Artist Spotlight : Fashion Illustrator Hayden Williams

Twenty-three year old British fashion designer and illustrator Hayden Williams plans to take over the fashion industry one sketch at a time. Indeed he has taken over the industry by storm by getting attention from celebrities like Rihanna who showcased his work as her twitter profile picture and teaming up with Kate Moss on her new collection for Rimmel London. His work portrays the ideal female as seductive and glamorous. After being completely infatuated by his work, I caught up with the Brit to ask him about his illustrations and life in the fashion industry.

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Dreamy Double Exposures by Hayden Williams

During his time at college, young American photographer Hayden Williams started experimenting with his digital camera but the dullness of winter left him utterly uninspired. Eager to get exciting shots, he played around with light and double exposures. Soon enough, he found himself spending hours in front of the computer blending images in Photoshop—and realized that this was not what he wanted.