 

“hello babe what happend ?’ you said 

“Y/n I don’t know how but it wasn’t me I swear “ 

“what are you talking about ?’ you asked taking a seat . 

“babe your .. your nudes got out there “ he said bluntly . 

your heart quickly sunk to the bottom of your chest , you felt as if all your maturity and self respect had just been take from you . 

“what” was all you could say . 

“but they are all gone off the internet they were only around for 2 hours or so my publicist and team quickly resolved the issue baby I am so sorry I feel horrible I will be home as soon as I can “ 

“Oh my gosh “ you said at a lost of words “ I guess see you soon” you said instantly . 

“okay babe I love you bye “ you said hanging up the phone . 

You needed someway to process this you decided to jump in the shower and clear your thoughts . 

you removed your clothes throwing them on the bed heading towards the master bathroom you turned on the hot water and no cold water , 

Yous stepped under the water allowing the water to hit our bare skin pretending its taking all your worries away and acting as a prescribe medication . “how” was all you could say ‘How could everyone have seen my naked body “ was all that was on your mind . 

“you know what Y/n its like a model they do nude photo shoot all the time and never get judged for it , You love your body and yourself enough to take those pictures so anyone that sees them and judges them can be declared as an asshole “ you chuckled feeling somewhat better and relaxed you let your mind go off to other things . 

“babe” you heard Cameron’s voice . 

“hey” he said quickly closing the door behind him .

“hi” you said smiling “Y/n trust me its all okay they are gone I’m sure no one has them okay I made sure of it baby “ Cameron said reassuring you . “I know its okay as long as they are gone I’m happy “ You said smiling. “are you sure ?’ Cameron asked surprised at how calm you were . “Yes I’m sure its just me naked and I love my body so fuck it “ you chuckled . “I love you so fucking much “ Cameron smiled running up to hold your wet head in his hands as he pulled you closer to his mouth giving you a sweet passionate kiss . 

“what do you say about me possibly stepping out of this shower and you can get to know my body up close and personal “ you smirked biting your lip . “why get out of the shower “ Cameron said swiftly removing his clothes and entering the shower . 


I hope you enjoyed , thank you so much for reading :) 

Couple moment vacation ~ Magcon Preference

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Magcon Picture Preference #2: Shopping


@Y/T/N: My poor baby post-shopping. I don’t think he’ll ever go with me again.🙈


@Y/T/N: Can you tell how much he likes furniture shopping?📞 #toomanydistractions


@Y/T/N: His favorite shirt in the store 👌#itshistho

Jack G:

@Y/T/N: late night grocery shopping with this dork #swag✌️

Jack J.

@Y/T/N: he likes being in the dressing room with me🙆 


@Y/T/N: we have lots of fun at thrift stores💁


@Y/T/N: photoshoot in Walmart #modelpose💋


@Y/T/N: we had to take a break😴 


@Y/T/N: found this gem from when we went shopping earlier 😂


Daddy Dallas - Cameron Dallas fluff Imagine

‘Babe trust me I understand it’s work and you have to do it but you have been going on so many buisness trips these past few months and it’s hard without you here taking care of four kids and one on the way I just don’t know how you expect me to just be okay with it “ you said to your husband Cameron. “Y/n baby I promise this trip is literally one day and I come home tomorrow night okay I will be back and this is the last buisness trip I am going on this month “ Cameron reassured you taking a seat next to you gently massaging your shoulders . 

“Mommy “ Carson your 5 year old son screamed as he entered into your room “ yes baby’ you asked letting out a soft smile at the sight of his face “Elle broke my supeman toy I told her to stay away and she wouldn’t listen “ he threw the broken toy on the bed “Carson your sister is only 1 she doesn’t understand anything yet okay I’ll tell Elle to stay out of your room okay while your play you have plenty of other action figurs to play with” you responded laying back down on the bed taking a deep sigh. ‘I’ll get Elle now ‘ Cameron offered as he left the room to grab Elle. 

You were left in the room alone for the first time in months you felt a rush of excitement for this tiny moment of relaxation. “Babe’ Cameron said as he entered the room holding Elle’s hand as she held her favorite stuffed dog “yes” you responded sitting up. ‘ I have an idea okay since you need a break you go to the spa and get a massage or whatever you want while I stay here and take care of the kids all day” Cameron said sweetly closing the door behind him so Elle couldn’t leave to bother her sibilings . 

“Really ?” You asked hopeful “yes baby go get ready and head out’ Cameron smiled giving you a sweet kiss “let me go check on them” he said letting out a slight chuckle before he picked up and Elle and was on his way to the kids. 

Cameron passed by your eldest sons room Christian he was only 8, “hey champ” Cameron said as he entered the room still holding Elle to see what Christian was up to “hey daddy “ Christian said focusing on the drawing he was trying to complete. “What you up to ?” Cameron asked seeing Christians masterpiece “just drawing” he said casually as his tounge was pressed tightly in between his lips focusing on his drawing of a dog. 

“Your doing a great job show me it when it’s all done” Cameron said as he placed a kiss on Christians head. Cameron then left the room to go to the play room where hopefully the rest of the kids were. 

“Daddy” Chase rushed to Cameron to give him a sweet hug, Chase was the second to youngest he was only three and he was exactly like Cameron. “Hey buddy” Cameron said as he placed Elle down to play with the toys in the play room. “Come on Chase you have to be batman” Carson said holding out the batman toy. 

Elle was the only girl and the youngest child she was Daddy’s little girl and surprisingly the easiest of all the babies. 

“Are you guys hungry ?” Cameron asked the kid . “Daddy I hungry” Elle said tapping Cameron’s legs “okay how about I order pizza” Cameron offered all the kids responded with excitement and agreed “okay let me go get the menu to order”.

After finishing getting ready you took a deep sigh of relief and excitement, you spotted Cameron down the hallway. “Hey” you said as you wrapped your arms around his torso “hi beatiful” he said simply “I think I’m gonna head out now before the kids see me leaving” you said letting out a slight chuckle as you let go of Cameron’s torso “go enjoy your day have fun and don’t come home early” Cameron said giving you one last kiss before you left for your day at the spa. 

Cameron went to order the pizza after spending time with the kids in the play room. 

He entered to see Carson and Chase arguing over a random action figure. “what is going on here ?” Cameron questioned as he moved closer to the arguing boys “daddy Car he took my toy’ Chase whined “its not his toy it’s mine” Carson aruged. 

“Well it’s going to be no ones toy now because you guys need to learn how to share” Cameron said as he took the action figure from Carsons hand and placed it on the high shelf. 

“Daddy I poo poo” Elle said as she looked up at Cameron concerned Cameron chuckled as he picked Elle up taking her to the changing table. 

“How does someone so tiny poop so much” Cameron said in disgusted as he wiped Elle’s bum. Elle let out a simple laugh as she continued to babble on in words no one could ever make up what they meant. 

They rest of the day was spent with Cameron breaking up arguments , changing diapers , cleaning up messes , putting kids down for naps and taking toys away. But now it was nearly bed time and he had to bathe all the kids. 

“Come on Christian , Chase and Carson its bath time go pick out your pajamas and don’t forget your underwear” Cameron said as he went to the kids bathroom to start Christians shower and run Chase and Carson’s bath. 

“No bath daddy pweas” Chase said as he pouted “no Chase you stinky” Cameron teased “I no stinky” Chase said as he smelt his underarms. “Yes you do buddy” Cameron said pretending to sniff Chases underarms “okay daddy” Chase said simply exiting the bathroom to pick out his pajamas and underwear.

Christian was the first to return with his Pajams he quickly undressed and entered the shower, Chase soon returned and following after him was Carson. Elle was outside the bathroom watching her Tv show shimmer and shine with that show on the television she wouldn’t take her eyes off the screen. 

Cameron helped Chase undress and helped Carson when he needed it. 

“Boys no splashing” Cameron said sternly as he exited the bathroom to check on Elle “daddy look shine” she said as she flashed a wide smile to Cameron “yeah” Cameron responded joyfully as he took a seat on the couch until the boys were just about done. 

“Daddy”Chase called for Cameron, Cameron quickly sprun up to enter the bathroom “look my hair” Chase giggled, Chase had formed bubble in the shape of a Mohawk on top of his head “awesome” Cameron said “Daddy I’m done”Christian said as stepped out the shower grabbing the towel off the counter to dry himself “you can go get dressed and I’ll brush your hair after Im done with your brothers” Cameron said as he was washing the soap out of Chases hair. 

Christian nodded simply starting to dress himself. Cameron pulled the boys out of the tub dressing them individually after brushing all of their hairs. 

“Alright bedtime now let’s go” Cameron said the boys quickly listens and headed to their rooms. 

Christian had his own room since he was the oldest but Carson and Chase shared a room. Cameron went to give the boys a kiss goodnight and out on Netflix for them to watch as they drifted off to a sleep. 

“Now it’s your turn little one” Cameron said taking a deep sigh as he looked at a smirking Elle. 

He picked Elle up taking her to her bedroom to pick which pajams she liked best she of course chose her shimmer and shine pajamas. He ran her bath and sat on the toilet allowing her to play for a little bit. 

“Hey” you said as you leaned in the bathroom doorway. “Oh hey” Cameron said in shock “mommy” Elle cheered in the bath tub “baby” you said with a wide smile wanting to give Elle a big hug. 

“You ready to get out ?” Cameron asked Elle and she nodded. 

Cameron dressed Elle in her pajams and placed here in her crib that was in the master bedroom with a bottle of milk. 

“So how was it ?” You asked Cameron as your removed your jewelry. “Exhausting yet amazing” Cameron said chuckling “how was the spa?” He asked taking a seat in the toilet “amazing” you said removing your shirt. 

Cameron stood up taking his shirt off as well “well I’m glad you enjoyed it , thank you” Cameron said wrapping his arms around you “thank you?” You questiond “yes thank you for being such and amazing mother to our kids and taking care of them everyday” he said giving you a sweet kiss “well it’s my job” you responded with a smile “now let’s take a shower and head to bed” you said “yes pleas” Cameron responded . 

I hope you enjoyed this imagine let me know what you think!