hayes county

I’ve been and I always will be the total music dork, right? The total music geek, and I’m proud of it. Took me a while. It took me a long time to come around to figuring out there was nothing wrong with that, right? For a long time, I felt like the reason I didn’t fit in, like my obsession with music, my love for this music thing, the thing that made me different, was a bad thing. I saw it as a bad thing. I saw it as something that was messing up my life, and then I realized that it was something that was shaping my life into something way more beautiful than anything I could imagine.
And I guess, I guess my whole point of saying this is the fact that you guys have given me this story and I wanna give you this story back because, if anything, I came from a place where I didn’t fit in and you gave me a place where I did, and I do, and I feel like I can be myself, right?
And because of that, I wanna share with anybody who might be going through something similar, hey, if you feel like you don’t fit in, don’t worry, you do. You do. And you’re perfect, don’t change, for anybody. You’re perfect, you’re awesome, and you’re amazing. Don’t change for anybody. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Dream big, too. Don’t stop- don’t, like, accept, like- dream big. Because you guys have given me this story and I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done with this song. You gave it a meaning. And God bless you for that, thank you so much, so this is for every single one of you. Thank you.
—  Hunter Hayes before “Invisible”- San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, California, June 14th, 2014

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