Dating Hayes Grier would include…

- him acting all charming on some days 

- “Heyyy sunshine

- him trying to impress you all the time, and his friends making fun of the way he acts when you’re around

- coming to his dirt bike races to support him and him being super proud when you’re there 

- making sure to kiss him every time before he starts driving, and telling him to be safe 

- going on little adventures together, for example going on hikes or late night walks/runs

- long, tight hugs, he’d be so good at giving hugs 

- him always touching you in some way when you’re in public or with his friends, to make sure everyone knows you belong to him 

- Skate occasionally making a comment about you being loud in bed

- Nash checking on you to make sure his little brother is treating you right 

- making food together, turning into make out sessions on the kitchen counter 

- lip biting when making out 

- him hugging you from behind and kissing your neck

- Nash posting sneaky pictures of you two being cute on Snapchat

- babysitting Skylynn together

- being sporty together, and pretty competitive

- often showering together, being all sweaty from working out

- him being a typical horny teenager; there would be so many random things about you that’d turn him on, and at the most random times. 

- dealing with his cocky moments 

- trying to not get caught or being heard having sex while staying at his family house 

- trying out a lot of things in bed cause you’d pretty much be his first when it comes to those experiences 

- casually making eye contact with each other at breakfast with the guys, sneakily smiling to yourself remembering what you did last night

- him spoiling the shit out of you on some days, for example he’d make you food, prepare a bubble bath for you, give you back massages and just overall do anything to make you happy (Let’s say when you’re on your period you’d be especially lucky to have him)

- being the kind of couple to take baths together 

- him being very dedicated to teach you how to drive a bike 

- hanging out with Nate and Swazz a lot 

- him opening up to you and telling you a lot of things he’d never tell any of the guys 

- being in competition with his bike about who’s his #1, but usually laughing it off

- him calling you princess 

- hanging out with Tez, sometimes it would be hard to tell who’s third wheeling, you or Tez 

- him getting super protective of you if someone says anything mean about you and you’d usually have to calm him down cause it would often bother him more than you

- getting to know his quiet, more vulnerable side that he usually likes to hide 

- him bragging about you to his friends 

- him pulling you closer in his sleep, always having an arm around you 

- eye contact; you’d often share looks or he’d stare at you when you’re both with other people. 

- having some kind of jewelry that he gave you, maybe a small necklace or a bracelet, and always wearing it 

- “Y/N can I wear that? Does that look alright?” he’d always ask for your opinion on things

- him sometimes having love bites, and fans being quick to notice and talk about it

This was the only thing I could do lately - I didn’t get to use my computer much, so I wrote this on my phone. I hope it bridges the time until I get to make an AU Meme again :)



Cameron being a King appreciation post


Jared is too much😂😂😂😂


Aaron Carpenter

Cameron Dallas

Derek Luh

Ethan Dolan

Grayson Dolan

Hayes Grier

Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Matt Espinosa

But of course Shawn wears all black to his high school graduation…still looks good though


Hayes Grier AU: He asks you out

Imagine: You’ve been living next to the Griers all your life, and you and Hayes grew up together. It’s been a few years since you two saw each other, but one day, when he’s back from LA with a friend, they both spot you. He can’t believe how attractive you’ve gotten and - with a little help of Tez - he finally asks you out.  

This is for the lovely anon who requested :) And for all the Hayes girls. As always, I hope you enjoy! <3


Omg I haven’t posted in a while👀 so, hi!!


Dammit Jared!! 😂 (Johnson is a blessing❤️)