haydn clystal

I think I know what you were trying and let me just say that i’ve got this 

“It’s interesting,” Haydn started, his expression looking bored as he stood across from Seth in the empty hallway, “I really do learn more in school. Like about your family, for example.” Haydn’s green eyes were locked on Seth, though the other’s expression was blank; he probably thought that he was bluffing. “I thought you were all alone, but it turns out you have a sister.” He kept watching, waiting for something to crack on Seth’s face; there was nothing. His own bored expression twisted into a mix of a smirk and a grin, finally getting to the killer. “Why would Victoria keep such a secret from me?” he asked, his tone feigning hurt.

He watched as the color drained from Seth’s face instantly, attempting to remain as stoic as usual but unable to help himself from tensing. Was the vigilante student simply dying on the inside? He hoped so. Just to make sure, though, Haydn pushed it a little more. “We’ve had such a close relationship for so long now, but she hasn’t mentioned a word of you,” he placed his hands into the pockets of his jacket, “I’ll just have to ask her about it when we’re alone again.” He knew Seth was cracking; something in him was about to give and he was waiting for it. Ultimately, he wanted to destroy the justice-seeking thug, but knew that would take time.

That’s all it would require to shatter Seth Fairchild; time.