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OK I felt the need to respond to the requests I’m getting in some way, so you guys know I’m working on them and not gonna ignore you :). SOOO here’s a Masterlist with all the AU Memes/Imagines I made so far and the ones requested that I’m going to make. 

🔜 = I’m working on it!
⭐️NEW = Uploaded recently!

✖️ Cameron Dallas

You’re dating him

Being in a long distance relationship 🔜

✖️ Aaron Carpenter

dating him would include  (notes

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 

You’re touring with him on new Magcon  ⭐️NEW

✖️ Nash Grier

You’re dating him

Hayes walks in on you 

visiting his family house 

✖️ Hayes Grier

dating him would include  (notes

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

Going to Hawaii together 

He mentions you in interviews 

He asks you out 

✖️ Matt Espinosa

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

You’re best friends and he confesses his feelings

✖️ Shawn Mendes

You’re dating him 

He goes to your cheer competition 

You have a son 

“we should not be dating” (video edit)  ⭐️NEW

late night lifestreams   ⭐️NEW

✖️ Carter Reynolds

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

✖️ Kian Lawley

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2  ⭐️NEW

He’s nervous because of you 

You’re in a long distance relationship 🔜

He hears you speak your native language for the first time 🔜

✖️ JC Caylen

You’re dating him 

✖️ Dolan Twins 

You’re dating Grayson 

You’re dating Ethan 

Grayson has a crush on you

Ethan walks in on you and Grayson  

Ethan makes fun of Grayson for being whipped (short

Ethan complains about you and Grayson being loud 

You’ve been in an abusive relationship (Grayson)  ⭐️NEW

mornings (short) (Grayson)  ⭐️NEW

dealing with both of them   ⭐️NEW


You’re a part of the Omaha squad

You’re in a group chat with the Omaha squad 

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 /Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/Part 10/
Part 11 

Dealing with Sammy and Nate 

You’re Mac Miller’s sister (Sammy & Nate) Part 1/Part 2 

The Skaterade Tour Part 1/Part 2

✖️ Jack Gilinsky

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

You have a son

✖️ Jack Johnson

You’re dating him

You’re a celebrity / Telling the fans

He gets jealous

He talks about you while being on tour 

✖️ Nate Maloley

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

He’s in a Meeting and you text him (short)

Hungover Mornings

He’s being interviewed

You’re fighting

He cheers you up

Sammy walks in on you

You’re his celebrity crush

You’re sick of his lifestyle / He cheats

You make up

overprotective (short)

He hears you speak your native language for the first time

You’re in a long distance relationship

He’s turned on by you

You’re friends with benefits Part 1/Part 2 

The man bun 

He’s teasing you  

Getting lost in the hollywood hills 

Meeting his family 

Being in his younow  

Being cuddled up on the couch (short

You have a daughter 

You’re Romeo Lacoste’s sister 

You meet him at a Fast Food place 

✖️ Sam Wilkinson

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

Your relationship becomes public

Going for a walk

Nate walks in on you

He worries about you

He brags about you

You break up Part 1/Part 2

He cheats on you 

You’re friends with benefits 

sitting on his lap (short

You visit his home 

You’re friends with Emily 

✖️ John Swift

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

✖️ Derek Luh

You’re dating him  


You’re having an argument 


He confirms your relationship via instagram 📷




… would include

being a part of the omaha squad

dating Nate 

dating Hayes

dating Aaron 

AUs to Lyrics 🎶 

G Frsh - Panic cord (Nate) 

Video Edits 🎬 

1 - 100 (Nate) 

Drunk/High Sex (Sammy) 

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (Derek Luh)

Fort Minor - Where’d you go (Nate)

Miley Cyrus - Stay (Nate)

“If I find something good…” (JSwazz)

Eminem - Space bound (Derek Luh)

“The Nate Cam” (Nate) 

Drake - Marvins Room  (Nate) 

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady  (Nate) 

“We should not be dating” (Shawn) ⭐️NEW

Written Imagines ✒️

Typical Sunday (OGOC) 

Under Construction (Nate, JSwazz)

Emotional (Derek Luh)

Mornings (Grayson Dolan) (short) ⭐️NEW

🙋All other Edits/Posts/Gifsets I made 🙋


Hayes Grier AU: He asks you out

Imagine: You’ve been living next to the Griers all your life, and you and Hayes grew up together. It’s been a few years since you two saw each other, but one day, when he’s back from LA with a friend, they both spot you. He can’t believe how attractive you’ve gotten and - with a little help of Tez - he finally asks you out.  

This is for the lovely anon who requested :) And for all the Hayes girls. As always, I hope you enjoy! <3



 part: 1

nash grier imagine

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6



It was a lost love from the beginning
But at least we tried” I sang the last words to my latest single.
“Thank you london for coming tonight!! You were amazing, have a good night!!” I blew a kiss and walked backstage. The adrenaline from just performing in front of thousands of people was still racing through my body, while my crew congratulates me on the show tonight.
Walking back to my dressing room thinking about how lucky I am to be living my dream. I’m startled from my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my pocket.
Sitting down on the couch I look at my phone. It’s a twitter notification from my friend mahogany. Mahogany is one of my closest friends. We were destined to be friends seeing as our moms were too we basically grew up together. Sadly I don’t see her that often anymore. We just both got so busy, me with my first stadium tour and she with magcon. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m eternally great full for the life I’m living right now, it’s just sometimes I wish I could be experiencing this with her by my side.
I open my twitter app and see what she had send me.

I laugh and favorite the tweet.
A few second later I get a skype call from mahogany.
“Hiiiiiiiii”: she screams trying to get over the background noises of screaming teenage boys. She stands up, mouthing: “hang on”. There’s some movement and the sound of a door closing, blocking the noises from inside the room. “Thats better.” I laugh at her and say: “that’s what you get when your traveling with boys” Sighing she looks at me with pleading eyes. “I need more girl power here!” “I miss my babe” pouting my lip I pretend to cry. She laughs loudly making me laugh too. Thats what I miss, laughing about everything and nothing at all. Suddenly she stops laughing making me look up at my screen. “I’ve got an amazing idea! Just join magcon next week.” I look at her surprised not expecting this at all. “I mean we’re both in the same city’s then why not?!” She was right my concerts are all in America next week in almost the same citys she is with magcon. “Mahogany have I ever told you you are brilliant?”: she gives me a smug look and says :“so your Coming?“ Without thinking to long I nod my head excitedly. She screeches jumping up and down. I laugh at her and think about how fun it’s going to be to see my crazy bestfriend again after two months.

Part 2 up, link above
Thanks for reading it’ll get more interesting I promise!!
Requests open

Xoxo R


thattwriterchic2 request: Can I have an au meme, where you’re a model/actress w/ Nash and Cameron. And you get close with them, and go to Nash’ s house, and Hayes has a crush on you, & he tells Nash but you overhear then we end up dating? Thanks!!! And I love your blog. XOXO.

sorry if it suck but i hope you like it 


Hayes Grier AU: He mentions you in interviews

He would be so proud since you would be his first official girlfriend. Once he made your relationship public he wouldn’t shut up about it.

I made it, haha. Hope you enjoy :) <3


Last Night - Hayes Grier

Originally posted by xxoo99

A/n: hey guys so ive been watching Riverdale and if any of you want me to write some imagines on it, ill be happy to! 

Request: “Imagine where in an interview, Hayes is distracted from ‘last nights events’ w y/n & those events keep playing in his mind etc etc. thanks.” - @maxpoppy 

Warnings: sexual memories ?????

Word count: 383 Your name: submit What is this?

“Now, please welcome Hayes Grier!” the interviewer said as Hayes walked on stage, “Hello,” Hayes greeted as he sat down on the chairs opposite of the interviewer, “Hello, how are you?” she questioned, “I’m good how about you,” Hayes answered, “I’m doing just fine, now to start off we have some questions from some of your fans, would you like  to answer them?” she said taking out some of her cards with questions written on them, “Yes, of course” Hayes nodded, “Ok so first question, if you had to choose one restaurant to eat at forever which one would you pick?” her voice got fuzzy at the end of her sentence as Hayes went into a state of mind.

Heavy breathing,

love bites,

clothes on the floor,

and the sound of you moaning out his name.

He snapped out of it, playing it off as if he was thinking, “I’d have to say Chipotle, definitely.” the interviewer nodded, “Interesting, would you ever go vegan like your brother?” he tilted his head to the side, “You know,” he trailed off, imagining you.

You, dancing in front of him in your black lingerie

Him, kissing up your body as you breathed heavily

Begging for him

“…Probably not, I just can’t give up cheese” he said light heartedly, “I don’t think I could either, what if chipotle closed down? What would you do?” she said crossing her legs, “oh man, i’d-i’d be devastated, I mean I know how to cook but, I just get lazy sometimes.” he trailed off chuckling.

There you were, standing in your underwear,

You were cooking breakfast, his favorite,

His arms wrapped around you

And he kissed your neck

“So, what are your plans in the near future,” she asked as she uncrossed her legs and took a sip from the water in her mug, Hayes played with his fingers as he figured out what he was going to say. “Uh I really want to act in some new movies, go on tours, meet more of my fans, explore the world, just do more ya’ know?” The interviewer nodded and started to end the show saying goodbye, and once the cameras were off air, Hayes thanked her for having him and left quickly calling you for another night like the one before.


au: you and cam were best friends and did almost everything together. you guys were inseparable, and have been ever since birth. you were both falling hard for each other - everyone could see it but yourselves. cameron was so protective of you around the other boys, scared that you would fall for any one of them, and oblivious to the fact that you only had eyes for him. the fans noticed the endless flirting between you two and shipped you two harder than anything else. your friends also tried to get you two together but you guys were so stubborn. when cameron left for magcon , it was hard for both of you and you both missed each other so much.

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